Mystic River

Jimmy Marcum, David Boyle and Sean devine — inseparable friends since childhood. Together they play hockey, growing up in familiar troubled streets of Boston. As adults fate brings them together in the face of tragedy: the brutal murder of her daughter Jimmy Marcum — Katie.

  • Clint Eastwood

Release Date: 2003-10-15
IMDb icon 7.9/10
  • Country: AU, US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $25,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $156,595,191
Agretha Durham
24 January 2020 | 08:13

Critics usually start counting serious dramas of Eastwood with "Mystic river", however, is more detective than drama which too many implausible (for example, too many deaths). Hollywood cliches here omnipresent: they permeate the acting of all without exception of performers (except maybe Tim Robbins, whose character — one of the most profound images of the miserable the weak, broken lives, in the filmography of Eastwood), camera and installation work, the soundtrack. Except that Director, always Eastwood, confident and controlled by the consciousness of the viewer so well as Nietzsche called philosophizing, it is a hammer.

What message for, then he "Mystic river" is more anti than preissuance: again scenario material need Eastwood to argue with himself, in the dialogue enter two side of his personality — humanitarian a Nietzschean, though and it is unclear who are wins, who defeated. Of course, the main line is taut emotional tension between the characters Sean Penn and Tim Robbins: between the absolute American, believing only in itself vigilantism and weak victim of circumstances, from which is plus everything else and mental health problems. As later "the Case of Richard Jewell", in"Mystic river" Eastwood shows that States — the country wolves, which sheep do not survive — they will be devoured over their weakness, and as a humanist, Eastwood is not can not to sympathize with their destiny.

Curious how maturing and aging Eastwood-Director makes it more humane to the people: if the beginning of his career, especially acting, have Leone and it's created images of superhumans-the Nietzscheans, almost anti-heroes, so they were ruthless and inhuman, that, when he was passed 70, humanism began to displace the logic of social Darwinism, the weak sympathy, and emit supermen have not the charm, and an ominous glow. This is the character Sean Penn in"Mystic river" is a cruel trainer in the performance of Eastwood in "Baby on one million", is the title character in "Unforgiven", with which that a revaluation of values in the filmography of Clint's old man.

In "Mystic river" is genre inertia is not allowing a small suburb drama, even tragedy, if you look, become so deep and powerful to subjugate viewer. The theme of "skeletons in the closet," snake inside American social facade sounds especially clearly in the final episode of parade, where false surface, patent life comes into a conceptual contradiction with the harsh lining. Why it occurs? For Eastwood, because courage — the firmament of America and the heirs of the first settlers-the puritans, shaped the face of modern capitalism, — are striving to wash their sins, to hide them, so not saved to them. At than this comes at the expense of the "sheep", the weak, the marginalized, the outsiders, which immediately fall under the knife to the wolves slept well.

"Mystic river" — the film is not sufficiently aesthetically radical but those viewers who are not familiar with the conflict of the novel, which the basis of it, it is simply not know the story, he gets the backhand, especially in the last half hour, when mounting parallel rhymes with the truth and painful mistake. Of course, this is not masterpiece not even absolute science, it is cleared is too Hollywood, not within the artistic canons of "dream factory," as "Baby million", which does not hurt the eyes of a cinephile, and under pressure, load, with an excess of clichés (especially disgusting emotional excesses Sean Penn).

For this reason, after seeing "Mystic river" once (or forgetting the plot after the first viewing, as I, who watched her re like for the first time), you will hardly will want to review it — too it is predictable, although in the context of the evolution of Eastwood as the Director, she is certainly important.

Wendie Bil
11 December 2010 | 04:13

That is, we are on a blank life?Or what is life on our way?Philosophical subtext enclosed in the work of "mystic river" of the Wedge of Eastwood. Of course, the talent of this Director's huge and vast. Very many of the works of Eastwood stood, stand and will stand out among all the films in a similar genre, for this Director looks a lot deeper and more penetrating than some other people, removing, say, in the genre of crime drama.

So, Jimmy Marcum, David Boyle and Sean Devin — inseparable friends since childhood. They play hockey, growing up on the familiar troubled streets of Boston. Have being older men, the fate pushes them together in the face of tragedy: the brutal murder of her daughter Jimmy Marcum — Katie.

For Jimmy, the crook in past the owner of a grocery store in this, mainly in life is revenge. The policeman who was entrusted to investigate the case — who do not other than Sean devine, who is confident in one thing: the Prime suspect in murder — Dave.

What the main feature of the crime drama with elements of Thriller?Of course, the plot. Events in film this genre has to unfold gradually, mysteriously Yes so that the viewer is not know will be in fifteen minutes. The story — the basis of such films. But Clint Eastwood is not such Directors. Breaking all the stereotypes, it makes the whole "crime" paintings in the background, on which takes place all drama ideological work. Yes, the murder of a girl is just the canvas on which the master will write his magnificent artwork.

The main beauty of the movie, but most likely all the other paintings by Eastwood, is that the Director focuses on the interpersonal relationships of the characters, the characters, their values of life. It is very well seen in the work of the Director. On the duration of the film, the audience can, if, of course, want not the plot, but it is the relationship between the characters, on which, in fact, the whole "mystic river". Eastwood in this plan does not afraid of the word, pedant. The Director has thought of everything to the smallest detail, and have you seen, for the film has many poignant phrases, which at first sight, maybe not visible, but if you listen, then they create the outlines between all characters, share their and divide all the characters into small social circles in which so many different concept of life, values. Heroes of Eastwood in"Mystic river" is different. They cannot be confused, because, in my opinion, each of them, a kind ofmystic river. Each of the characters flowing like river sin to sin nothing sees, or not want to see. Their life will go on, their water, if dry, will resume. And they will travel from sin to sin. In fact, as we with you.

I have at the viewing of the film the impression is that the characters are really real, because they are real, live, attention to detail. In the credit, of course, not only a famous Director but and actors, of course. The brilliant constellation Foam, Robbins and Bacon. The game is excellent, thanks to these actors, the film, which lasts almost 2.5 hours, it looks pretty fast. Humble bow to this actor. And, in my opinion, Robins and Pen you deserved to win their Oscars. Well done.

Summary:Isvud — the great talent that your movies surprises and surprises. Stunning work.

8 from 10

Cami Bysshe
18 September 2014 | 01:49

Remember yourself in 10 years. What we had from life? Run on the street Yes friends, to the "homework" the smaller asked. Perhaps this is the most important desire of the absolute majority of students (although now the real walking increasingly give way virtual). Well as do without a minor mischief? And if the something a great set of "hooliganism", then any adult became a champion of morality and order, because almost never refused the opportunity to chastise (as not insignificant was a misdemeanor), the time could only silently endure verbal blows. Well and if this zastukali will be in this form, it is here is down the drain: will make all that just not ask. Here our heroes and got into a very nasty situation... it is the watchful adult was a pedophile.

After that incident is many years in the former boys already had children, Yes. also had a great grow. And at this moment in the city is again something terrible — lost daughter of one of former friends, the other involved in the investigation, well, and the third becomes the Prime suspect... the Ending is somewhat unexpected, but because it turns out only more exciting spectacle.

The trio of heroes in performance Sean Penn, Tim Robbins Kevin Bacon looks amazing. Not every so simple. One has experienced a severe trauma in early childhood that have affected not well on his fate, the other are consorting with pravoohranitelnye bodies and was almost enemy school friend who decided to get in your hands the whole city (of course, not using very lawful methods). Without decent acting, the film would have lost a good part of its charm, but none EW showed a great game, but and conjoined with their characters, and a few Oscars only confirms this.

mystic river — is one of those films that should be viewed. No compromises! If not seen, be sure to make time for this fascinating detective Thriller.

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How much has Mystic River made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $156,595,191.
How much did it cost to make Mystic River?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $25,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Mystic River?
This tv-show was directed by Clint Eastwood.
What is the genre of Mystic River?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Mystery.
Who starred in Mystic River?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, Laurence Fishburne, Marcia Gay Harden.
What is Mystic River IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.9.
When was Mystic River released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2003-10-15.