14-year-old Ellis lives with his parents in a houseboat on the banks of the Mississippi, in his spare time, along with other Necronom explores the river. One day they find on a deserted island boat, stuck in the branches of a tree after a major flood. Teenagers want to make the boat as their refuge, but it turns out that it has already settled. It turns out someone named mad man with a tattoo of a snake that is clearly from someone hiding and waiting for someone meeting...

  • Jeff Nichols

Release Date: 2013-05-10
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $10,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $32,613,173
Dael Peer
02 August 2013 | 03:31

"On the river floats a lot of things, but not a lot of this is needed, you need to be able to make choices and to distinguish between" — these are the words of the character of Michael Shannon are almost not the basic theory in the picture of Jeff Nichols. To be able to draw Parallels and differentiation this life is very important, but after everyone to the way may appear strange man who will be nice, treat you in a fatherly way and will-bondage, and will become something like a mentor especially when the house is going on the mess in connection wobbly, as the leaning tower of relationships.

That man is the mysterious mud, once absolutely casually got on eyes to the two best 14-year-old friends. They was just wondering what is the other side of the river, on the island on which they find surprising appeared on the tree boat. And its purpose went far beyond the scope random object, it is it was obvious, so inside it had all signs of temporary shelter housing. How was it was to shelter the men in the performance of Matthew McConaughey.

Kids are always taught not contact with strangers, not even speak with them, but is it is a postulate for these adolescents-brats like Ellis and NEK? Hardly. all Spent her childhood near the river and the small town that its overscale silhouettes reminiscent of the situation of the previous Nichols movie "Shelter", the boys used to be left to themselves, to seek adventure on a soft spot. That in one moment they found where to cling, and big.

Immediately it becomes clear that this is the mad not just was on this island, exposing himself to hunger, not wanting to seem on the eye, because often, all it leads to a situation where you have something to hide. High, which is to itself is not only their appearance, but and kindness guy to the attached young guys, especially Ellis, who believes that finally found a person who needs it using understanding.

Teenagers, inspired by the hero McConaughey, starting him in every way to help in his request, bringing the fact that needed to this time not knowing what really is, from this attractive man. And he had joined the ears dirt (which is a translation of his name Russian language) due to his destructive love for the girl name juniper (Reese Witherspoon).

Jeff Nicholson after his previous film "Take Shelter" Davidson rustling on the prestigious festivals and force all without tired of talking about the new "shooting" the author creates a movie not so shocking and philosophical, but not less psychological and instructive. In stories Mada characters, like machine guns, loaded with many sensible ideas, which are able to not let the audience after the viewing.

Here Nicholson remains true to his style, presenting the narrative in a measured and on the forefront of bringing the revelation of the characters and actors their who plays where McConaughey diligently recoups the party to finally disown your romanovskogo period, and young Tay Sheridan with its role as a boy Eliss replays many adult companions in the platform, being apparently under the guardianship of the mother of Sam Shepard. All this and a good "Mud", at this is a story about many human errors.

Holli Lulu
29 April 2016 | 08:26

It is a pity that this movie is a rarity, all less rarer real images, real experiences and absolutely not a standard situation. And because survive want to see the spectacular piece of someone's life, to not an easy was to experience surprise, delight, feel the way, perhaps from part to shift it for yourself, learn something new or to pull out long forgotten past...

Seeing on the cover of McConaughey thought it will be something simple, but in the head crept into the idea that will be interested, so and went out. I saw a great story, awesome Teens, desperate criminals, abandoned the boat to the tree, the old killer and certainly true love. Sincere teen Ellis naive because of their youth and it still not faded children's love and only just woke up an adult, even clear not tainted, not ruined the outside world of real life. And that's the main theme, the main idea leading us throughout history and makes something bright and good as this cute boy in which is not extinguished the light. And how to be so divided among the family, the rudeness and ignorance of how to keep this light as see it in the other, when he seemed lost? Probably need to always be a teenager and not afraid to be embarrassed and insulted someone's pride or a simple misunderstanding.

I strongly advise to view, if you are interested to see something good, to think and to experience, enjoy and to create realities and boiling passion in the hearts of the people.

At full speed the old motor boat among the snags and snakes, cutting water and enjoy the most beautiful world wind, what more to ask for?

10 of 10

Martelle Marya
07 December 2014 | 12:01

Filmed Jeff Nichols's apocalyptic painting "the Shelter" with Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain in 2011. Got a good reward from the jury in Cannes. Arkansasar not be deceived art performance took about history the provinces of the South America. The young Director began work on the picture "mad".

Under the focus of the viewer comes across the story of teenagers Ellis (Tye Sheridan) and Ncbon. They find the middle-aged man on a small island the Mississippi river. He calls himself mud (Matthew McConaughey). Strange, but sure yourself, "lucky" shirt for the luck the .45 -  caliber, boots and the cross on the soles for the expulsion of unclean spirits. Establish contact and begins the story.

In the course of the timing pattern of the personal qualities of the hero McConaughey reveals not directly, by the mouth of those or other characters of the film.

Michael Shannon, a favorite of Jeff Nicholas would play the eccentric character Mada with taste and him in the usual almost natural paluumatkalla, whether it is not busy with another project. But still played a cameo role. In the end, Nichols had to lean against at the inertial Hollywood fame Matthew McConaughey with a natural southern accent.

The outline of the picture it easier. Made symmetrical and sometimes nice is boring.

Taste American mysticism with elements of shits to polnoformatnogo detective exaggerate the drama of the picture.

South American this is a unique world with original atmosphere. As they call — "Redneck America". A tragic story of blacks, the civil war and the hot blood of the southerners. They go on trucks levashovska wearing faded jeans, cowboy boots, cigarettes camel no filter a pair of round box snuff smokeless tobacco And a lot of Blues. Of course Jeff Nichols being a southerner was able to convey that the atmosphere of the American southern heartland in all its glory and reality.

It would be strange. do not expect from the Creator of the Bible "Shelter" deep metaphor.

The Director has enriched the film a few prerequisites for direct and indirect. "Geklberri fin" Mark TWAIN and island Robinson here only a white man yearning for freedom. The moral character of Michael Shannon talking about finds the river: -must be able to distinguish what to keep and what to let go.

The names of the main characters has undergone rigorous metaphor:

Allis archetype of the prophet Elijah desperately tries to keep and believe sincere love;

-"Mud' are that means clay, earth, mud. The man from nowhere with black past;

"Necron" — the vertebral bone in that specific context, common sense. Help Ellis.

-Juniper is anglicanize name Guinevere that betrayed king Arthur. A kind of irony of Director.

My subjective opinion is that the picture is not had alternate endings, which would be added mysticism. Could do without the ending, it is leaving some food for thought. But happy end sometimes, too, happens, not right?!

7 of 10

How much has Mud made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $32,613,173.
How much did it cost to make Mud?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $10,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Mud?
This tv-show was directed by Jeff Nichols.
What is the genre of Mud?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Best movies 2013.
Who starred in Mud?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Tye Sheridan, Jacob Lofland, Sam Shepard.
What is Mud IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was Mud released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-05-10.