Monkey King: Hero Is Back

The Almighty monkey King once angered the gods and was imprisoned by them in the icy abyss among the Marble Mountains. 500 years later a little boy accidentally lifts the curse and frees the hero. Now the King is waiting for a new challenge: he has to fight with the Bloodthirsty Dragon. Can a great hero who possessed the magic and kung fu, to save the people and defeat the Mighty Dragon?

  • Tian Xiao Peng

Release Date: 2016-07-29
IMDb icon 6.8/10
  • Country: CN
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $153,262,397
Alexandra Deloris
30 May 2016 | 09:45

For the Chinese, after the "Kung fu Bunny", the cartoon looks pretty good, and you could even say decent. It is seen that the creators rely on a great height. But here to be it can not.

The story — this is probably the main issue of the cartoon. The maximum what's drawing "the monkey King" — a family Comedy, but that's just the plot for this is too boring. No some intrigue, no no unexpected or interesting plot twists. Stamps here are mixed as much as possible. But even their you can draw well, but the creators of this is not taken into account. In the cartoon a lot of fighting scenes — the creators probably wanted to add dynamics to the viewer it was boring. But that's just fighting is meaningless, with some new villains just "fighting without cause", and it is still clear that the heroes will win.

With the characters, things are not is better. He monkey King, more or less, sometimes from it leaves a good sense of humor, and the rest — brand cardboard and not catching anything. So they even empathize not want — ie, the cartoon looks even more boring. Especially bad it turned out the trolls — with they are almost all matches.

Graphics are mediocre. If you compare it with the Hollywood studios — it's there is better than in the "Cars" a decade ago. For China decent. But because some Russian cartoons ("the snow Queen 1-2", "Kryaknuty vacation", "kikoriki: Legend of the Golden dragon"), she is much better and after all, budgets are about equal! In General, graphics — not a minus and not a plus.

Humor — that's the only plus of the cartoon, and not particularly strong. Funny moments were. Humor though not flashing, but well the funny moments were generally (unlike "Kung fu Rabbit" or even "Cracked holidays", for example), on thanks.

In General, the "monkey King", on my opinion, does not meet even the minimum standards for a family Comedy. What the morality or sense — is okay, watch cartoon the whole family with happy can without this. But it is very boring to watch, he no touches. Well and all the rest already said. Not recommended view.

4.5 out of 10

Dacie Maighdiln
13 April 2016 | 07:10

Can't identify themselves to those deeply into Chinese history, epics and mythology, but not kept me to view the cartoon Tian Xiao Peng with fun to get a good impression. Of course, if I know some of the details, it's fun I'd better, but "monkey King" removed available even for the uninitiated.

China in its legendary design appears in the cartoon world as a charming, mesmerizing and simply magical as full of mysterious characters, creatures and secrets, sinister and not really. In same these creatures the most part very humanized by the creators and mostly endowed with the same virtue the disadvantages of that all people.

Such characters owned and the main character, who after an accidental release from the spells first, not much eager to fulfill their interrupted for five hundred years of the mission, defending the weak, helpless, and the China General evil demons. He wants to settle down and somewhere in a quiet area away from hustle and a showdown of this world. But the monkey King so have the glorious, legendary and memorable in century is destined to fulfill his destiny in the against evil. Of course, the strong enthusiasm of the first, the monkey King is not adds, so in the cartoon he is, perhaps, the most human of the mythical creatures. He is impatient, annoyed, even slightly arrogant and perceives the glorious people's rumors about him as tribute fully meet reality. However, the new test will make it to revise a lot and primarily to understand what he is not flawless, not all-powerful, though, and skilled warrior, half the glory of the people he were given in advance, which is still need to justify. A main — most difficult legends a spoiled glory — the monkey King will have to understand that people's love to squander and abuse it is impossible. A protective mission — not a fad and not a toy, which time to throw in the far corner, and his duty and obligation, basic to which he was born, even more — its second "I". So to radically turn their principles and the Outlook had nobody it was simple, but depend on only his own destiny, but the fate of the still very many. To start — liberated it from enchantment boy and his little companion.

Nice impression and all the other characters, especially the aforementioned boy, while his curiosity persistence questions sometimes cross the border and then I begin to understand the monkey King. Interesting old master monk, but out of competition, of course, — converted a pig awkward, but, in General, charming and good-natured Owner of pagoda with its funny though something dramatic history.

Stored in the cartoon all antagonists, including the chief enemy of the King of the apes in the mask. The more fun to watch their confrontation with the main character.

Overall the plot, to tell the truth, not too original, the stories in similar schemes have enough. But the action is perky, cheerful, dynamic, has a pretty decent intrigue, suspense, even drama, so that miss in viewing is not necessary.

Graphics and the portrayal of the characters made on a high level. So are professionally delivered and melee, in which brilliantly passed plastic movements, which in turn only enhances the sense of reality, although we watching painted on computers heroes. Doubly pleased that Chinese animators (at least in "the monkey King") are not change their traditions and draw their landscapes, their characters and their own characters, not copying blindly from Europe and Hollywood, making a viewing of the film leaves the effect of freshness and of novelty, of course, if in your life look no some Chinese cartoons.

The ending of the cartoon explicitly talks about the sequel, which I think, I also not disappoint.

8 from 10

Ronni Trimble
04 September 2018 | 08:38

The movie was amazing! As just not worse than peers disney ("Kung Fu the Panda" or for example, "Mulan", and even "How to train your dragon" — but they incredible wonderful!).

The story has, the characters are clear and interesting, but film the style of kung fu, but is not good!

There is a gorgeous staging fights, great camera work, computer graphics, which is not looks pretentious, cheap or unfinished — on the contrary everything very solid, dynamic and very beautiful. Agree such a mix of everything less and less, now or beauty and visual, or dynamics intensity of plot.

With regards to humor about snot and such, hmm... you seen a movie with Jackie Chan or Stephen Chow? This long ago, the national element of humor in China and is there is also designed very dosed and place.

Generally it is strange (although to be surprised, people are fed only "MoE-fast food and popcorn movie" in today) that the picture in our vast... such low ratings. It completely in vain.

The film is made from soul love art, audience and his country of its folklore and national traditions. The creators did a good job Hollywood on envy.

Not going to tell anything about the plot, I think it is one in comments this case. The film is about the belief in dream yourself, friends and into something good in this world — can't enough?

Recommended to all fans of the genre of martial arts, to family viewing, and fans of movies about superheroes.

Cons can always be found, but then they are not worth any attention.

Abruptly interrupted the ending promises a sequel (I would really want), I hope.

Put 10 10 with thanks to all the creators of this product.

How much has Monkey King: Hero Is Back made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $153,262,397.
Who is the director of the movie Monkey King: Hero Is Back?
This tv-show was directed by Tian Xiao Peng.
What is the genre of Monkey King: Hero Is Back?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Animation.
Who starred in Monkey King: Hero Is Back?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Lei Zhang, Zijie Lin, Wenlun Wu, Zirong Tong, Jiurong Liu.
What is Monkey King: Hero Is Back IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.8.
When was Monkey King: Hero Is Back released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-07-29.