On Chesil Beach

The film tells about the newlyweds virgins, Edward and Florence, for fear of sexual intercourse in the first wedding night let your marriage derailed.

  • Dominic Cooke

Release Date: 2018-05-18
IMDb icon 6.3/10
  • Country: GB
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:50m
Jesse Medlin
04 November 2018 | 11:33

Film debut of theatrical Director Domenica cook — a great example of that literary devices, so much different from always sometimes play a cruel joke with those trying to reconcile.

A novel by Ian McEwan talks about a young couple who is madly in each other's love, but can not overcome fear before the wedding night. Of course, for this fear and personal psychological problems of the characters, and even the uncertainty in their feelings. In the film is all of the intimacy (about a half hour the action takes place in room) is destroyed by constant flashbacks. In the movie, they, of course, necessary, otherwise we will not be able to learn the history of the characters, but they and destroy the strange the tense atmosphere that prevails in the room. The viewer is absolutely not feel tenderness and fear that beset the main characters. And a sad story of true love turns into a history of the strange girl who, because of their quirks ruined the life of a man. The motives and causes of the fear of the heroine Sirsha Ronan the viewer is unclear. Scene location characters interspersed with her memories of my father (then whether childhood trauma, then whether allusions to Freud). The behavior of its beloved (Billy hole) are generally supplied so comical that even sympathize with such ridicule directed over the character. Well and the final scene with ridiculous age makeup finally convinced that it's a bad theatrical production.

On the positive side, of course, it is worth noting the work of the operator. The picture in film — it's the only thing conveys comfort and intimacy of history. But it is not enough.

7 of 10

Elnora Newel
12 May 2019 | 02:27

something not enough...

... but in this the shortage has prompted other.

It would seem that such an obvious conclusion, as the frigidity of the heroine POPs up immediately. Not need to be seven spans in a forehead to come to this conclusion.

However(!) this film struck me as a kind of confrontation between the two poles of love: low and high, or physical and spiritual. And rather a relatively modern interpretation of Platonic love. And this attempt to understand the highly spiritual relations is accompanied by symphonic music, as if alluding to the intelligence/awareness of the relationship between the characters (at least with the girls). There are no place some overcoming of passion, which would be involved the heroes in a dizzying maelstrom of jealousy, despair, sex, madness "in the name of love." After all, we are vaccinated it is this understanding of love: its identification with physicality. In other words, it is trying to make partner physical embodiment of love with opportunity to her to physical pleasure. In the movie (in the movie, while the book me read) for the main character love — a way of being. She seeks just to catch a guy for the sake of building the family nest, having children, and a joint meeting of old age. No. She is anxious to know the absolute, seeks to reduce the three category identity: life=music=love. She wants to partner has become her favorite violin, whose strings she would be played and heard with my life.

For the above idea

8 from 10

Ashlen Durr
28 November 2019 | 07:13

"Spanish shame" — that's what came in the head when I watched the first half of this tape. I was visited by some feeling of embarrassment for the characters themselves, and directly their deeds and actions. But after watching up to the end, I realized this is a normal feeling, because the plot of the film is not quite normal.

We see quite a complicated picture of the relationship of young lovers. With at first glance it seems that everything goes on as usual — the usual growing relationship. Met, walked, fell in love, got married. But not all so simple. There is one very important aspect, which prevent the heroes in fully enjoy each other — sexual intercourse, which is out of control. There is a conflict, which poses a threat built up to this relationship. It seems that them as time is not enough the most miles, which led to happiness.

From a technical point of view, the picture is quite good. The Director tried to "share" the mood, which is in the main stage and all in the painting itself. Awkward hand movement, worried look, shivering violently at the whole body — all these items indicates the Director is trying to convey the awkward atmosphere of constraint, which is present in the main stage of the movie. These the little details are very important, so for it offers the viewer a deeper understanding of the feelings and emotions of the main characters, they are experiencing the moment. The actors can say "I do." Monologues they are going to play well, to look at the game heroes interesting. The overall picture in the movie seemed a little subdued and sad, but think it's just following the General mood of the picture. Classical music playing in the background on the duration of, helping to catch that the depth of feelings experienced by the characters themselves in the film.

Despite all the advantages listed above, there are the negative component of the picture. I thought movie a little dry and overcast. The characters are not hurry to engage in dialogue, they say long and measured, giving time to reflect each other over that increases duration and has the patience of the viewer. It is clear that so the Director wanted to prolong the suspense and maintain focus on key scenes, but reason is produced the opposite effect. To the middle of the movie for you to be is not that's boring, you don't have some kind of action, some emotional spectrum, which gave a new life about the beginning of the emotion. At the end, you do not think "and what feelings do the characters in the moment", "what would if...", "how the story will turn now?" you just sitting and waiting for a natural interchange that has two way — either a happy end or a sad ending, in which will have to shed a tear.

Summarizing all that said, we can conclude that this picture deserves a share of attention. In it has strong cast, which shows a good game on the duration of the film; and small the directing effects that help the viewer to feel the atmosphere of what is happening; and interesting plot, though a bit tight, but not being able to leave the viewer in the middle of watching the movie.

6 from 10

How long is On Chesil Beach?
2h 30m
Who is the director of the movie On Chesil Beach?
This tv-show was directed by Dominic Cooke.
What is the genre of On Chesil Beach?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Romance.
Who starred in On Chesil Beach?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Saoirse Ronan, Emily Watson, Samuel West, Anne-Marie Duff, Billy Howle.
What is On Chesil Beach IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.3.
When was On Chesil Beach released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-05-18.