Mountains May Depart

The Chinese city of Fenyang, 1999. Young Tao looked after by two childhood friends, Zhang and Liang. Zhang is the owner of the gas station, and waiting for his bright future, while Liang works in a coal mine. Tao have to choose one of two, forever changing his life and the life of the son.

  • Zhangke Jia

Release Date: 2015-12-23
IMDb icon 6.9/10
  • Country: CN, FR, JP
  • Language: Chinese | Mandarin | Cantonese | English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $5,215,660
Noami Tidwell
21 March 2017 | 09:49

General information. Finally, after almost 2 years after the Cannes film festival, the opportunity to see the movie "And the mountains move with space" Chinese Director Jia zhangke. So the long wait had not nothing — the film, though, and received awards for the festival is one of the best in the main competition programme of the year.

what film. at First the film seems very complicated for perception. We are in the center of a love triangle, not knowing anything of the past the main characters. A girl and two boys, poor and rich. But the film is not a fairy tale; he explores the fate of the characters and loved people, as the life of every person in depends on the choice made by the main character.

Structure. the film "And the mountains move with space" covers a long period of time. And despite that seem to be only certain points in the lives of the characters, with the interval 10-15 years, it seems that life we live together with these people. On the screen only the most important thing for a screen their entire lives. The screenplay is great, he is very subtly reveals the characters and dramatic situation. Installation in the film is not the last place. In addition to flights over the decades, there a change of scene can mean a change of many days and weeks. At first it knocks confused, but after watching the film perceive as a monolithic product, which was shown all necessary.

Result. Very strong and truthful drama. Well put on film, "And the mountains move with space", the findings of which can be done only after reviewing it completely, it is unlikely will leave you indifferent. And two completely different song Zhen Zhong — Sally Yeh Pet Shop Boys — Go West, will cause you warm memories of film, as they aroused a variety of feelings in its heroes.

Marcelline Kwarteng
18 December 2017 | 01:12

This film stretches between the three timestamps, starting on the eve of the Millennium in nineteen hundred and ninety-nine, continuing through fifteen years of two thousands the fourteenth and ends two thousand twenty-fifth — so from the past present, then breaking off in the future, near a young man facing a hard decision, as was with his family and eleven years ago.

Every time a few people take important decisions that determine the whole of their remaining life. So the first girl chooses between two boys, weighing, contact if it with a humble hard worker and accept the offer of its rival with strong business acumen and profitable business, in the end, agreeing to marry rich. Then it is already ex-husband, breaking with the homeland, goes to seek happiness for the sea, settling on the overseas Australian coast where, years later, it grown-up son, will stand before his decision — so each of them there's a fork in the path when you move in the right direction, not knowing where they this path will lead.

The decision does not bring happiness, nor the girl, nor an enterprising businessman rushing off on a tempting a foreign land. In each case, it entails a dramatic effect, destroying the hopes of a few people, worthy, of course different fate than one where they come, so not finding the best.

The Director is not a holds a simple romance, it is not too attached to his characters, no extra words wasting on way. It seems more important not so much separately taken person, how much time, value and moral attitudes changing under the influence of the expanding opportunities, destroying the inner balance of millions of people.

With each step, changing the composition of the characters have them unforeseen complications and happen the painful losses that are not can remain indifferent, despite the most obvious reasons and effects — so clever, Jia Zhangke in the arrangement of visual accents, enhancing the emotional drama of the relationship of the main characters on the last line is stunning extraordinary freedom of the young man, regarding which it is very wrong. his father.

In General terms, it is possible to detect the characteristic details of the past and present politically balanced China, exposed to the contradictions of capitalist growth of which you know from accidentally flashed phrases. Weddings, funerals, birth and death, provincial landscapes and capital excellence — does not only emotional, but and rich in their contents, shedding light on the mysteries of the closed country is difficult associated with the surrounding external world.

Looking in the future, the Director draws a disturbing prospect, Recalling the youth revolt, here — in the face of recalcitrant youths, rebelling against the father's will (as there are not remember the protest on Tiananmen square), ensuring their right to decide and absolutely bewildered on the threshold of new solutions and the movie returns to the threshold of the Millennium, when it was made a different choice, which led not there. Then not sounded need of advice, but now the young man is friendly with an experienced man (duet phenomenal Dun Zsuzsana and a complete shutter Sylvia Chan makes an unforgettable impression) and he has the support to make a bold move.

How much has Mountains May Depart made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $5,215,660.
Who is the director of the movie Mountains May Depart?
This tv-show was directed by Zhangke Jia.
What is the genre of Mountains May Depart?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Romance.
Who starred in Mountains May Depart?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tao Zhao, Yi Zhang, Jing Dong Liang, Zijian Dong, Sylvia Chang.
What is Mountains May Depart IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.9.
When was Mountains May Depart released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-12-23.