Leonardo, a spoiled playboy-millionaire, once it falls overboard his yacht. After the fall he loses his memory, ends up in the hospital, and a pizza delivery girl Kate, eager to revenge on the guy for rudeness, assures him that he is her husband and the father of three children. What will turn this adventure? And how many steps from hate to love?

  • Rob Greenberg

Release Date: 2018-04-13
IMDb icon 6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Mariellen Boffa
25 May 2018 | 12:07

When I heard about the remake of the movie "overboard" Garry Marshall, 1987, yeah and "from the creators of the hit "We're the Millers"" I thought the picture should be quite interesting. Perhaps the creators will show us the story the other side the film will contain a certain zest and charm. Yes, raisins galore. So,

1 highlight: the main characters are reversed: it — rich and selfish, she — poor hard-working — very important, by the way, in our era of feminism.

2 highlight: many stereotypization Latinos (sorry for the jargon). Apparently decided to patternthat, and came out, because they it still as poniali in the film (though they may it was achieved)

3 highlight: from her three children, not four! An important parameter, so in the modern world the problem of overpopulation is very important.

But seriously.

The beginning of the film seems promising but then begin to notice almost not the same dialogues and most importantly those same actions of the main characters and in the end, I understand that watch the same movie, just a very bad framing. A remake should bring something new, fresh in painting, not be a bad parody. And "overboard" in 2018 in the truest sense of the word parody (although this film did not yourself positions). It is not a remake, it's a miserable, failed attempt to copy the original. Dummy, in one word.


The film is aimed at those with the original film is not familiar. So if you already watched the movie Garry Marshall, you don't waste time on this movie, and better reconsider former)

PS Amused by the names of Bob Fisher and Rob Greenberg among writers. And they there, I wonder, did? Replaced the birthmark on the tattoo? Added Latin American soap Opera in the plot?) — a tricky business, the guys probably tried very hard, they need to honor, so

1 of 10

Adah Gaulin
09 September 2018 | 04:50

Recent years have been extremely prolific in various trends in the process of filmmaking. If remenisce once successful and popular paintings in the framework of the television series, or the same kind of "feminizatio" when creating those or other remakes, in which the emphasis is solely on the change of gender positions. Not in left side the film Rob Greenberg.

The plot this takes place around the heir to a huge international corporations Leonardo, who burns his life away in meaningless parties and orgies. Faced once with a single mother, Kate, Leonardo is extremely unkind to it gets karma again. When falling for the Board his yacht, Leonardo loses his memory, and resourceful Kate decides to get even with him to pretend to be his wife.

Quite aware that a straight remake of the iconic works of Garry Marshall's doomed to failure, the writers of this tape is Bob Fisher and Rob Greenberg acted very cleverly and decisively. Willingly changing the genders of the main characters and their kids, and also bringing in a picture of a real Latin American passion. That of course gave this story a certain freshness. But and thus greatly cheapened her on screen.

If the emergence of love between the main characters Marshall willing to believe that the in the tape, this is the most highly energized love for the ears, a little ridiculous and looks extremely convincing. In including a transformation of the main character, which passes without any significant morality and lightning fast too. All the storyline with passion his own family creates an interesting background to its character. But finally turns the film into real TV soap that was so popular in the 80s and 90s.

A similar shift of tone occurs and in relation to directing. If the original film Garry Marshall is a great example of Comedy and romantic melodrama, it in this case, the film is directed by Rob Greenberg is a typical youth Comedy. Stirring music plays for willing to throughout the tape, the picture was taken in a traditional video style of shooting, and dick jokes and vulgar nature to pour out in abundance. What also puts this film in a losing position.

However, the main drawback of this tape is still is casting. What I thought the creators of the film, when he was appointed to the main role of Eugenio Derbes and Anna Faris is difficult to imagine. Derbez like plays, Faris tries to play remembering the old days of its demand in the Comedy genre. However, the actors absolutely not look between them is absolutely not there is chemistry and pair them causes only laughter. Why not tell about a few Kurt Russell and Goldie hawn from the original tape, which still many believe one of the organic and beautiful film history and I including. Eva Longoria have retreated so from the point of view of appearance, the way and your game. Almost completely lost on the background. Actually as and John Khan, which is very close to the this can be seen with the naked eye.

4 10

Behind — is a remake of the cult romantic Comedy directed by Garry Marshall, which has not requested was not expected. Especially in this form. To call this film an outright nightmare difficult to call. However, the picture loses indeed as as a remake, so and a standalone product. Bribing only a bright picture and the lightness of the narrative.

Suzette Nations
17 May 2018 | 10:14

What to do if of you care the whole three children, no husband you need to constantly find money for the family? Right, you need to work up to sweat never to relax. Even if you gorgeous face parameters Anna Faris. But pizza the work of the nurse very much make because Kate (the main character) has to go straight on the boat to the most famous billionaire to... him to clean the carpets. And all anything, the billionaire is one of another reptile and throws Kate on the pier. It seemed to be worse cannot suddenly the destiny brings the lady a gift. Billionaire loses his memory, Kate gives it for your full spouse gamble is gaining momentum, and we are only left with this is really just laughing at!

But still a great Comedy came from Rob Greenberg. In the film is full of insanely comical situations, why you just not want to get stuck in the smartphone's warranty. "Overboard" plays with classical motifs sitcom, the characters behave completely unpredictable, and you never guess that same will happen. Even the most blatant absurdity becomes directed in skillful parody, which anyway will pull the corners of the lips up. Checked for yourself point.

No, of course no one this contradicts the fact that after we will expect a sweet ending and all really will be happy, but to the end of still need to stay alive. And so all sorts of adventures and cute antics here would be insane, I believe.

Well, where we will see sprightly billionaire with construction wheelbarrow in his hands? Actually, I wonder how took "overboard" in America? Still, the Mexican in the image of the "working class" is direct stereotype on stereotype. But personally, I'm all satisfied, because we live in another country and with a quiet heart to enjoy the cool Comedy, and not to take the head of foreign motives.

Summing up, I note "overboard" as a great Comedy. The film is really cool, cheerful and playful. Do not see the point to him to dig, even though that is a remake. Go, see, have fun, ugaral on your health!

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Who is the director of the movie Overboard?
This tv-show was directed by Rob Greenberg.
What is the genre of Overboard?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Romance, Best Comedy Movies 2018.
Who starred in Overboard?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Eva Longoria, Anna Faris, Swoosie Kurtz, John Hannah, Eugenio Derbez.
What is Overboard IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.
When was Overboard released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-04-13.