A police officer learns that the man he helped to remove seven years ago, reappeared in town, and together they can emerge a kind of confidential information...

  • Josh C. Waller

Release Date: 2014-03-21
IMDb icon 4.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $2,572
Kailey Lorie
28 March 2014 | 10:46

Despite the extremely low ratings (the audience is clearly not understand this movie), I really think the screenwriter of "Mechanic" Daniel Noa have created a highly plausible scenario. Apart from the fact that it was a crime drama, there are still and famously twisted detective intrigue, and the real drama. Another thing is that these emotional experiences are often characteristic of the personalities of the movie festival, and here hide their identity, which is still selected on the surface, to be classic hero role, almost as legendary as cowboys American cinema (the comparison is not randomly) — hard police Maccanico the nickname Mac. The first year to him, he shot more criminals than anyone else. It is generally excellence in the service. Although it dinosaur — and it soon to retire.

The action takes place simultaneously in two time strata. In today, when Mac know that Simon wicks, whom he long ago put behind bars, went on freedom — for good behavior received parole. And despite ban their captain, detective Mechanic as dog starts on the trail of Vicks. Moreover, it draws in this case his young teammate Floyd, stating that they catch the gang rapists of a minor girl. Mac acts decisively and even violently, bursting into drug black guys with guns. But it is understood in some point that this person — on the verge of a nervous breakdown that he knows that does all his actions are dictated by extreme necessity — what kind managed to get Simon wicks. The second temporary layer — seven years ago, when Machanic attracted to witness a young boy Simon weeks (Cory Monteith), the orphan, selling themselves on the streets to earn on life. It seems that he gets to Simon sympathy, refers to him as to son... So what happened many years ago? What so it hurt? And how did Viks landed behind bars false charges?

David Morse, brilliantly played detective, staying in the emotional agony — to the end it is not clear that it so inflated that he grabbed the Vicks bulldog — the juice in this movie is not face, it was the face of a bulldog — at the same time angry and confused from their own helplessness. He plays a brilliant. Cory Monteith also played a very difficult role — in any case, to portray such an ambiguous character very difficult. For the actor, by the way, the role of Simon weeks was the last — he was found dead in hotel — heroin overdose.

In General, viewers who were expecting a simple crime Thriller got quite a hard-to-digest broth — not just to delve into this emotionally rich drama, which the result was, and very difficult, of course, to get into the shoes of a detective Meccanica that cheats the audience and weeks way brutal COP in the pre-retirement age. In the man sometimes gets too much that is better hide — selected surface, it will destroy all...

I suspect that many the film does not like it. And all my rating

7 of 10

Bernadette Krisha
13 December 2013 | 06:11

One day a former/current police officer, FBI agent, secret service beginning to run or travel city with a gun, hiding from his past and hoping along the way to save the entire city from a terrible threat, then to the award to the cute blonde. You will not find a person that does not know that the hero — even if you do not see the insurgents, rumors something to you definitely reached. You know all its last — from it has left a wife with child, or they died in a car accident, or killed them because of his work or were they taken to eliminate it, in any case, in all my fault and only he. You know all its future — he will break any law to save those who need saving and destroy those from one world has to get rid of. You know all its methods — even if he just obediently wore the badge and second second went on another change, he immediately disappear the field of view of managers and will be easy to roll out on the whole city, without the single static on your way; even if it has a partner in its good and epic mission, then it or will be addressed in the beginning, or all the time will only be a decoration, which knows what is happening is not more than a viewer, who missed half the movie, buying popcorn. Such a character we see and the hero of the second feature film by Josh Waller — Philadelphia police officer Eugene Mechanic lost his wife, not need the son and even his own police Department it to huddle on the rights of the outcast. Only here difference in that in its frenzied pursuit of a criminal on the streets he does not save life, and takes them, it is not for the first time in for a long time, nourishes hope, and on the contrary at last it lose it seeks justice not around the world, and only for yourself.

The very basis of the story gives the Director a fertile space for research character policeman and nature of the common man, for in order to experience such frustration and to be so understood in relations with the other person does not need to have a gun and a badge. "Tragedy" in most of the characters facial features, about which it was conducted above is that they lose family and now they have nothing to lose, but when you are deprived of the chance to find happiness in normality, there is always another option to try your luck in marginality, and any COP knows many of the characters inhabiting the local streets who desperately need assistance human participation, and also satisfy those modest benefits that it can offer. But if it is rejected even in this case? Here then comes the final boiling point for any man, when he tried to both opposite worlds, and were equally not need any one of them. Character Meccanica laid out schematically, but it is visible on the outline of the whole a realistic character — nothing his past is not against his real actions, nothing in his manner to act remains explanation all that he is looking at the character Cory Monteith is what lost his family and logically, even though that he appeared in a completely different world, he still trying with the help of Simon wicks to replace what he was familiar with and left. But unfortunately, the nature of the protagonist and his tragedy began in the film is just a background, but chase the shootings came on the first while for full disclosure of the characters of these two men and their relationship all should be exactly the opposite.

What kind of structure the Director chose for the movie makes sense — ultimately, it is deceiving the viewer as well as disappointed hero Cory Monteith, and, like him, have the beholder has the opportunity to use numerous tips to determine what the story is not as simple and banal as it seemed on first glance. But many viewers will say eighty minutes of corny low-budget Thriller cost fifteen minutes a good, humane drama? Have a short time later after the release of "Meccanica" practice has shown that the trick Josh Waller not work no. with ordinary audience nor with intelligent critics. After all, the essence of the story the COP is in the relationship between so why don't they became the basis of the plot? It is logical that the fury of a man of such character, as the main character, results in blind indiscriminate violence, but the viewer spends too much time with the option Meccanica, in which the settled hope, and which has found a new soul mate, the replacement son, not found in a good father, and got a second chance, this is not enough to order so we were able to fully experience the pain of the reminder of how he lost it. Instead of having to develop the story, which I have to give David Morse role, worthy of talent, and Corey Monteith first and last opportunity to use the tragedy of his life, to find something in common with the character to play most likely, the Director chose to rant like the death of the Senator, lots of action and little sense that much distanced the viewer from dramatic component of the history of Philadelphia police officer Eugene Meccanica.

How much has McCanick made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $2,572.
Who is the director of the movie McCanick?
This tv-show was directed by Josh C. Waller.
What is the genre of McCanick?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Mystery.
Who starred in McCanick?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: David Morse, Cory Monteith, Mike Vogel, Rachel Nichols, Ciarán Hinds.
What is McCanick IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.7.
When was McCanick released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2014-03-21.