China. XII century. After the Crusades the former Crusader is trying to find peace of mind, taking the unremarkable life. Fate brings him with a runaway heirs of the deposed Chinese Emperor. Will he be able to cope with their mental anguish and to help the fugitives?

  • Nick Powell

Release Date: 2015-04-03
IMDb icon 4.6/10
  • Country: CA, CN, FR, US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $25,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $5,148,503
Brier Sigismondo
23 December 2014 | 09:23

The film tells the story of two crusaders, who moved away from their mission and disappeared in China. Because of a disagreement they split up. Jacob (Hayden Christensen) becomes the protector of the heir to the Chinese throne, Glenn (Nicolas cage) after a while you will meet with him will help. Ending You know this sample movie.

Generally fun to watch a movie. The Emperor appoints a direct descendant of the younger son, for only he can understand the people. The eldest son of the same cruel man, Yes. besides  & touchy. Therefore, the death of the Emperor quickly, and 14-year-old accused in the murder of... PHA ha. And Yes, stab with the dagger "convince" of her father's warriors. Or they spat on who will take the throne? Passed. Then everything goes thumb: running, fighting, running, fighting, victory.

Hayden Christensen all in form, forgotten skills of the Jedi, but there are replays. It like decided to atone for their sins, a noble warrior, of course. Nicolas cage is not very strong, at least in the second half of the film, and scenes him "a cat naplakal". According to the stories of Glenn (the role of cage) he his eyes gouged out and tongue his wife. But not a powerful argument, so as not to fasten the bandage and look silly on the screen. Nick drunk just squints, for some devil drags snakes on the hands. "Brutal" warrior who became an outlaw, which is a little something you need in life. Now, looking at the face, you can compare it with Stallone.

View this movie if: 1) ready to the popular story "the hero stranger rescues the unjustly accused and tells stories from the fire"; 2) You do not leave the desire to watch films with participation of stars fallen to category "B" because they have not too hard; 3) You missed battle the swords for scenes a La "GO ahead, I will detain them."

5 from 10

Mirella Feinberg
04 February 2018 | 12:52

To shoot a historical film without have a basic understanding of the subject affected is incredibly difficult, and the is never was stopped by obscure Directors from to test the set, to amuse requiring circuses to the audience and to amuse critics, who on a couple are academic professors to understand the particles all Boolean semantic mistakes, scattered throughout the timing with a thin layer of first to the last scene. The most famous rock considering historical events in the context of absolute fiction of course is the Factory of Dreams, always with their vision for all occurred will occur on our planet, but sometimes even the all-powerful Hollywood producers have to step aside and let colleagues frankly unimaginable fantasies and the desire to show utter events when the help of excessive pathos, gloomy views, bombastic speeches and the absurd, covering common sense. This and decided to engage in team directed by nick Powell, encroached on the long history of Chinese people in the picture under the name "exile". To the delight of the creators, one of the production platforms wishing to take part in work directly treated China and has financed a fair share of the shooting process, so the title role went to the Hayden Christensen continues successfully, but hard to fight for his career, which has suffered from the image of Anakin Skywalker of the prequels of "Star wars", and him help was directed Nicolas cage, who has already have long ceased to be interested in such nuances as a quality script and perspectives to get out of creative marshes, he sucked himself. However, participation in the creation of a movie of the Chinese side on not really matter in the semantic component of the formulation, so as the script and all followed them that are maximally distant from historical foundations, and the high level of fiction like deliberately goes to split the established laws of the Imperial dynasty, as if they irrelevant needed only for their constantly violated. At least such films as "In exile."

So, the film is set in the distant Middle ages, when Christianity was put the rebellious countries with fire and sword, and human life is not meant virtually nothing. One of the best of the crusaders, which only saw the earth, skillful and steadfast Jacob (Christensen), a faith and truth served the Church and his military commanders, but the years spent in endless combat, moving his faith and steel made to doubt in correctness of the actions. So destructive to entire villages, spitted on the sword of innocent women and children, Jacob finally decided that his actions are not from heaven mission and goes to a voluntary exile. And with him his sword lowers Glenn (cage), a seasoned knight, which is also no longer to go chosen path that can destroy the ideals of even the most hardened of the righteous. And after much wandering, both the crusaders find themselves in a distant China, where it is easy to get lost and select class stomach... the Road Jacob and Glenn split up and think they never to come together with your back to the back a single combat, however, when somewhere in the County gifted the master sword, they certainly not have to sit idly by. Trying to forget about all the nightmares of the endless war in the heavens, Jacob, all agrees to take the weapon, when to him through is drawn the Princess and part-time sister of the heir to the Imperial throne, dwelling in serious trouble. And where Jacob comes in soon is world and Glenn, has turned into not very nice thief, but not lost their sense of dignity and the strong hands clutching the deadly blade.

Attempts to bring in the picture of the beginnings of common sense over at the main idea, on which is built the story "In exile". According to the assertions of the makers, wise and sagacious, the Emperor of China, protecting the country from constant aggression and with the conquering of new territory in the benefit of the people, decides to transfer the legal rights to the throne from eldest son of a soldier to the young Scion of the pacifist, who for some reason was considered an ideal candidate for such a high position. And the creators of it didn't matter that in the gloomy middle ages always appreciated the heroic quality and ability to lead his army in a victorious battle. Screenwriter James Dormer wanted to bring in a picture of an unexpected complication, and its the background of the expand all subsequent events, marked by numerous fights over the throne, which each of the sides desperately wants to subjugate. Of course, all these events could take a harmless fiction which entertains and has no effect that most, however, the "In exile" does not cope any with entertainment, nor with the development of the characters who have become hostage to questionable drama.

Itself himself Hayden Christensen is very good actor, which frankly no luck. And when it invited to the tape of nick Powell, was the hope that it is due to his charisma will be able to give the image of Jacob attractive features and show the internal conflict that needed attention. But instead, Christensen is dissolved in the stereotypes, showing us the moral decline of the former Crusader, unable to resist the hot embrace of opium and women, it provides an endless gray days. The creators prescribed for Christensen really difficult party, only together with those Jacob needs to grow, to show the moral struggle, doubt, turning into confidence other pillars, to which is canalizing the development of the image. But nothing like we don't notice and negligent Crusader only faceless should be written by James Dormer piece, occasionally showing only a real elegance and ability dashing to swing the sword. Not particularly impressive and Nicolas cage, causing only laughter and condescending smile. Frankly cheap and completely implausible make-up is compounded by the cartoonish style of the cage, simply unable to take himself in hand. Like borrowing from Jacob real drugs, cage enthusiastically portrayed funny faces and sorrow, like that's it wants to break into the wild wild tantrum, which is really just remember a the audience forever. And the less the antics of the funny cage ran into the strange desire of the Director to shoot the movie mostly in serious tones, because of what we have missed a great opportunity to see another one attack of insanity acting, on which have long been legendary.

What relates to the General environment of the performances, then we have to admit that this in the picture all so catastrophic as and other artistic aspects. For the money of the producers Nick Powell managed to pick up the necessary locations, to build up grandiose scenery and to get the extras that you didn't have to multiply at the computer assistance in times. But only to the story is believed, need more than beautiful scenery and fascinating spirit of places. Frankly disastrous historical synopsis exacerbated by ill-defined characters and delivered mediocre fights in the end to nobody. made of honor, which, of course, sad.

4 of 10

Hanna Geraldine
28 February 2015 | 07:23

The action develops in the middle ages on the far East. In China, the Emperor dies and his heir is he shall appoint younger teenage son, and no big-war, etc C. that is not able to maintain peace in the Empire.

Senior very happy with this and younger his sister starts the pursuit of right to see.

Here on the way of a teenager meets a former knight Jacob (Hayden Christensen), who fought a lot and shed the blood of others. Now he has become a common wanderer, having lost faith in itself in good. In the old days, it was a teacher (Nicolas cage). But they parted ways.

Helping a teenager and his sister, the knight changes. He raises doubt their faith and life. Gradually, Jacob begins to trust his companions, teaches the teenage Emperor martial art and helps to win big brother.

The film is especially good for its atmosphere, the beauty of the stunning landscapes of the Far East.

The acting, too, on level. Of course, the presence of such famous personalities as Hayden Christensen and Nicolas cage only reinforces the good impression of the film.

The special role of the film imprisoned for the fighting. Still, it's action, after all. But cool action here will not see. Fights, how to fight, nothing epic.

If you look at this picture as the only entertainment, then the film looks quite good.

But for connoisseurs looking for something special and dramatic, it is the movie is not fit.

7 of 10

How much has Outcast made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $5,148,503.
How much did it cost to make Outcast?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $25,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Outcast?
This tv-show was directed by Nick Powell.
What is the genre of Outcast?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Drama.
Who starred in Outcast?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Alexandre Bailly, Bozhao Wang, Nicolas Cage, Kahina Carina, Simon Chin.
What is Outcast IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.6.
When was Outcast released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-04-03.