Mega Piranha

For million years the piranhas were one of the most feared predators on Earth. Their bloodlust was a legend... a Genetic experiment, conducted with the help of latest technology, leading to unpredictable consequences. Used as Guinea pigs, piranhas are incredibly smart and cunning, but their size is limited only by the amount of food they can produce. Soon multiple instances manage to escape from the laboratory. Having found freedom and rapidly multiply, a new kind of perfect predators begins to conquer the planet...

  • Eric Forsberg

Release Date: 2010-04-10
IMDb icon 2.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Spanish
  • Budget: $3,000,000
Quintina Arnie
25 July 2010 | 11:32

Famous thrash Studio Asylum is not sleep continues to delight us with their mega-hits, blatantly replicating another not released blockbusters in very terrifying quality. You can now have no doubt — while Hollywood is aggressively advertising and let large screen high-budget DIY pop of all genres, from these magicians will always find work. They are not even have to think, when to take the role — "actor" Paul Logan is always ready to save the world from the next scary creatures wonky pens of programmers from nowhere. "Mega piranha" continues the tradition of such monstrous movie trash like "the Terminator", "Mega shark vs giant octopus", and what more dreadful "Mega-fault". Script new offspring Asylum copied straight from upcoming 3D horror film "Piranha," according to which clouds are known to all bloodthirsty fish with sharp teeth mutated under the influence of some sort of substances began to attack human civilization.

It starts this nonsense with fun, have a classic skit of otkusyvanija feet couple of a dirty pond, and from this moment, "Mega piranha" is gaining momentum. On combat the crazed, badly drawn fish arrives super-hero with wooden Floor face Logan that knows how to Dodge all types of piranhas under water and very fun to fight against them down, simulating riding your bike. Help him in this case, the morons-the military and the unreal miserable redhead Tiffany. However, mega-piranhas do not lose begin to mutate into a absolutely obscene scale, growing up to huge proportions that allows them to cut military toy ships and to bite into the Land, threatening to eat all of the rest of humanity. On the crazy ravings of morons-scientists about all sorts of mutations, the "brilliant" idea of hero Paul Logan about the tendency of mega-piranhas eat their wounded fellow.

In General, a new creature Studio the Asylum as not only have retained its original distinctive features of their "blockbusters", but and multiply them. Seemed there is nothing monstrous "Mega-fault" shot in one setting with a couple of computer glitches, have can not think. But no, the creators of "Mega piranha" went further — Paul Logan with mad it is not clear what the face now, not just swapped out the commando! It the real hero of local militants whose slow motion heroic walking need to show even more than drawn in Paint-e flocks of voracious toothy fish. Laughter only — that all I can say. But have at all one advantage of these here movie-misery — the understanding of the genre "thrash metal" and creativity Asylum on each new crafts you can laugh to fall. And that's enough force on weight 92 this is a question.

In my opinion — incredibly poor the next "masterpiece" Studio the Asylum, even worse than all previous. Watch this only if you have a very wry sense of humor.

Stacee Beedon
02 November 2010 | 12:14

As they say, all in the world in two ways. Where there is good, there are evil. Where there is beauty, there is the deformity. Where is Alexander Even there is Eric Forsberg and The Asylum. Where is "Piranha," there... now, "Mega piranha".

Sober, the film looks quite intriguing. Every minute waiting for something new. Personally, I impatiently waited for each new special effect, in order to enjoy the fantasy of the Director. Fish should be noted, turned out to be a surprisingly well-drawn. Although most of the film they are more like cut from a paper figures, and sometimes just a piece of meat with fins, but sometimes it is even agile and like predators. It is a pity that there were only a couple of times all the time of viewing. Here in fact the pros and ended. Although there is no. In a noisy campaign when calculating liters 3 of this picture will seem incredible and will open a new interest in the genre of cinema.

With actors no problems have arisen. From each actor has a number of films, which it fits perfectly (for example, Jim Carrey for Comedy, Steven Seagal for militants). So in this case, the cast list was already known, I think in advance. Gender Logan have fought lizards of Komodo and cobras, so his nerve cells have not vosstanavlivayutsya, and therefore the face of the "iron". Well at least kissing is not forgotten how. In this place I had to cry, but I regret no happened. Tiffany (clear and clear — Tiffany) is an ideal of beauty and the academic mind. It irresistible, then the same circling the head of our macho-Logan and he devotes her a mound of dead fish. Don't cost without mega villain, otherwise the film is not was popular. Not going to bother looking for a name actor, but I bow to him address. Who would also like not him forced our heroes to run fairly, giving the film energy.

Something strange happened with the camera. Somehow, the whole film is replete with yellowish undertones (I did what do not associate just stating a fact). A bit of brightness and I would even brought the review up to a neutral state. Although this is The Asylum (like "Nuthouse" with gourmet), so it should not be surprising.

Dialogues turned out to be happy funny. "They CANNOT be DESTROYED. They continue to mutate. You must DESTROY them", — says Tiffany Logan. "a Clever girl", — thought Logan. In this case, the film can be simply the entire on the quote to take away.

In General and overall, again, the salvation of all mankind in the hands the undefeated Logan. And it is by faith and truth will raspivat fish, making it difficult for him to do exercises, kicking, shoot the gills of mega guns and kissing beauties to ass the stomachs of the audience. Why do you Alexander Even with his "Piranha". Here a true masterpiece of world cinema.

3 of the 10

Pauli Liza
29 August 2010 | 01:50

I was laughing at this movie. In the truest sense of the word. Such insanity I haven't ever seen. Charles Band and Uwe Boll are resting.

After I recently watched the "Piranha" Alexander of aji, which is really high quality and I saw these things that movie that came out a Chur unnoticed with disastrous ratings and little known actors. Well, Oh well. In a good mood, so I decided to watch a movie. So I was amused more fact that this "masterpiece" was launched in world much earlier than the above "Piranha", thus still had a greater impact on my interest in the film. But everything order.

Of course it's trash. And very real. Giant piranhas look like school drawings of any minor child, and animation, special effects like in General leave much to be desired. Fish jumping out of water, and very unnatural, explosions, gunfire, executed in the style of horror films of the 50s, the acting is laughable. Not know what the grass smoked the Director to pull off such insanity and are these movies more someone can like?Come to your senses!Nothing worthwhile, exciting film with not be held. Perhaps many fans of thrash metal is here and taste and I would not advised to watch this film ordinary viewers. A complete zero.

But really kills the film is the acting. Like and of humor, and play seriously, not someone trying to laugh at the fact, but this is a funny movie. Funny it with its seriousness. For an hour and a half I and have not seen any a smiling face. Have all the actors eyebrows in a bunch, no experience and emotion and Paul Logan is a separate frame. Anyone here he is just not was: Terminator portrayed, and from the helicopter in the piranha was shot and Gender as the Walker in the"fast and Furious" was run. So under water managed to get wet, and in the final we are expected and corny to stupor course with a kiss, on which look disgusting. Trash it is trash.

As for nudity, erotic scenes, then anything you will not see. The entire film. the frame looms, and one woman, and not perfect appearance, as in "Piranha" aji constantly flashing young girls in swimsuits and without. So if you expect to see the abundance of cute girls that are greatly mistaken. In this regard, even as the trash the movie is bad, because the erotic scenes has always been a key to success in this sub-genre.

To write a lot about the garbage is gone desire. The movie is bad, terrible, funny with their special effects and staging. I never cease to be amazed a lot of people who like this kind of movies. What they do good can it be?Sheer insanity and the height of idiocy. The Director need to undergo treatment before to remove such nonsense.

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How much did it cost to make Mega Piranha?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $3,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Mega Piranha?
This tv-show was directed by Eric Forsberg.
What is the genre of Mega Piranha?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Comedy.
Who starred in Mega Piranha?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Paul Logan, Tiffany, Barry Williams, David Labiosa, Jude Gerard Prest.
What is Mega Piranha IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 2.4.
When was Mega Piranha released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2010-04-10.