Oliver & Company

Draw, color, animated feature about a cat Oliver, whom no one bought it. He found himself alone in the terrible streets of new York and survived only because of friends. The heroes of this almost a detective story will be cats, dogs and people, because homeless Fagan in the "hole" which found shelter kitten and a few stray dogs, owed money to some a large mafia. The best friend and protector of the baby became a Fox Terrier Dodger, a great expert on stealing sausages. Together they must help his master, otherwise they risk becoming "snack for a sneaky Dobermans" who have collars, but no conscience.

  • George Scribner

Release Date: 1988-11-18
IMDb icon 6.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $31,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $74,151,346
Tuesday Cacka
22 August 2011 | 12:10

Cartoon action takes place on the streets of new York city 80-ies. How to survive a small, abandoned kitten in noisy, in a hurry and the city? Will help loyal friends and a little luck, of course. 

It is a cozy, good cartoon about eternal values such as home, friendship, support for family (could be those you believe his family). Warm feelings for this cartoon come from childhood.

However, after seeing this cartoon now, I was not disappointed. I again, like and as a child, it was interesting to watch the adventures of kitten Oliver and his company. Still something catchy in a fun musical numbers, and the ending makes you nervous, and completely seems to rejoice when good triumphs over evil.

Amazing cartoon that is fun to watch in any age.

10 of 10

Clo Bathesda
22 January 2012 | 06:41

"These warblers are only looks good they sing without heart, without of the soul,"says the clown in the Soviet kinoskazka "New adventures of puss in boots,"expressing an opinion about presented to the Princess of the mechanical bird. The same thing can be said about a modern-day cartoons. Yeah they wonder how good with a visual point of view, but no them the warmth of human hands.

The better that among the dominance in the most part completely faceless computer crafts I came across the cartoon "Oliver and Company" made in classic cartoon manner faithful admirer which I are diaper still since. The plot is as follows: small, homeless kitten on the street name Oliver. falls in a likeness of a dog Khitrovo(thieves historic Khitrovka district of Moscow, approx. ed.) community where at all its dubious reputation is good humor, mutual support, and a great sense of humor. New friends Oliver - stray dogs, hunted theft and fraud and their nominal master, the beggar Feign represent a superb collection of vivid characters and characters:

Dodger is the informal leader of a gang of smart and fearless dog, strong and with the very reasonable "chef" always acting according to circumstances.

Tito is a living illustration of established opinions about that people(in this case dogs) small in stature with far outweighed this disadvantage is explosive and reckless courage. Yeah and the weaker sex they also enjoy success. This hot-headed in four legs energizes the film with incredible energy and the permanent is the object of attention of the viewer.

Rita is the only female character friendly company. It about one who are they say "diamond in the flea market". Beautiful "girl", which ought to be luxury mansion, but not the bottom of society. The it is not ashamed of his position, and sometimes even proud of them pace of their comrades in the difficult craft of everyday subsistence.

Francis the bulldog in which killed a great actor. Talking high style and tend to some pathos.

Here in such a great company came and found friends and shelter kitten Oliver. In one of days out with the friends, "business" it because of the sluggishness is one in the car which the friends decided to steal the radio and it brings home a little girl at the behalf of Jenny, with which Oliver immediately formed a very warm relationship. A new tenant has not liking pudelek Georgette, but Jenny tells her about now he is a full member of the family. Friends believing that Oliver the danger in lifting it out of the mansion, but he says that has found a new home where he likes. This situation skillfully uses Feign beggar who intends to request for the return of the kitten's ransom, is able to help him to resolve financial difficulties with a rich Sykes, to whom he owed a large sum of money. Feign appoints Jenny meeting for payments owed, but the treacherous moneybags, to follow the girl kidnaps her quickly realizing that it will bring far greater dividends than a miserable pocket. Friends of Oliver at first, offended by his betrayal decide to help him to arrange the happiness, freeing his young mistress of captivity. They spend the whole rescue operation in the climax of which, breaking window on the scene breaks into a motorcycle himself Feign, through which all the ends well. Here I would like note that what an interesting evolution of the image occurs with this character. At first he does not produce a positive experience that there is a ransom demand to save his own life, but just at the end of the film all makes a choice not in favor of money, in favor of kindness and fairness. Interesting seems to be little love story between Tito and Georgette. The runt of the lowest social stratum charms Cutesy lady of high society. Well aren't wonderful? It is a funny and romantic story that proves that love is not exist barriers not age not social. Yeah and the kindness and compassion the image of a little girl sheltered a kitten, too, can teach. For the first time there is an opportunity to say about the voice acting, which is often a domestic audience, nothing speaks. But not this case. Dog Dodger gave his voice the famous singer Billy Joel, has made this image even more vivid, and songs cartoon real hits.

As a result: a wonderful family cartoon in which can smile and to cry and what to be happy. Personally me when I watched it the brain is disconnected completely from all except the content of the cartoon. In last this was 15 ago.

All creators THANK you!!!

10 out of 10

Gwendolyn Elfstan
20 September 2012 | 09:35

I was not more than four years, when on the shelf of a video came with a ginger kitten, a cute little girl and a funny dog on the cover. To unfortunately, first impressions are not have survived up to this point, but I can say that my child's heart is entirely resigned to the most beautiful cartoon. Zasmatrivayas the tape up to the holes, I have experienced full range of emotions from joy to tears.

And here I have 20 but when Dodger sings "Why Should I Worry? Why Should I Care?" tears of nostalgia welling out, and they are not hold.

There is no point in going in detail, I just glad that as a child, stumbled upon this miracle. As said one important for me person, all we're childhood, because I your whole soul is grateful to the creators for countless happy hours and sweet memories of them.

How much has Oliver & Company made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $74,151,346.
How much did it cost to make Oliver & Company?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $31,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Oliver & Company?
This tv-show was directed by George Scribner.
What is the genre of Oliver & Company?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Comedy, Animation.
Who starred in Oliver & Company?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Joey Lawrence, Billy Joel, Cheech Marin, Richard Mulligan, Roscoe Lee Browne.
What is Oliver & Company IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.7.
When was Oliver & Company released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1988-11-18.