Mr & Mme Adelman

Victor is an aspiring novelist, Sara has a master's degree in the field of classical literature, their common weakness is Joyce and Dostoevsky. They were free and careless, but their chance meeting in a bar will drag on for 45 years. How will they cope with success, wealth and banal boredom? Who will get and who will remain in the shadows? The story of one family, big love, amid the crowded sunshine of the boulevards of Paris.

  • Nicolas Bedos

Release Date: 2017-03-08
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: BE, FR
  • Language: French
  • Runtime: 2h
Lynnet Kuebbing
23 June 2017 | 09:24

Extraordinary (although it seems to be typical for all these artists, actors, poets) love story. Victor — narcissistic, talented (?), at first arrogant and then miserable, and a friend of his life — Sarah — what is called a strong woman, more of an editor than a Muse.

They lived by literature, and after the death of Victor's biography describe in his book a young Parisian journalist.

Victor falls in love with a Sarah gradually: it's fascinating, even though I and are unable to "read" the metaphor "wife who gets prettier with each passing year, and a balding husband with Alzheimer's"...

He tortured her, she he was cast, but I've loved... Before I thought that sacrifice in relations characteristic of Russian women — but, apparently, it everywhere.

Of course, the film will appeal to the ladies, but I would recommend to watch it in the first place men — not just busy work.

Well, again: those who saw the filth, looked somewhere there.

Thank you for attention.

10 of 10

Caralie Chuch
04 December 2017 | 11:00

In 2017, the French actor Nicolas Bedos for the first time acted in the role of Director and presented his film "He and she" — the story of love and mutual life of writer Victor Adelman and his wife Sarah.

From the first frame tempted to call this film quintessentially French, but then gradually realize that nothing typical there is no. The film, of course, French, but feelings, attitude, love is not are typical, and not because I would like to see in them only the national accent. Each story is of a man and women — is a world of experiences, of which only they know two. And because you can retell your love, which even you yourself are not opens all its mysteries? Despite this, Nicolas Bedos gives us the opportunity to see the couple inside — their points of view, rather, with the point of view of Sarah, who tells this story length 45.

Without stamps and moralistic emphasis, without vulgarity and pseudopsychology, this film tells us that before work on relations of, to attend training and to learn to live together, you need to understand the main thing: can you love? There is in your heart the strength which all the rest is just a waste of time? A love that gives freedom and protects from the cynicism is the gift of life, which we cannot overrule. And in the coordinate system of vital human feeling, a heart (that is, living "from the heart"), the ability to love stands at the head. How much I love him, again, not being, of course, insignificant. A favorite in French cinema, the obsession with love, there seemed to be shown a seamy side to another time to say: love and love is not one and the same: if the first is not requires we provide second — this is the real work of the soul.

A duet, performing the title role in the film "He and she" is perceived as the continuation of the Duo main characters themselves — the pair held a long the path of love. Doria the Tilla and the Nicolas Bedos brilliant deal not only being image but and age-related transformations of imagery: each shows periods of their lives, they organic natural the point here is, of course, not in perfect work of makeup artists. They are so accustomed to the fate of their characters that even seem to be other names they already do not fit. Both brilliant, despite that Nicolas Bedos acted as a Director and actor, and Doria the first Tilla played a major role in his career. It the heroine Sarah seems to be we understand their typical female virtues, flaws and fears, but in the same time, it is admired for its uniqueness — concerned her behavior, and atypical beauty, and the ability to find the perfect moment for the phrase "you wanna get?". At the seriousness they told two story, dramatic situations and life's problems, the film is filled with humor, and the play — easy irony, which only adds to the accents.

"He and she" shall enter into an associative dialogue with a picture of "My king" Maiwenn Le Besko, released two years earlier. Both video o the history of the couple, about the difficulties of living together in the rhythm of modern life, about the ego love. But if Nicolas Bedos love overcomes a lot, in including treason, but I Maiwenn Le Besko she sinking in a swamp of vanity, confusion and cowardice. Love, which is youthful recklessness (not irresponsibility, and it is recklessness) is suffocating in the boredom of everyday life as much as we tried this boredom to disperse.

Vinni Helbon
29 September 2017 | 09:04

Very interesting to read about how long Nicolas Bedos wanted to make their own movie and how time he was carrying this idea, which in the end turned into the tape "He and She". Questions, of course, it appear huge and mainly ideological plan: "And what, exactly, is this in the extended description of the life of one of the French couples that no more than the smallness of the lives of small people?"

All the matter in the final? Personal motives? Something of the old imagination dreams?

Because the overall result is just a biography of a relationship, the passing system cycles, moving on the sine wave of UPS and downs and loving each other pair, with a lot of jokes, sometimes vulgar, sometimes sharp, sometimes out of place, but it is often attractive where the episodes are merely used as the shock of the mood, showing all the verge of a nervous true love.

In other words, the whole film creates a sense of desire to tell his audience, something sacred and great, and ultimately expresses his devotion to the feelings and their primacy. Because of this, and there is a dissonance in view — no expected contrite puts under the question the necessity of the use of the voluminous amount of time.

Actually, the demonstration of love as the superpowers of human behavior, denies all videostiny questions. The attitude of Badosa which has been engaged in any sphere of manufacture of the tape, the same and its product as to the heroine of his character. The entire film is done sincerely and bright, a certain naivete in the retelling, with French sophistication, where the same without her, belief in the truth that you show. Hence, these running through the year quickly and confusing, not giving any answers and without any reasons working only on emotions.

Much has been said, and about the inexperience, the lack of a "star" in the acting pair, but remains the narrow-minded level. What remains the level of penetration to viewer — this is the final, not so bright, however, and not derived from the previous a series of frames, which is a flawless demonstration drama cycle under the name of "decoupling".

Like the author wanted to describe "love"? Frankly, even projecting the situation in the part of the routine, have not me gets the right answer. It somewhere in the surface of the soul connection and two spheres that formed a single unit but not shows that clearly straightforward. Even myself final more is not used as a definition for yourself, as a plot twist, as the structural unit, which may be of interest to the audience after a half hour of sensual paroxysm.

I wonder whether to be a spectator? Definitely. So well as this tape is definitely better than the stupid family comedies and miniatures. The minimum number of domestic violence over the viewer, a bulky share of fiery temper and emotional outbursts.

Who is the director of the movie Mr & Mme Adelman?
This tv-show was directed by Nicolas Bedos.
What is the genre of Mr & Mme Adelman?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Best movies 2017.
Who starred in Mr & Mme Adelman?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Doria Tillier, Nicolas Bedos, Denis Podalydès, Antoine Gouy, Christiane Millet.
What is Mr & Mme Adelman IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was Mr & Mme Adelman released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-03-08.