Natural Born Killers

A pair of young lovers, Mickey and Mallory, as if imitating the legendary Bonnie and Clyde, travels to America and kills everyone who comes his way. In the end, the couple was arrested and put in jail. However, a series of bizarre and tragic coincidences again allows natural born killers to kill again.

  • Oliver Stone

Release Date: 1994-08-26
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Navajo | Japanese
  • Budget: $34,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $50,282,766
Marsha Hay
28 July 2019 | 11:12

Before output American screens "natural Born killers" expecting a barrage of negative criticism. Otherwise would expect from pattern, where ultra violence is served the main working tool, wrapped unbalanced on psychedelics for two hours. Moreover, it seems incredible that fact that the film of the renowned provocateur of American film by Oliver stone knocked off the rating for removing one of the scenes, to R instead of NC-17, and in theaters he went open success, becoming the leader of the weekend, earning in the end of 50 million dollars. And it should call for success "spit in the face of America" that when you might not have gathered and its own budget. Couple Mickey and Mallory Knox do a boundless terror on US soil: they Rob, rape, kill. But if the tape was limited to a simple story Chronicles the crimes, even utterly cruel, it wouldn't was interesting, while remaining an ordinary massacre, the which did not enjoy the indictment of stamps, in principle, not had no matter the cultural or social-is important. After many events with the release date, the film holds the most controversial history and now you can say — it has a huge.

Yes, the stone went straightforward way and essentially made a movie on the verge of trash. The basic elements of "natural Born killers" — it's blood, brutal killings and chaos gentle viewer maniacal sadism. But if you delve into the way in which history sweeps a, open features, more coming in the humanitarian side. Here the murder is not shown for the sake of killing, and all violence is the engine of progress in addressing the problems of ruthless reality. Don't accidentally Mickey and Mallory served as the characters that embody a truly biblical vengeance, for world pretty rotten that Jesus would not saved him again. Obsessed with the television society lazy and mentally retarded people — it's free-a guilty projection of stone at the real citizens who live for bread and circuses without the slightest understanding of his own dementia. They're watching the idiot box, I see the crime Knox and then go to the street posters "Freedom Mickey and Mallory!" and saying "They're cool, I would like to be the same as they," "I want you, Mickey, I was raped and killed!", not only the U.S. but in the world.

And such people inhabit a free country. In it almost never stayed pure soul and heart of the citizens. Very symbolically are associated with an Indian, a true master of these lands — only accidental death, regret natural born killers. It was to feel sorry for that, because he is living away from modern civilization, retained the appearance of something divine. He Mickey has stated that it — killer kind kills, like animals in the forest that equals it to the profession. He does not justify, but still looks much cleaner than a latent pervert detective Skagnetti, surrounded by exclusiveness; than the warden McCluskey — senile idiot, which the state entrusted to protect society from dangerous criminals, and they blissfully go on the corridors before the onset of the rebellion; the security agencies fear for that a mass murderer sitting without handcuffs handy in chair neighing its a joke. In General, law enforcement agencies, notably received from stone, although most went to the media, appearing not otherwise prostitutes sensations. Wayne Gale — fanciful caricature of the journalist and producer of fame and breaks in the arms the main offender of our time for future ratings of "American maniacs". His image falls below the floor, and the way television in General serves a skillful satire on TV is real: here you scene early in the sitcom, and the fall of the fourth wall with the help of a priest, and advertising "Coca-Cola" — last was a satire after the release. Here and it turns out that even a little strong, the country has become a ideological garbage where the Mickey and Mallory. — warriors generation.

Not by chance the main characters is compared to Bonnie and Clyde, which in the ingenious film from 1967 also brought the warriors of time, truthfully degrading the law and order of his age. The most part no difference between the two pairs, especially if you move the on-screen characters of the old film in life: all are symptoms of the negligence of police officers, throwing hot tracks everywhere and remaining free. It is worth remembering that "Bonnie and Clyde" was also one of the milestones of the New Hollywood at which is also appropriate to compare with an Arthur Penn film "natural Born killers". Oliver stone irrevocably shattered the boundaries of morality and technology of film, exposing the acid-alkaline Thriller with a torn camera and mounting (on the last left, by the way, 11 months) with modern soundtrack from the icons of industrial rock Trent Reznor and stylish non-pop selection from other artists, epileptic dynamics of timekeeping. And the meaning of the stone behind. He took a revolutionary movie, which is amazing, makes himself-audience and in himself a man to find loopholes and not repeat them in the future. And through the wild sheet he did everything, probably because no other way to know how, it his unique style.

The script to"natural Born killers" wrote Quentin Tarantino. Attracted the attention of stone's script was sold for 10 thousand dollars. After working in the result of the final product was significantly different from the original this greatly offended Tarantino, who demanded to take his name out of the credits, but decided to mention the beginning of the film. From Quentin almost untouched remained only the dialogues that feels almost is perfectly complements the perception of the picture. Many people somehow believe that his script was better, but about this is now unlikely to make sense to speak. The thing that the stone for those days, while there was shooting, knew — the film is not be similar what. Have Tarantino traced the structure of a legal black Comedy, coupled with a flashback that automatically becomes the result of the achievements of early cinema. From the stone came out all the way: it is created a movie that no one never did longer will be able to repeat at all the desire and ability — he shot an absolute cult movie. A movie that will blow up the society, like Charles Manson; which technically will be removed in the form, absolutely rejects the principles and tried and tested model of production; that it is relevant to the entire future history of mankind. At all due respect to Tarantino, his life is not would anything like that.

Not spared a stone's innovation and in the end. Moreover, in addition to the plot there is also inserted a collection of real events of those years very different orientation: the O. J. Simpson trial, the sect of David Koresh, Tonya Harding and so on, illusory alludes to the neglect, the corruption of the humane society. It is not, it is fully closed by the shocking events in the minds of many citizens of those years of remaining series.

9.5 10

Jenna Harim
22 March 2012 | 11:27

After a short break I decided to still return to writing reviews I scanned the movies and coincidentally, my inspiration came together with one of the most insane movies that has ever seen. and generally could and finish and say that Oliver stone — genius, see this movie, but...

... a few words all the same is to say. Since the beginning is difficult to understand what happens on the screen. Couple in love with each other people are very strange show their feelings, killing all chance of them people on the road and moreover, it brings fun! After this introduction, have many may notice that you desire to watch this a miracle, but do not hurry with conclusions. Gradually a picture is beginning to penetrate and even there is some semblance of sympathy for the main characters in performance of this fantastic woody Harrelson Juliette Lewis, and the closer to the end I begin to enjoy them success, as a child. Name this madness could only be one and even if I saw him name in the credits I could to tell with confidence that this masterwork in all respects put his hand (in this case fingers) Quentin Tarantino — his style is inimitable and will shirokalova. So much blood, bodies, and masochism on the screen I never seen in one film, which refers to the genre drama, Thriller (war drama is not count). But it still not all. The flow pattern takes place in some psychotropically manner with constant mixing of black and white pictures with color, which literally vskruzhat your head. After this experience no 3D not scary!

But it is not all... Robert Downey Jr., Tommy Lee Jones played probably the most vivid of his roles in career (if not take the calculation of genre fiction) and made her laugh so hard hair standing on end is not only Jones the end of the film, and Woody has played perhaps the biggest role in my life, well, cooler just don't happen.

The funny thing is that the movie is not yourself banal quality trash, and interesting enough, the original story of a lot of love, laced with the truth of life and embellished red-and-green paint of morality. The picture does not leave indifferent and inspires, not those of the atrocities that gave Mallory and Mickey, and on the contrary makes to descend from heaven on earth hunting appears to live simply, without frills, no problems, on fullest extent possible the law... though of course in viewing slipped the desire to act like a hero in Downey, take the gun and shoot to hell these boring sad law enforcement, to begin to live, pardon the pun, for the first time in life...

of 10 10

Please love and favor — Natural Born Killers. Not be indifferent to each other.

Elly Forrester
15 April 2014 | 01:03

I am in a shock of such a number of rave reviews about this film. It so naive and not real throughout the film, always wanted to turn it off and delete forever. The only thing that was stopped, so it's curiosity. It was just that I really wanted to know what so like this movie to so many people. In the head constantly fought two thoughts: "turn off that stuff" "well, maybe now I will see something mythic in this movie put of 10 out of 10."

I spat almost not the whole film. Starting from the main character, which is not has caused nothing but disgust, to the ascension of cruelty, which is so praised the movie ordinary citizens. It is a joke? Not believe people who shoot without parsing, in almost any can be so are loved by the crowd. I would have understood if they shot the villains. So no, they cut down nearly everyone.

But not even this is the most delusional in the film. What so I hid from him that's as stand on ceremony with a couple of these killers. Their nobody is trying to shoot with them just playing. They sent to prison they are right and left, kill the guards and psychiatrists. But they again don't touch. Say it is catastrophically dangerous. But despite this, killer interview, not even put into the cuffs! He allow to walk freely among the cops, tell jokes. Yes where is the logic, people?! What nanine psychopaths who killed a hundred people? Two a man knocked all the right and left, and they even nobody is looking for, not intended. Currently live in your pleasure, give birth to children.

The only thing I put the film 2, so this for an attempt to tell that going from the maniac in the head. Everything else is a naive fairy tale. What kindergarten and wipe away snot and other of against so aggressive criminals?

I have to say, the most important criterion for which I appreciate the films — is the realism of people's behavior in one or a different situation. Here he was minimal.

2 of 10

How much has Natural Born Killers made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $50,282,766.
How much did it cost to make Natural Born Killers?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $34,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Natural Born Killers?
This tv-show was directed by Oliver Stone.
What is the genre of Natural Born Killers?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Drama.
Who starred in Natural Born Killers?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis, Tom Sizemore, Rodney Dangerfield, Everett Quinton.
What is Natural Born Killers IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was Natural Born Killers released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1994-08-26.