Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

1969, the Golden age of Hollywood has ended. Famous actor Rick Dalton and his backup cliff Booth trying to find their place in a rapidly changing world of the film industry.

  • Quentin Tarantino

Release Date: 2019-07-26
IMDb icon 7.7/10
  • Country: CN, GB, US
  • Language: English | Italian | Spanish
  • Budget: $90,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $372,353,736
Monah Camella
13 February 2020 | 09:45

Indeed, according to the story structure, and for the heroes, and in the emotional coloring (the abundance is not so much of humor, ironically, sometimes — bitter, sometimes — "black") Tarantino film more reminiscent of "Bad, good, evil." Where Bad — hero Leonardo Di Caprio, Good — brad pitt (he and smiles same radiant!), and Evil

But Evil scenario space is not found. Because the film, apparently, and named "One... in Hollywood".

In "Once in America" from Sergio Leone, too, is not was Evil (Bad hero De Niro, a Good — James woods).

This film advantages and disadvantages of the films of Quentin Tarantino is perhaps characteristic at the maximum. So that can be understood and those at the Cannes film festival gave the film a standing ovation... and those ignored it with prizes. To the same, also the "calling card" Tarantino, advantages and disadvantages here are tightly woven with each other often to say that well and what is bad is almost impossible.

For example — the structure of the narrative. Have Tarantino she always non-linear, with a lot of flashbacks and side of the secondary lines — love this or disadvantage? If the mosaic turns into a puzzle — apparently, the lack: but from Tarantino it always it turns! Here — too. After the fact on the mind comes the idea that some elements in that piece in principle, not need... or is it necessary? For example, the figure of Bruce Lee? Or the whole scene of the visit of the monarch "Spanish ranch"? Or episode of the walking Sharon Tate according to Los Angeles?

However, as always Tarantino, the viewer is set such questions are not while watching the film, and only after the fact.

The at least if we're talking about the undoubted advantages — she is acting. Tarantino is known for his ability to work with more in the days of his debut, "reservoir dogs" — here this ability was increased to heights literally fantastic. Doubters should watch "Once upon a time in Hollywood" by pre-two question: "Who of the actors unworthy of the nomination on"Oscar"?" "how the actors were bad?"/"Who actors looks "costumed"?

Absolutely incredible Di Caprio, which demonstrated itself in all possible images, and in the end, not postesnyalsya and to disfigure.

Brad pitt, who played here something like its a benefit to the role and received the "Oscar" on my opinion, similarly for the role of cliff booth, and for the collection of merit. It is worth noting that because of "Fight club" pitt is not even nominated.

Bruce Dern, that appears just five minutes (in the episode with the "Spanish ranch") and these five minutes literally played on two hundred percent.

Margot Robbie, which in the film is just not separated from her character of Sharon Tate.

Al Pacino — as Bruce Dern, appearing on a few minutes (in two stages) and a few minutes working out... working out as al Pacino.

What Tarantino not take — he always knows what he wants his actors, and always knows how clearly to explain.

But still... still, the ensemble cast — the only advantage of tape. If you move forward, then the pros and cons would be with each other literally at the door.

So, acting depends not only the talent of the artist, not only directing, but and drama. And now to the script (Quentin Tarantino) you can push a lot of claims. It is known, however, that this will be associated with extreme circumstances (the first version of the script leaked to Internet and Tarantino had his rewrite urgently), but the characters, the way they outlined, from such circumstances will depend in the least degree! &Nbsp;but if you compare how perfectly everything they look great with each other, compared "Rabid dogs", "pulp fiction" or even "Jackie brown" — "Once upon a time in Hollywood" here is clearly losing. Not the acting, but how their the game (and their character) do we need to drama film, defined as "based on real events drama of the history of American cinema."

Note that for Tarantino is generally the first in his filmography (not only uncut, but General) "movie on real events".

If we talk about the historical interpretation of real characters and real events, then they look extremely controversial. And the decision to show in the end of "1969 in a parallel reality" with equal bases and stands praise — and curse. Curse — for example, that the whole policy in the film is just two (2) phrases. it in America in 1969!!!

(However, again Tarantino has forgiven the assassination of Hitler in inglorious Basterds, then you can forgive and apolitical "Once upon a time in Hollywood". Although in reality certainly was accuracy Vice versa).

Another feature of the narrative in the film — Tarantino uses here for the fullest "immersion experience". The audience here does not retell the biography of the fictional (and real) characters, and provide the ability to recall real episodes of life real guess the prototypes are fictional. About someone easy to guess (Rick Dalton — this is definitely Clint Eastwood, once said, "Sergio Leone hired me because I was the cheapest"), and about someone... lost at sea wife of cliff booth, it accidentally a hint of fat on Natalie wood? And again, "for" and"against" such an approach can be forward indefinitely.

But what is a script Tarantino praise — it is really a real, full-fledged screenplay, and do not stretched on two hours the pilot of the television series and La marvel or DC.

Yeah, in all honesty — all ribbon Tarantino, "Once upon a time in Hollywood" considerably tightened. The action is not corny sags, and just (as mentioned above) Tarantino time from time puts that the steppe as overly talkative narrator. Another question is whether his is to blame? Yes, some of mosaic plot with the urge to simply throw out, because the film is a bit no effect. And whether to throw out?

Reflections on the film began with explicit dignity, finish a clear disadvantage. On my opinion, the picture is very bad soundtrack. Bad — if you consider the sound track as independent, the ideological element of the film, such as in "reservoir dogs" with their "super sounds of the 70s", or in pulp fiction, or in "Kill bill". But that is if you assume that Tarantino used music only as background sketch of historical background, regardless of her aesthetic virtues... such an approach is also possible, why not? I really, the soundtrack "Once upon a time in Hollywood" separately not listen to would — however it my personal improvement.

Same as a net improvement is my assessment of the picture

Of 10 10

Scold her have what... almost same thing, that criticized the previous picture of Quentin Tarantino.

Calida Lasky
10 February 2020 | 02:03

In the new (and penultimate, according to the Director) Quentin Tarantino Hollywood life of the late 1960s, in which is located a less popular actor of westerns (Leonardo Di Caprio) and his backup, a friend and the driver (brad pitt), supplemented with elements of alternative history: "hippies" of the sects Charlie Manson not kill the wife of Roman Polanski, a pregnant Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie), and are themselves killed (with signature Tarantino sophistication) the two main characters.

Is there in the film, as often this writing, nostalgia for  the"Golden age" of Hollywood (and the attempt to extend the era, saving the life of Sharon Tate)? There, but in reasonable doses. But when long watching Margot Robbie in the role of a carefree party girl, it seems that the salvation of the Sharon Tate is much more important than the salvation of Hollywood. However, one does not interfere.

And yet the movie remains a nostalgic pre-retirement: heroes Di Caprio and pitt's busy... aging, and violence the film is much less than in other films Tarantino. As like us at the same time to say goodbye and violence, already another, of the recent Hollywood era. If "pulp fiction" screen violence looked cheerful therapeutic and aesthetically appealing in itself yourself (just like from Aristotle: "what we hate to look in fact, we enjoy watching in the exact image — e.g. the images of the vilest animals and corpses") then then a fun Tarantino postmodernism has become more likely to expose their moral base by means of alternative history where art corrects real life brings the world to harmony (so, the Egyptian priests — somewhere about it read — used their dreams in a dream to fight with enemies). However, the duration of such optimism has its physiological limits. The difference between fiction and reality is hard to describe, but it is easy to feel, especially with age. Therefore, the "One day in Hollywood..." is not so much nostalgia for any particular historical "Golden age", as nostalgia for everything goes, including carefree confidence in their own abilities, which has moved to an irreverent generation Greta Thunberg and Billy Iles.

Of 9 10

Meghan Traver
12 August 2019 | 11:15

So, I waited for the release of this tape.

Why is it was so desirable? Personally for me this question exceptional love for unique and unique Quentin Tarantino. It works phenomenal, it is an acknowledged master of Hollywood, along with Spielberg or Scorsese.

Movies Tarantino pilfered for quotes memes most they can be safely counted among the masterpieces.

The second factor — the cast. To gather in a film by Leonardo Di Caprio, brad pitt, Kurt Russell, al Pacino is one hundred percent success.

From the beginning of the film it becomes clear that Tarantino has made a film not for everyone, but the group of spectators who are familiar with his work ready to catch the wave.

Now, about the story.

Los Angeles, 1969.

The border of two eras: old Hollywood, simple and intuitive, rooted in the past — now the fashion asked by European intellectuals like Roman Polanski. In this new world, unsuccessfully trying to find your place Rick Dalton, former star of telelectures and the dashing fighters. He does not practice the method of Stanislavsky, not love the hippie culture and believes that movies cowboys can be removed in Italy. In General, Rick — the dinosaur that is well aware that his career flying in the Gulf, and from the heart feeling sorry for himself.

His faithful understudy cliff (as part-time driver, housekeeper and friend), too, found himself on the side of show business, but the blows of fate stoically accepts: him even strong enough to maintain forever whining Dalton. Together they have to go through six months, filled with vivid events and unexpected meetings.

Once... in Hollywood" at feels reminiscent of a tour to which truly fascinated by the topic guide just randomly telling stories about your favorite places and events. Here we beauty Sharon Tate is in the movie "Team destroyers" of the sixty-eighth year. But here Bruce Lee involved in the historical anecdote — tell me, like, right? Well and now for the highlight of the program — reconstruction of the ranch, where was inhabited by a commune of Manson! Hang in there, be kind of creepy.

Carefully examining the situation and interior, rare items, I want to applaud decorators and personally, Quentin. In that on the screen Hollywood sex a century ago, I believe with the first frame. Feel full immersion in the era, even if you don't know about culture and about time.

If not caught all this retro-romance, the Duo Di Caprio and pitt's definitely not sure to impress.

For Leo is the second character from Tarantino, and feeling that only he sees the comedian.

Brad pitt as brutal ever. It cliff Booth looks impressively cool. Cool it does everything — cool walks, cool fights, cool smoke. And he does the simple things — wheels on the machine city, cooks, feeds the dog — for this very interesting to watch. The more considering what role this character took in his film Tarantino. Booth — man of business, honest, unsophisticated, straight linear. On such a hard worker and keeps all of the film industry, because they all drive, they have strong enough to tolerate it.

Al Pacino and Kurt Russell appear in small roles, but introduce some fullness and integrity plot.

A little bit more often appears in the frame of Margot Robbie playing the role of Sharon Tate. Perhaps she was taken from the external similarity with the heroine, but I pushed this factor and just enjoyed watching for her.

She revived the picture, its a nice hike in movies or dealing with with dancing party — just to madness cute.

And it is definitely not a film for everyone. If you don't know the history of the United States at least surface not heard the "Family" of Charles Manson, a significant semantic layer "Once... in Hollywood" will pass you by. "Kill bill" and"inglorious bastards" was much more loyal to those not aware of that there is a fan Director. Here is hinging on it all. Tarantino never filmed on real life events, but in this picture has a real story, but with the same ending. With this ending, which could be, or should have been, or as I would like to have.

Put ten.

Nice view and a pleasant walk along Sunny Los Angeles.

10 of 10

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Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $372,353,736.
How much did it cost to make Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $90,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?
This tv-show was directed by Quentin Tarantino.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Best, Best Comedy Movies 2019, Best Drama Movies 2019, Best Thriller Movies 2019, Best movies 2019.
Who starred in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Margaret Qualley, Margot Robbie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Dakota Fanning.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.7.
When was Once Upon a Time in Hollywood released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-07-26.