Not Cinderella's Type

Life just doesn't work well, and cute Indie girl made sure on own experience. After the death of her mother was adopted by a family uncle and aunt, but a real family for her and did not. In the new house she received only the eternal reproaches and countless obligations. Fortunately, nothing lasts forever.

  • Brian Brough

Release Date: 2018-02-20
IMDb icon 6.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:37m
Sianna Steinman
21 June 2018 | 10:45

Undoubtedly, the story of Cinderella, about how the most unpopular school girl begins to meet with most popular boy — a topic that is not stops remove disney. And when I started to watch this movie — thought it will be predictable.


Was not prom shoes, find the mysterious girl.

Was compassion. I was grown up and solid assessment of what is happening, help the needy. Why the most popular boy how the Prince had saved Indie? Because family upbringing, education and values have made it so popular. Those qualities that helped him to open your eyes to what happens to conclude that is wrong.

Why the best friend of all these years put up with that a Bryant a moment realized this needs to stop? This is probably the influence of his father and his attention. With children first and foremost you need to talk. To listen to them. to try to understand.

In our cruel world of lonely children need to remember that they have rights. They can fight for life and for their future.

Overall, the film was more socially-oriented than fabulous. But after viewing the soul remains warm.

Suggest to everyone who has children. Not forget to them to talk on the heart to heart, try to be a friend. Not turn the life in hell.

Madeleine Milano
17 March 2018 | 10:10

It seems — life Indie ideal. A loving mother, constant care and attention. However, her world crashing in one day when the mother dies in a car accident. The girl taking from the uncle and aunt, but the new family her life changes radically. Fate is sometimes insidious, and now Indie becomes a free housekeeper that forced days night to cook and clean up, organizing events for his cousins, at this very "Cinderella" lives on the loft in order to embarrass "respectable" name new family — can't even stick out from there nose. In essence Indie Zimmerman is not have any minutes of free time, and even if had she is still forbidden to do anything for myself: to walk on the street, go to parties or forbid God — some way to have fun! In the newly acquired house Indie constantly with reproaches at the slightest provocation, every day, she have to listen to insults in his address. But she suffers all humiliation, being very grateful for that took her in. She have to go through a nightmare in order to strengthen your own character find the will to achieve your goal.

It is unknown how much more of this can continue if the Indie't noticed a local handsome Bryant Bailey. From it all in school, go to mind and both cousin Indie. It seems that the conflict is inevitable. Indie is not eager to establish relationships with high school ladies ' man, to the same she has a devoted friend Maxton. However, Bryant not planning to retreat, and if it is bad as it seems on first glance? A modern Cinderella story, based on the novel by Jenny James (released in March 2017), dedicated to the beauty and awkwardness of teenage first love, and also dramatic emotional realities of family violence.

Paris Warner did very well with the role of Indie Zimmerman. Her character looks a multifaceted and very dynamic. However, on my view, it is a little overdone, forming the image of a sad heroine. Generally, among the obvious shortcomings of the film I would call excessive fabulousness of the story. All of her characters, like the fairy tale can be divided into a very poor and perfect. The middle in most cases. So for those of course familiar with the classic story of Cinderella, watch the creation of Brian BRU because of its predictability would be pretty boring. At least the first half of the film — until strings of the triangle: Indie — Maxton — Bryant. There inner world characters began to open up more, and main characters — to show their duality. Most of them seemed to be too good and fabulous that makes viewing quite easy and without much negrusa, although the drama in the story enough.

Another disadvantage of "not Cinderella" was weak procurenet secondary characters. Attention the uncle and aunt of the main character and especially her cousins paid quite a bit. One gets the impression, though, and brought them in the film only because the audience is not tired of constantly look at the screen person, Paris Warner, Tanner Gilman and Tim Flynn (the role of Bryant Bailey).

In the end, we have a modern version of the classic tale of Cinderella with a predictable plot and ending, however, there are still it something that touches draws to a view. Recommend to fans of the films for young and those who loves the classic tale.

7 of 10

Conny Hammer
26 July 2018 | 08:18

Love the story of Cinderella! But for the first time in this movie, all events, conversations and actions of people very similar to the truth and not a fairy tale. Behavior is not both positive and negative characters in a realistic and logical so that lot it was very predictable.

However, the fun of the view was magical! Finally Cinderella is not dreaming of ball, the Prince makes conclusions about Cinderella is not after the first meeting. A lot of fabulous traits in the film had foreign and in traits. More important that looks like in fairy tales. Cinderella prettier than my "half sisters", and "stepmother" on myself — not an aging, lonely, desperate one.

The actors picked up on my opinion, quite successfully. The game the main character is sometimes confusing, but most often striking in its sincerity. Modern communication is very successfully used and visualized in a pop-up message.

My opinion — this Cinderella story — the closest in the spirit of today's youth. Miracles because in our world there! No magical fairies and wands do not need.

10 of 10

How long is Not Cinderella's Type?
2h 17m
Who is the director of the movie Not Cinderella's Type?
This tv-show was directed by Brian Brough.
What is the genre of Not Cinderella's Type?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Romance.
Who starred in Not Cinderella's Type?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Paris Warner, Scott Christopher, JJ Neward, Mary Neville, Ariana Bagley.
What is Not Cinderella's Type IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.1.
When was Not Cinderella's Type released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-02-20.