Megamind — the most brilliant and most unfortunate villain in the world. For many years he has tried to conquer Metro city in various ways. But every such attempt ended in failure caused by a superhero named Metro-man. But the villain kills a superhero, and suddenly loses Megamind purpose in life. A supervillain without a superhero. The only way to create a new superhero, which he calls the Titan. But Titan decides that being a villain is much more interesting. He does not want to rule the world, he wants to destroy it. Megamind be a difficult choice. Will the evil genius be a hero — the Savior of humanity.

  • Tom McGrath

Release Date: 2010-11-05
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $130,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $321,885,765
Lonni Proffitt
31 October 2010 | 09:26

First I want to say that the film is very cool, exactly how I love! Went in movies 2 different companies, and still would go.

All the characters with well written characters, memorable and funny thing is important.

Megamind. It a real hero who became a villain only because he had to! It, to say the least, the grass in the school — hence derive all its problems and choice of the path. However, he didn't become "evil" like Hal Titanium. He  ... spooky, but not evil. It just a paradox!

"Romance on the deeds inspired" — that led to change the paths of Megamind. Roxanne forced him see all his kindness.

He is selfless, and loves "the girl of his dreams", but "the bad guys can't get the girl", but the hero always gets the girl!

I really liked it when he was disguised as the metro man, but not going to reveal. He thought Roxanne never know that it was it. He did not demand anything, nothing is expected. It is a real hero.

Roxanne. She smart, beautiful and... she has good taste in choosing a boyfriend. She never felt nothing romantic for against Macmenu, but with "Bernard". Even when she has learned that is Megamind, she let it apartment has helped, though of course at first I was upset. But mostly due to the fact that she was deceived, and not that love Brain.

Titan. the Only thing can say is that the Americans always get the cool villains! And else he see that never know people to the end, although I think.

Sender are Very cute, totally committed to Megamind. Even the villains should be friends! Loved how it in the end of built eyes.

metro man. no matter How cool, I not can understand. He just left, left the city to fend for themselves. It just not be honest. But if Megamind and Roxanne are not handled by Titan? He which then came? I would sit in the basement and twang? Megamind is a lesser angry, you can say almost do not evil, but the Titan!!! I he does not seem character.

In the cartoon has all the ingredients super movie! Share of humor, heroism, romance... I loved it!

of 10 10

Bernadina Sundberg
13 November 2010 | 04:45

Yes, still now I realized even sure what different animation Studio DreamWorks from Pixar or Disney. It is not much goes into the product details. Not know if it considered a plus or no, but not all cartoons the Studio can be called masterpieces. unlike Pixar have DreamWorks there is a risk that cartoon what fails, but flamed audiences or critics. of Course, it is not always, but this was. For example, "Shrek the Third" disappointed fans of the franchise. Not will certainly now discuss why, but it says that the Studio is capable and on error. As serious, not very. But it has the best work, except for the first and second "Shrek" you can also mention "How to train your dragon", which pleasantly surprised the audience. Well and now, after a brief introduction, I begin to describe a new Studio.

From "Megamind." I expected a little more than received, but the experience was still good. I have to say, this cartoon much better than "Despicable me", at which is a similar idea. And although "Megamind" was released later than "Despicable me", a DreamWorks creation not seems trivial. Have it has significant advantages, but to and mistakes the creators made enough. Explain order.

The plot of this cartoon is quite original and unpredictable. The main character — Megamind, being with dead planet, with blue skin and a highly developed mind. Why is it blue — is not clear, but still it with a bold color that accentuates all the villainy of the hero. A little baby it goes to our Earth, but with him there arrives and his future enemy — Metroman, more humanlike alien with abilities. It can be considered a direct analogue of the famous the whole world Superman. It we show how narcissistic and selfish hero, ready to help humanity. Same villain, Megamind, is how the depressed Meropenem person who realizes that it will inevitably have to be a world villain and an enemy that will fight with Meropenem to the end. So, after many adventures and events, Megamind still destroys superhero and initially happy. But later realizes that his life has become meaningless. In this lies the main distinguishing feature of the cartoon.

This animated film destroys the stereotypes of superhero films and gives us realise that still, the villains are not are no characters. And Vice versa. Then Megamind tries to create a new superhero, Titan, but it is not like it should be. Most likely, the light of a new villain, and now Megamind will have to fight against him to gain informed neispravimyi hero's love, human love. Original? Of course. And the film it seems a breakthrough, he not much stands out among the others. All created in the classic tradition of any children's cartoon: the plot, the conflict and the denouement. A DreamWorks creation not very surprising the audience, there anything new, there is a funny and charismatic characters, sometimes funny and naïve humor, exciting fights and touching scenes. In  the"Megamind" in contrast "Despicable me" almost no deficiencies.

But error still there. And in the first place, it is difficult to capture the atmosphere of the picture. If the action takes place in the fictional city of metro city, then the cartoon simply has to present a rich atmosphere of a modern metropolis. The creators had to create a unique world full of boundless imagination. But they did. The whole plot of the cartoon is built just for the characters on the main idea. In the rest the picture does not pleasing and not surprising. Me, personally, a little disappointed. Also, the creators made several logical errors. For example, when two of the villain are fighting each other, one of them cuts the most important and the tallest building in the city in half, and then launches it at his enemy. After which it, of course, is crashing and becomes fragments and dust. The question immediately arises: but not take into account the fact that in the skyscraper could be people? It is the main business building in metro city, and work there innocent citizens. And one of the villains took it, and destroyed it. Of course, they are fighting directly in the town, like children fighting in the sandbox. But nevertheless, where is the logic? In the painting there is also a couple of errors that it is acceptable for a children's cartoon, but is not desirable.

But here you can praise the computer graphics. With every time she is becoming better and better and "I Megamozg" to not an exception. It perfectly traced all the main parts of the city, and although the atmosphere, as I have said don. felt, metro city all still looks very plausible. Another advantage are the characters themselves, which is very similar to real people. Their persons and the habits of behavior sometimes seem very humane, and painted they fit in contrast "Despicable me" where characters square and the angled shape of head. In  the"Megamind" is each character is depicted quite plausible.

8 from 10

A new creation DreamWorks pleasing, but not surprising. "Megamind" was better than "Despicable me", of course, but it also has some mistakes. So or otherwise, the cartoon is good, sometimes exciting and funny, touching and cute. And how is no strange, quite original, what makes viewing a pleasant doubly.

Persis Michail
03 November 2010 | 11:42

Probably when I heard about creating a BrainI thought this is a parody of the Incredibles. Moreover, not even was going to him in movie. But time passed and passed and finally the day came for the premiere, something inside me said,"go, Go, you nothing will lose."Well as usual, listening to intuition, I went to the cinema. And what my see?Probably a miracle.

In short, the cartoon of brilliant, but the unlucky villain, according to the name Megamind. About cute, but trying to seem evil and ruthless villain. Character is built great. just great. To not really know how to the audience, but it I thought was very nice.

If deployed, it from the first frame, I like and many viewers thought that the whole film we will show the struggle of Megamind and metro man. However, I was pleasantly surprised. It turns out that Megamind well, like like you killed metro man. And the question:"what next?What next?"And there is the answer. The answer is simple and naive. Love. About Yes, love that it works even with such as Megamind. If I until his love was just touched by this hero, then after, just thrilled it. He became romantic, that is. Delicate and touching. Ready to act on which he even thoughts had before. But not be distracted, not all so easy, life is not an easy thing, especially the life of a superhero. Yeah, now I call it superhero, and all because he didn't have enough battles and adrenaline he created of Titanium, is completely stupid, but powerful villain who constantly terrorized the city. That is why Megamind began slowly, but surely becoming a superhero. Not without the help of Roxie, of course.

And for film I thought about one, I dreamed about that Megamind was a good man and a hero, which he and had to be always, well, just because it is calling. From it's just a bad villain, so I'm sorry, but it is. And it happened, yeah my tiny dream come true.

The cartoon is very easy to view, looks easy and with an open mind. In additives, it has a lot of funny scenes. So what the viewer of any age in viewing is hardly bored. And still the main thing in any cartoon is to convey the essence. And the essence of this movie-good always triumphs over evil. Yes maybe it sounds naive and primitive, but so.

Music is always an important part of the film. And this time everything is done very cool, and Belfi Zimmer know their stuff. And long-familiar music track, too, has done its job. Well, very happy.

In General it was a funny and touching cartoon. I advise everyone to view and if possible, in 3D. Megamind seems to be triple sweet.

PS I have a choice. Everyone can choose their way of life, to be a musician, as for example, metro man. To become a villain, who in the past rejected my love Titanium. Or become a hero, love a hero like Megamind.

turns Out, fate — not the path is predetermined, and one that we choose for ourselves(C)

10 of 10

How much has Megamind made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $321,885,765.
How much did it cost to make Megamind?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $130,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Megamind?
This tv-show was directed by Tom McGrath.
What is the genre of Megamind?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Comedy, Animation, Best movies 2010.
Who starred in Megamind?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross.
What is Megamind IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was Megamind released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2010-11-05.