Miracle on 34th Street Colorized

During the parade, arranged a large shop on Christmas eve, the actor who was to play Santa Claus found vstelku drunk. Directed parade, Doris Walker, persuading passers-old Kris Kringle take the place of Santa. After the success of the parade Kringle gets a job at the store. However, when the store Manager Mr. Shellhammer said that Chris was trying to sell the unsold toys to children, he comes to anger. Instead, he sends children to another shop belonging to their competitor, Mr. Gimblu. This provokes a lot of trouble. But all is compounded by the fact that Chris insists that he is the real Santa Claus. He has to prove it not only in word but in deed, witnessed become Doris and her skeptical daughter, Susan. Growing up without a father, Susan tries to make her mother and their neighbor, lawyer Fred Gailey, lived together. Chris, who believes the most important thing in the world the happiness of your children, trying to help Susan achieve her goal. Gradually he overcomes distrust Susan in its true origin...

  • George Seaton

Release Date: 1947-12-22
IMDb icon 7.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Dutch
Jerry Frans
29 December 2011 | 01:07

The best in this event — to include fantasy and everything else will go with using this as the knife the oil. Itself itself, the picture is so offers to have a good time, because the right Christmas mood there is a direct hit, some fabulous, but what the most important thing for movie, the presence of realistic, but for such topics — rare, biggest.

Despite quite a long and successful activity of most old on the planet, even in the 40th year at the head of all began to put the problem of faith. People started already with suspicion to treat personality big white beard, and young mothers and has decided to raise their children full of atheists against the light holiday and its main Creator and a character. So it began to appear that the children independent expressed their doubts and in unison adults were talking about not existence, Reaffirming the fact that Santa is only the man who decided, finding a suit to make some money in the run up to Christmas.

A direct measure of distrust in this film is the family of Walker — mother Doris and daughter Susan. Not an easy couple, we can say that the real disease that you personally wanted to heal Kris Kringle (which is this name Claus). He have set ourselves a clear mission, either sink or swim, and otherwise — "can restore the faith of them — return rest earth". But if, I say, was the most severe, with all people have no idea, all were treated to their favorite holiday, how to entities, like to an ordinary calendar day and not like to a holistic worldview and a certain life medicine.

Difficulties Kringle nodded warmly more near the door, it is ridiculous to imagine — the real Santa Claus meets a drunken Santa Claus, yeah and such situations in the film by George Seaton is a decent set. Picture dressed up as Christmas tree tinsel, a variety of cute moments, jokes, light humor and even as red star on top, here is a reason to mourn. And so trial, so it's like a highlight of the program and the main finding of the tape, which gives special Shine it real originality.

And in addition to all this, it is entertaining family action you decorate, like garlands and colorful balls are the main actors, which is nice to look at. It and a couple of girls — mother daughter Maureen O'hara, Natalie wood; lawyer performed by Fred Gelli and of course how to say about the Santa Claus, Edmund Gwen over her role in one time received an Oscar.

"Miracle on 34 street" — it is not even the film is the real anesthetic or the injection that can help to recall the approaching holiday. Limitations in the application no, consultation with a professional doctor not need to use unlimited doses.

Billye Heger
11 January 2015 | 05:33

A wonderful Christmas story which goes far beyond the limits of cute and heartwarming, sentimental movie. Tape affects immediately apparently quite a few don't in contact with each other vectors — Bible stories, corporate intrigue, questions of psychoanalysis, forensic drama. And because as everything just — the old man believes himself to be Santa Claus and remembered enchanting work in a children's store. Quick career changes and the confinement in a psychiatric clinic. Well and then — trial. The authorities in new York are trying to prove the impossibility of the existence of Santa, and prompt a lawyer is taken for a risky business.

And here, you need to be aware that about the kindness and tell all the truth, and suffering only one person — Santa Claus. The lawyer, taken to help him because of the greed, knowing the noisy success of the business. The judge and attorney are quite located to the old man, but not able to do conscience. Better a cold peace. gain of lucre not able to show no propaganda. Even in good smile Santa trying to suspect intent.

However, as if he is good? Well here to example, suddenly it someone will crack a stick on the head? Who? Santa? Not can this be? But, wait and see. In front of us because an adult fairy tale. And hence the intrigue will be delivered exquisitely.

But, by showing a sincere eyes of a young girl — little Natalie wood, the Director travels with us on the paradoxical labyrinths of adulthood. Only then a strange psychologist may, without a license to conduct sessions of psychoanalysis with an underage boy. The judge may make decisions under strong pressure from the outside of the populist reasons, as not having any personal opinion on the matter. George Seaton allows in the world forces Good like assuming that otherwise — all simply ceased to exist. A kind smile Amanda Gwenna all smooths. Yet there are such people — all will be well. Not escapism, on the contrary, a realistic optimism. The postwar miracle ontology modeled in Hollywood

10 of 10

Noelle Lefkowitz
25 December 2015 | 01:05

Good, causing a warm and pleasant emotions the film is 1947, the year that this day, despite its original monochrome reflects the viewer such immeasurable cascade Christmas spirit that his age at all departs on the second plan. Well and who still, it's hard to watch something black and white, I can advise the clarified version: fortunately, this is also made it with respect to the original.

Film of George Settone more notable for the fact that all the concept is based on Christmas. It here we have no distracting third-party theme or story line — no. The narrative is based on the festival dominant it topics. We have faith in magic, welcome sincere and unselfish, the love of family and Yes, close so on.

This same movie, which is a must watch at the holidays, since the viewer there is a shortage of the new year or as again, the Christmas spirit.

Not just the painting itself saturated with it, this spirit. It is not only the background or frames stormy snowfalls Yes trees gifts reflect a holiday atmosphere. The actors themselves radiate this attitude. You just look at the main character in the execution of Edmund Gwenne (Kris Kringle) to understand what I say: such a sweet, good-natured and good-hearted characters whose looks clearly and accurately displays internal character, I'm not observed to this tape, not after — after all "Oscar" received in vain.

But is only one character, and because here we got a single mother looking for happiness and Christmas is regarded as the time of additional earnings; and man in fact — not the grown up child; and the girl, not really know as this holiday treat because of internal differences, resulting contradictions that said mother, that is happening around them. The film surveys these an annual event much-loved by many, with different sides, why everyone will see in it something of their own and for themselves.

Also everyone in the first you will enjoy "Miracle on 34th street" because the film is not just consider themselves to be something is not associated with he comes with side. This tape is literally talking to those it looks. It offers subject to arguments the end is not gives her sole answer, leaving it for the viewer. And it is for real, from each person's response will be, and each fits the ending, because it is versatile and not one-sided.

Raising such an important subject as the unified family, love between people, inner beauty of a person and his spirituality, on the film brings the topic of faith. Anything is possible if you believe and seeks — that that the main. Then this movie is the underlying intention of viewing some topic is in this direction, while not forgetting to address other important issues rising in these movies not time and no two until after. But there is a similar more concentrated on soil, the holiday of Christmas, why is perceived closer and better, because it is a celebration of family, kindness and fun — the atmosphere, as I said earlier, soaked picture.

"Miracle on 34th street" — undeniable classic of American cinema, which is for over seventy years, and which is not only international but and Yes, very informative attractive narrative of the plan. This film the galaxy film, which I would advise to review every year in the New Year's eve and 25th of December, together with the masterpieces of "This wonderful life", "the Apartment" Yes diamonds of the Soviet cinema.

I liked this film. And your answer on the dominant question I for yourself revealed, and therefore I strongly recommend to do a similar and You looked, of course, this sweet, warm, funny and contencioso tape. Don't regret it.

PS Thanks for attention.

Who is the director of the movie Miracle on 34th Street Colorized?
This tv-show was directed by George Seaton.
What is the genre of Miracle on 34th Street Colorized?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Family, Best Family Movies.
Who starred in Miracle on 34th Street Colorized?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Maureen O'Hara, John Payne, Edmund Gwenn, Gene Lockhart, Natalie Wood.
What is Miracle on 34th Street Colorized IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.9.
When was Miracle on 34th Street Colorized released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1947-12-22.