The summer solstice is an ancient holiday that all cultures are shrouded in mystical aura. Cut off from the civilized world Swedish settlement on this day are unique ceremonies with a long tradition. It is sent to a group of young American students in anthropology, taking the girlfriend of one of them. However, shortly after arrival the friends find out what local customs are far from harmless.

  • Ari Aster

Release Date: 2019-07-03
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: SE, US
  • Language: English | Swedish
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $34,655,996
Geri Affer
08 August 2019 | 02:14

Ari Arester — a new face in horror — amazed spectators and me personally, the film "Reincarnation", published in 2018. For a mysterious name was hiding a great horror film, full of deep psychological insights, a frightening mystical atmosphere, bringing the viewer to the brink of madness. The Director managed a truly terrifying film, and here I thought that along with Pascal Laugier has a new master of horror, is able to offer something new in terms of fear. The picture "Solstice" had to reduce my delight. Why the movie I not impressed?

First and foremost is to say that before travelers "Solstice" I have viewed two film the theme of a pagan sect and its victims: "Paranormal" (2018) Justin Benson and "the Wicker man" (1973) Robin hardy. The first film amazed with its mystical component, the second — the well-established conflict of pagan and Christian worldviews. "Solstice" part includes in itself these topics, but they revealed, for my opinion, much weaker. Regarding mysticism: Ari Arester presented in the film only hints at the something otherworldly. The viewer can see through the prism of consciousness of the characters, how the nature comes to life and begins to interact with characters. But still not clear the reasons for the phenomenon of drug trip or in is really a kind of paranormalne. In "Paranormal" fear the way other forces, then its scale, it is superior human imagination power. In addition, the feeling of presence of something paranormal only strengthened the story progresses, well, and the sect members were added mystery to their behavior. "Solstice" is met with a viewer is a cruel joke. Pumping in throughout the tape, suspense, in the end, the film does not presented anything unexpected. Sophisticated viewers have early viewing is able in General terms to calculate the final tape.

Regarding the confrontation of different cultures that has been masterfully shown in the "the Wicker man", I was also disappointed: the highlight of the film hardy was that the Gentiles were confronted: 1) an adult with an established view on life, brought up in the Christian tradition; 2) a strong-willed person, emphatically punching their way to the truth; 3) the representative of the law. In total, the picture had been presented a conflict between two religious-cultural systems, so film was created a solid Foundation with a strong idea. Therefore, the final "the Wicker man" was such a shocking and climactic.

What in the tape Ari of Aristera? In sect to penetrate the representatives of modern youth without of religious background, no perseverance and determination, they show. The Director actually on this accent nor never referring to Christianity. Of course, in the film traced some of the feeling of rejection experienced by guys to a wild practices of the Gentiles, but special sharp reaction is not should: pornomovis, they all so is a walk at the camp. So it seems that all these items of trash is only needed for impact of the viewer. But it's that they are almost shocking. Removed all really professional, it is clear that the operator did a good job, but I or as it is not so in the mood or not caught the depth of the horror of the situation. Caused discomfort only scream of the heroine, but this is clearly not enough.

Speaking of the positive aspects of the film, it is worth mentioning a fairly smooth storyline: the events will develop according to the internal logic, no of the contradictions to common sense and outright stupidity. Although some heroes and look a little cartoonish. Character will Poulter came a bright representative of the modern metropolis, afraid of bugs and not able to appreciate the traditions of "primitive" societies. Jack Reinero also got the character, the quality of which was to bring the character of Florence Drink to required condition. That for most Florence, then she played great. Many critics noted that the main subject of the picture is devoted to revenge and how people cope with loneliness. If it is so, the film coped with their task. All I was expecting something else, although the film was definitely high quality, with the second "bottom." For me personally this film is about the crisis of family relations.

At the end: the film should appeal to people who want to see films psychological aspect. Fans of mystical horror is more likely to be disappointed, particularly sharp turns in the plot to wait also not worth it. The final film is natural, but my opinion, shocking as this makes the "Reincarnation". Bright confrontation of cultures is also not observed. Plus is the colorful picture and non-trivial subject, which helped to create exciting action.

7 of 10

Kathrine Zurkow
17 January 2020 | 08:39

Ari Aster withdrew his second horror film, calling it called "Midsommar", which represents the pagan celebration of the summer solstice. It turned out extremely well, even better than his previous film "Reincarnation", which was also great.

So, then I note the moments of the film, based on which, I'll try to explain why this creation is an example of anything else like a good movie.

- The picture is a kind of postmodern work deconstruire previously created films on the theme of sects and just horror films. The theme of the summer solstice was not chosen by accident. First, it is important holiday for some positivistically religions. Second, most of the film occurs when daylight, which is not standard for horror. And therefore, most of the scary moments occurs when the light of the sun. This kind of a paradox in the film, so since, if to think, the worst since morally and standards of the horror of the moment is the death of the parents of the main character at night while they are sleeping, what is happening in the beginning of the film. But after him the rest of the film taking place a day scares a lot stronger.

-Also, it should be noted this raised the topic of how the confrontation of societies with individual values and collective. In the film we introduce the characters of students, each of which represents a person with their personal ambitions and talks about yourself. In society of pagans no one is something extraordinary, they are exclusively collective intelligence. We one of them know not know , they desire preferences, only the will of the collective. With the exception, perhaps, is a student of the communities, which results in her people, but this can be explained by finding it at the intersection of these societies.

- In addition, the main character, played by the talented Florence Pugh, is in the process of some metamorphosis. The course of the film we sure it designed to society where is. It tries to unite in the group of their friends students, to talk some sense into her selfish crazy sister. She's worried about the death of strangers to her old jumper with rock is looking for comfort, and support your guy absolutely don't care which only care about their own interests. And that it gets into a society in which people don't just live and help each other, so still cry suffer together. And of course we understand it found for itself a place in the character.

-Also want to single out one great moment. In few points, the main character takes the mushrooms, which contain in themselves the psilocybin. This psychedelic drug, which in culture is associated with the comprehension of a particular religious experience. In case Christianity is the deification, i.e. the Union with God. But because the us the movie presents a pagan, in which gods represent forces of nature, the main character merges with environment.

-In addition of course you want to note the surroundings of the village of cultists, all references to the pagan world from the bloody eagle to the suicide of the elderly. All made in excellent.

By the end, we got the painting filled with symbolism and a bunch of metaphors. The movie works as a great reinterpretation of past horror films, so as a good social drama.

8 from 10

Ciel Brook
05 October 2019 | 07:55

I have to say, I film "Solstice" Ari Astaire liked not less same "Reincarnation". And even more. Because I love the cult of the Wicker Man, and films devoted to various rituals and ceremonies...

Of course, Ari Aster — this is the voice of new horrormeister of our time. He talented as a writer, and as a Director. Its films are full of Beauty and Darkness of despair at the same time.

The film was more than two hours, but I missed. I was wondering — what is all over?

There are a couple of creepy scenes left on the margins of our consciousness. A lot of beautiful shots, the camera work is just gorgeous - starting with the first frame. Especially remember the "upside-down trip on the road." The actors play well, all the colorful characters, even the secondary. Remember everyone!

In General, the fact, "Solstice" — this is the "Wicker man" of our time, but transferred to the Outback of Sweden. If you fan of quality horror and just an interesting creepy stories, then you should enjoy it.

Of the minuses — it was too long. Can reduce much of their Pyromania and celebration the idea is not new! Of the advantages — everything else. Solstice - standing horror of our days.

All with Solstice, friends!

Of 9 10

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Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $34,655,996.
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This tv-show was directed by Ari Aster.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Best Comedy Movies 2019, Best Horror Movies 2019, Best movies 2019.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, Vilhelm Blomgren, William Jackson Harper, Will Poulter.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-07-03.