Notes on a Scandal

Teacher of Humanities Sheba HART has an affair with his fifteen-year student. Secret relationship threatens to become public, to know when another teacher named Barbara...

  • Richard Eyre

Release Date: 2007-01-26
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: GB
  • Language: English | French
  • Budget: $15,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $49,814,392
Elbertine Khorma
28 October 2013 | 01:14

The amount of work Actresses Judi Dench cate Blanchett are incommensurable, the film "notes on a scandal" it is literally the work of these two Actresses. Not take off from accounts also the script for the film, but it bias the unusual romantic relationship I personally indifferent.

If it dear teacher, living your life in a rectangular shape with its precise laws and rules, one day I wanted fresh breath of air, and had an affair with one of pupils. In parallel flirts with his colleague senior years, moving closer to it is almost girlfriend here falls all on the head.

The older the teacher, the words versed in life as Pro, nastukivat courting couple in one of school holidays, and plays in your pocket — to blackmail the heroine of the procession, pushing any uncertain their demands. And requirements like it turned out simple — to take the place of a young fifteen-year-old guy in the life of a young teacher.

The guilty can say, selects from the two evils less scandal begins to gain momentum, but in the end, the skeletons of the Cabinet only one has Shine on the window. The moral of the film — learn to live a life that is already have a beautiful some fairy tale, only cheap temptation. As result — a bit cynical movie, and not very pleasant on the sense, however, the game's two main Actresses are impressive and the film keeps on going.

6 out of 10

Sandie June
04 July 2009 | 05:00

What loneliness means for the person? For all the people — its own concept. For older women, leaving a year retirement — this is your world she shares a sick cat diary, replacing her entire family and close friends who have never been. For beautiful and elegant girls from which gradually goes away and young and beauty — is a family, for which she lives, not even lives and exist. Husband not a young, handsome, and man, she father the kids, not the ideal: an eccentric girl, obsessed with my waist a patient with down syndrome. Another would be in her place would have long left the "poor", but she loves them and is ready to further difficulties, — it's her family.

If you alone you there is one only chance is correct — do not use if they ? Of course, Yes. But for one the chance to become a mistake, which made null and void her life, and another final opportunity this life to somehow change. If you feel your life goes from under his feet, but checking you out and wants a young, albeit young man, miss you you ? No. Let it and fleeting passion, but it made it feel like a real woman to unfortunately betrayed his family. But could Sheba HART (heroine cate Blanchett) know that the trusting his girlfriend Barbara (Judi Dench), she thus put themselves in the abyss. Because of Barbara's friendship with Sheba — more than popivaya whiskey in the pub and at home. For the man who never knew the meaning of the word "family" and"love" and never felt his gentle touches and warmth of a loved one, friendship becomes an irresistible obsession with a lesbian slant. Her need it and point. But if Sheba repositioned made her stupidity, still knows that family it is the most important in life, Barbara goes to meet a new victim or not hesitate to his confidence. Loneliness turns you into a monster.

Great author's work will impress you in the heart. The film is so gorgeous and straightforward, that looks at one breath, and the final will make you in shock. The camera work and soundtrack too surprising. Acting of cate Blanchett and Judi Dench are brilliant and very true, no wonder they were nominated for the most prestigious film awards, and it is an Oscar, Golden Globe and awards of the British Academy. But what is striking is that they one received.

Of 10 10

Lesya Carlie
22 September 2010 | 12:05

For me, this film was a revelation. I never thought it can happen in elderly women... They, it appears, is to be feared.

Shows the story of trusting a relatively young teacher who because of their sincerity and openness was in complete dependence on the elderly Barbara. Perhaps things could be different if so for its core was hot, closed, able to predict the consequences of blackmail, but... She was different. Have film directing: narrative starts from the face of Barbara and become a listener. In the course of the film realize that it is a very ambiguous character, in the end it became me a woman with disabilities.

Sheba is not is a Bastion of morality and ethics, but I felt sorry for her.

Great acting, music, a cautionary tale — the movie remains a strong impression

10 of 10

How much has Notes on a Scandal made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $49,814,392.
How much did it cost to make Notes on a Scandal?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $15,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Notes on a Scandal?
This tv-show was directed by Richard Eyre.
What is the genre of Notes on a Scandal?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Romance.
Who starred in Notes on a Scandal?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Judi Dench, Cate Blanchett, Tom Georgeson, Michael Maloney, Joanna Scanlan.
What is Notes on a Scandal IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was Notes on a Scandal released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2007-01-26.