My Talks with Dean Spanley

England, 1904. Henslow Fisk and his ailing father Horatio decide to go to a lecture on reincarnation, which is called "Transmigration of souls". There they meet Dean Spenli. Later confronting him at the club his father and then at the entrance to the Cathedral, Henslow thinks it's more than coincidence and decides to invite him to dinner, enticing promise to entertain his favorite Tokay wine. In the end, at dinner, after the wine — Dean begins to tell the strange memories of his past life...

  • Toa Fraser

Release Date: 2008-12-12
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: NZ, GB
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $1,455,824
Star Richers
21 August 2012 | 10:39

Mysterious animal in the name Age looks dreary view through the window, slowly drifting through this ephemeral border. And the man who felt the touch of gray drizzle, have not able to look away from the inexorable monster, absorbing its mind, its will, its life. It thus seized the old man appears before the audience Fisk senior. Simple algorithm — stew lunch, walk with son Thursdays, traditional newspaper ritual — gradually replaced all of its former existence. The homeowner is not into insanity, he just not want to withdraw from together to a single frame of straws, particles of past aspirations. And as the only son, performing weekly duty, not tried to rock the boat of his father's memories, still unchanged patterns continued to erect a monolith of alienation.

And entered the band midlife crisis Fisk, Jr. inflames research interest. Glass Imperial Tokaj wine (rare and expensive) makes it a new acquaintance, the ecclesiastical supervisor of the Spenli, in reincarnated pet dog. Sweet Golden drink is revealed by the mouth of the character of Sam Neil all the dog essence — what was needed fleas, why the dog loyal to his master and the smell of the full moon. Puzzled and shocked Fisk begins to conduct all the more more associations leading, as oddly enough, to my own father.

The theory of the transmigration of souls, so revered in Hinduism and Buddhism, there and stir in our souls. Millions of people, educated in other canons, has long come to terms with the effect of "deja vu". A little-known new Zealand Director Toa Fraser is not did the picture reincarnation as to shocking or conversely, an obvious phenomenon. He rather used it as a psychological tool. In fact, in addition to the drunken monologues of the Dean and a pair of three stemming from them curious coincidences, more sensational arguments is (unfortunately Azera businessman, raskruchivaem Fisk on further experiments with a noble Tokay). But here in the role of nitroglycerin blew up the dam of hidebound care in itself, the old owner, the recognition of Spenli worked on glory.

So is it true that, maybe the mangy cat was previously a villain, and this nice man good loyal dog? And if rebirth in a new incarnation is inevitable, it does it from the image of a past life. Why the human individual is not keeps memory traces of another being, but at mental influence, hypnosis, Lee, a dream of the it POPs up far familiar. "Dean spenli of" was would more powerful artwork if I tried to answer on similar questions. But the creators have shied away from the contradictions of Christian dogma dip in fades the Victorian era, erase a scratch zambelich wheelchairs and the indifferent light of electric lanterns. Cute, family and Russian Orthodox Church does not reproach.

Masks become a common part of the image. Even if someone in a bold rush will take off the mask, approved and agreed upon by society, most likely, it will have a new, just not so worn. For the image of the vicar of the hidden Terrier, for ice conservatism Fisk-senior — a loving father and husband. Ready to show each the mirror of its essence, even slightly refracted a classic fragrance of the honey of Tokaj? Whether to hear her?

From the void of anything you see blind eyes. From afar. There will come a time when you have to see them. And you choose whether to go on the bridge the Vincent Thomas or take it is. The end is probably someone's beginning.

Karna Sheedy
28 August 2015 | 11:13

Highly unusual, entertaining and bizarre film, a joint production of New Zealand and the UK with a funny and touching story about the relationship between gall ill-natured father and his younger son, suddenly thinking of the eternal questions of life. Although the same success could be with full responsibility to declare that the film is dedicated to the question of the transmigration of souls, or say that he talks about one Dean Church, who, after a SIP of Tokaj wine begins to imagine that in a previous life was dog. The most remarkable and funny is that in both cases we no sinned against the truth.

At first glance, filmed in the costumes, the interiors and the atmosphere of the last century, as some classic British suiting, the BBC adaptation of novel by Charles Dickens, the film with the first their staff splits it a false idea ironic and enticing voice-over, which the mouth of the protagonist speaks to us that "all the most amazing and fantastic stories, as a rule, have the ordinary beginning." And it should accept — start "the Dean Spenli" is, indeed, the common: today, Thursday, and according to tradition, obedient to the dictates of FILIAL duty, the son goes to visit his old, unhealthy, sick and lonely father standoffish. Beginning how to start. But that will then...

Suddenly, they go to a lecture on the transmigration of souls one of rich private houses, where familiar with two people who will later on play a big role in their lives and will be able to repay the understanding between father and son. And here will start the most unexpected and interesting...

A wonderful and complementary the cast (most of all want to mention a very funny Sam Neil with his confused facial expressions and the wonderful Peter O` Tula), pleasant, lively and varied musical theme; a wonderful, fabulous animated screensaver on the opening credits; a wonderful sense of humor and excellent replicas of heroes, the full pure English humor and sarcasm, — all is the perfect backdrop for fantastic stories of the Dean Spenli, who each time surprised by all more as a result, changing all the characters to the recognition, leaving an indelible trace in soul of each of them.

Genre is seen very difficult to clearly define — primarily, this fabulous parable or British Comedy, but because same time and drama of father and son who lost a family member. In fact, fantastic stories of the Dean Spenli, keep something in heart older Fisk, in up and help them both relive the memory of their loss and break the them for many years conditional relations — to deviate from the traditions for the first time to meet on Thursday, and on its own, sincere and mutual desire.

8 from 10

Jobye Gronseth
16 February 2011 | 05:02

Watching the movie was a chance TV, I only watch the beautiful and ancient landscapes of aristocratic England, and also it was interesting to see the game famous actors.

The beginning of the story is it seemed banal and predictable — about the age-old problem of "fathers and children". But the time is included mystical theme of reincarnation and it will be shown figuratively, and rather in the imaginations of the characters themselves...

So, Henslow (the son) arrives to grumpy father, with whom, after the death of his mother and brother did not can find common ground here for many years. At this time out of boredom he decided to go with a father the lecture a strange Indian philosopher, on the subject of reincarnation and even as the strange deadpan the English was very bored :D Just after the lecture, figuratively speaking, began to occur, the mystic-comic phenomenon — every day he began to notice such a strange coincidence that awaken in him a curiosity and excitement and are they will help him to find a way to the heart of his beloved father... Not will describe the plot in detail, much more interesting the process of, as in the old proverb "Better once to see than hundred times to hear." I recommend to those who loves witty humor.

Will go to the rating of the film — the course of events is unexpected and pleasant. Great acting. The most interesting that the essence of the film is not only reincarnation, but and family relationship, friendship, the death of loved ones... I'm more surprised that after watching, I immediately forgot all bad lost all the fears and my heart was so easy... I Love movies like — here they are, our best psychologists!

10 of 10

How much has My Talks with Dean Spanley made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $1,455,824.
Who is the director of the movie My Talks with Dean Spanley?
This tv-show was directed by Toa Fraser.
What is the genre of My Talks with Dean Spanley?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama.
Who starred in My Talks with Dean Spanley?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jeremy Northam, Sam Neill, Bryan Brown, Peter O'Toole, Judy Parfitt.
What is My Talks with Dean Spanley IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was My Talks with Dean Spanley released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2008-12-12.