Minority Report

2054. For six years there is a special predprestupny Department. Based on technology developed by mental health pilot program through which employees can learn about a has not committed murder and arrest the suspect before he commits a crime. This system of conviction of offenders and crime prevention is becoming increasingly common. The system works perfectly, but the worst starts when you yourself are accused has not committed the murder. Once the head predprestupny Department John Anderton himself is a suspect criminal. He is accused that he would commit murder of a person yet he doesn't even know. John doesn't believe in it, but now he forced himself to hide from his colleagues. The only opportunity for him to prove his innocence — is to show that the new program makes mistakes and is not as perfect as many would like...

  • Steven Spielberg

Release Date: 2002-06-21
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Swedish
  • Budget: $102,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $358,372,926
Kalli Marcela
14 September 2008 | 10:59

Movies about the future I saw a lot. Directors offered us a lot of options and went very far in time. Flying cars, super computers, huge screens on the streets, animated Newspapers became commonplace for Directors of futuristics. For the Director has taken a — Paul Verhoeven, Ridley Scott, even Luke Besson with his "the Fifth element".

Steven Spielberg is also not an exception. Took a pretty good picture with an interesting plot, good actors and an impressive budget. Now, about all little by little:

the Plot. Mixture of science fiction and Thriller with a bit of humor the writers managed. And how different? Still, the book Philip K. dick delivered. As and "Running on the blade" Ridley Scott's "dissenting opinion" carries a sense of what is a high technology sometimes good arguments.

Itself his plot is not new, although there are some interesting moves. Well, judge for yourself. 2054. The progress of mankind came to that there was a special preventive Department, able to predict any crime. In this Department works a certain John Anderton, losing six years ago son. The reason for the death of his son, shown in the film I extremely liked it. Well, how can you leave your own son is actually one on a whole twenty minutes for a pathetic bet. Here and the lost son. He blame PA. In General, the behavior of people in the films of Spielberg often led me to the error, but here at the the bounds of reason.

So, mad John, settled on work on the foreknowledge of the crimes. Six years held, and he all planted and planted in fact innocent people and not even thought three handful of pills seer could be wrong. Not thought, until saw the screen of the future crimes himself. "How I not a murderer!" — he thought. But, intelligence agencies have been to know who killer started hunting for suspect. Had John run, run and why look for it? It turns out there's a dissenting opinion — the opinion of the minority when the other two are wrong, but one speaks the truth. The system is inclined to the most can not take , but it is not prove. So happened with John, but there was. It down.

Direction. Steven Spielberg — genius Director, but is not best film. With a fine, but "dissenting opinion" is more like the summer blockbuster a La "Hancock" if a masterpiece of world cinema. Well, Oh well.

Actors. In the main role That Cruz — it is the first key to success. The actor talented, no doubt about me, but in "minority report," he showed less characteristic, if in "rain Man" or "War of the worlds". Still not demonstrated grief crazed father, but the plot is not required, therefore, cruise all worked. In addition to the main role in this film, I learned such actors as Max Von Sydow, Steve Harris, and other unknown to me informed persons. Collin Farrell as the actor is also not disappoint, and the rest of the cast ansambl also looks quite decent.

a View of the future. I have to Say — not the best. So too much technology in one movie. Not think as a retiree that in 2054 will see are the iron jungle. Machines that differ only in color and not at all tiring. Still, "I, robot", "Audi", seemed like a beautiful "Lexusa". And the rest of the futuristic landscape I like.

I am getting up. Steven Spielberg took a decent movie, with a fascinating story line, though not without weird, good acting Tom cruise and other actors. The film has collected a good cashier, and leave the audience satisfied. At least I'm not being a fan of the genre. Not best certainly kinofantastiki not the best film by Steven Spielberg, but I liked it.

My dissenting opinion to put to this film:

9 of the 10

Avrit Menken
02 July 2010 | 01:00

2054. In world no more kill. Because now you can anticipate a murder and prevent it. Murderers fall in jail crimes before he could perform it.

John Anderton is a professional in their field. He lead a team of crime prevention. His group a few minutes finds and subdues the criminal. But the unexpected happened: the name of the following killer — John Anderton. And he only needs one — run...

Once again we show our bright future. Initially, it seems that well, finally managed to overcome crime. But is that not an ideal system. Knowing their own future, it is possible to change. Yes but nobody allows you to do so. You have to pay for haven't mistakes.

The film is made in the best tradition of Steven Spielberg. All as always massive, beautiful, exciting plot, terrific acting. I can even say that everything perfect.

Of 9 10

Rhianna Laddie
25 July 2010 | 12:21

Great Director Steven Spielberg, who is able to work in almost any genre to the beginning of zero seems to have decided to learn a new subspecies entertaining movie. You can forget about "Jurassic parks" and"Alien", they long past. Starting from "Saving private Ryan", it projects are becoming more serious and becoming more dark shades. First, ambiguous and slightly boring "Artificial intelligence" as if checking for viewer, and immediately after that a similar "Special opinion", which, for all appearances, was supposed to make another best, Tom cruise. The result was quality fiction Thriller with a big detective story line, but it is another Spielberg.

"Dissenting opinion" is interesting first of all the scenario — ability to anticipate and thereby prevent crime when the help of some visionaries and complex technological system that can be in 2050's. the Main character John Anderton — the head of the most of the group in the prevention of murder, which crime fell by 90%! And one day it framed in the result of which he had to go to run to find out why and those who do it is supposed to kill. In General, all it's kind of interesting because we used to get from the Director Spielberg purely Hollywood entertainment. And there is a really fantastic Thriller, detective, because the claimed action and even fiction is not so much.

They relate here only futuristic devices, beautiful metropolis of the future with an incredible system of vehicles, all LCD monitors, is unthinkable for the 2002 flash drives the size DVD drive, and a large number of sparkling surfaces. The scenery, as there may be, even after a few years pleasing to the eye, but at the time of going to hire could do to surprise an unprepared and impressionable. Apparently big budget film and went to the picture Yes fee Cruz, because 145 minutes of time let God the tenth part of accounts for the actual action. The rest of the time allotted for very high quality intricacies that unravel up to the very end. And no heroics from the part of John Anderton here will not, except change eye. And the most interesting aspect was the idea of those same seers, connected to supposedly infallible system, which is set John.

The film leaves a mixed impression. Interesting idea played with very high quality, the scenery superb, the dialogues are not cut the ears the usual clichés of the genres of fantasy, Thriller and even drama. With my well — in addition to the unusually severe cruise with someone else's eyes, in all its glory showing Colin Farrell, Max Von Sydow, Peter Stormare and especially Samantha Morton. Game latest most memorable, despite that focuses on course com. No outstanding soundtrack performed in the spirit of the earlier adventure silbergasse paintings, therefore not surprising. And whole good, partly dramatic story a little snug, not save even wishy-washy ending. It begins much more interesting. "Minority report" — good, interesting, high-quality Hollywood product, but I personally I like Spielberg more than any previous work.

In my opinion — just quality sci-Fi Thriller with Tom cruise, interesting idea and average to of Steven Spielberg's film entertainment.

How much has Minority Report made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $358,372,926.
How much did it cost to make Minority Report?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $102,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Minority Report?
This tv-show was directed by Steven Spielberg.
What is the genre of Minority Report?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Mystery.
Who starred in Minority Report?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tom Cruise, Max von Sydow, Steve Harris, Neal McDonough, Patrick Kilpatrick.
What is Minority Report IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was Minority Report released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2002-06-21.