Maximum Ride

The plot revolves around several teenagers over whom experimented genetics, after which they were partly bird and partly remained. Learning to fly, children run away from the lab. Behind them after immediately sent another miracle of geneticists — demi-polubelkov.

  • Jay Martin

Release Date: 2016-08-30
IMDb icon 3.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $4,218
Helli Converse
07 September 2016 | 10:42

Reading the description, I was interested in the story and I impatiently proceeded to view... But... Alas...

None of the listed genres, except, perhaps, a fantasy, to this film can not be attributed.

It all starts quite intriguing, although it lasts for about 10 minutes. Then there are questions in the process is quite sluggish developments. Who are these children? For what they have created? How? Answers you don't get! Even something in the film "dramatic" passages of the past that should be associated with the events, but not much point in the end not. And the story is not would any best worse this.

Children and birds... Hmm... But there shared with the bird except the wings? In what is the essence of genetic crossing? Children-wolves... Even better! Yeah if neither the abstract, I wouldn't thought to bind here the wolves, more on some "vampires" looks like.

And in General, everything looks like the first series quite a budget series. Where nothing Yes, special effects like imagine, acting lethargic, emotion zero, ends in nothing. Only the inscription at the bottom, not enough "to be continued" and laughter for frame. To an hope there's humor, I'm afraid you to disappoint, the humour is there is not the same.

I don't interested in novel for the motive of which was shot this film, it may be, and continued. But unlike same "Running in the maze", is designed expressly for a category, these things are not a sight impressive do not want to watch the sequel (if it is assumed).

To summarize, for viewing is recommended. Personally, I have not received the expected emotions. It is possible to blame the pitch, because the idea is very interesting. Not fun, cute little am curious.

3 of the 10

Goldia Gagne
08 January 2017 | 03:39

In the center of the plot — a few teenagers over which experimented genetics, after which they were partly bird, and part were the people. Learning to fly, children run away from the laboratory. For them after there is sent another miracle of geneticists — demi-polubelkov.

Saw recommended once a film on the poster so beautiful angel, all powerful are fantastic. Fascinating picture, so still the description was good. It was interesting to see in that's all will develop how to submit this picture because usually, the films for Teens are very romantic and very "aksakovskie",ie will fascinate the gaze and excite my heart with all sorts of intrigue and magic.

However, the movie "Hunt for angels" directed by Jay Martin, who has been removed in 2016 (very "bad), please I did not able. Write a review, perhaps mediocre, because the desire to watch a picture from me.

The basis of ideas formed the plot of the novel James Patterson "Experiment "angel"" (The Angel Experiment, 2005): gifted adolescents over which was once carried out an experiment in as implantation in bone machine the back of the wings for the implementation of the ability of flight, hiding from a Corporation using a scientist once who saved them and Paducheva in the house somewhere deep in the woods. Among the children there is a clear leader - the strongest of the winged lady, very cute and fashion appearance, slim, but is ready to take on himself the whole burden of responsibility. And in addition to the profiles at teenagers are pretty creative physical strength and some psychic abilities. And that they start to chase half-wolves from the same with company experiment.

So could have prevented this movie to come in the heads of the young audience of puberty?

First, poorly chosen, uninteresting and melancholic characters with bad acting and all its consequences.

Did you know the actress Allie Marie Evans? No? Yeah you have it a major role in the apogee of bad games, terrible convey emotion and no charisma. It seems to be pale, colorless, empty, and not whitish angel as I think the implication was direct. Terrible special effects, built around it one does not adorn the film, and only undermine the feeling of "reality", maybe what is happening around. Battle, attack, flight and other things are so ridiculous and poorly made that trust the film is simply lost with every minute. As and, in fact, the credibility of the acting of the other characters: her boyfriend in the friend zone in performed by Patrick Johnson, who is well was just different at least that he has experience of acting for shoulders. But like not once so the movie is bad, it and the game may be appropriate.

Second, the lack of intrigue, interesting story, poorly constructed script.

Have to me this category of "gray movies." And that way the picture fits all of her senses. Why grey? Because there is no paint in the sound of the story, in-game music, in your experiences. All so ordinary and dull that and feel there is nothing. But when I try to feel something nothing happens. Really the book is well as bad as and movie? I confess, I read this "masterpiece", but something tells me that it will be in vain spent time on all fronts, and nothing new it will bring my life. Read the book only comparisons the film, which is not caught? Really sorry. In General, no intrigues, romance as "dumb" as corners obtuse triangle. Mystique? Any game with secret organizations? Yeah let them feed Creator from such interpretations of the mystery and mystique of what is happening. Let me continue to feed from viewing these movies.

Thirdly, the horrible design of the atmosphere of the picture itself, minor bugs, innuendo and other awkward moments. Eyes always involuntarily falls on error in the specific effects of nekojarashi of the game, the interpretation of physics and chemistry. I think the Director and the entire crew was released after 9 class and forgot everything he learned in school. Although the film and appeared to this target audience, but is it should not carry any useful information to impersonate the real reality? Fiction, in short, and understanding of physical laws and understand how should look like the picture.

As a result, the film is not recommended to view anyone ever. The end.

Nora Philoo
24 November 2016 | 04:39


This movie at another teen novel. Now to film these things are very fashionable, so the James Patterson novel "the Experiment "angel" not" exception. Looking ahead to say that the book is the continuation: not three not four books, and more so when you wish, you can count on the sequel. However, the film does not was advertised in Russia in the movie is not was, yeah and the execution limps, so do not fact that will be removed. View.

Story or find 10 differences.

I confess, the first book I even read it, but I remember vaguely, because idea new, the execution is not an original style of writing is not brilliant. M. b. the teenager who will take the book in hands to Twilight, Divergents, Running in the maze, the hunger games and p. even like it, but not a fact.

In short, the weak a movie on the weak source and it all said. Have me viewing remained smooth feeling: the plot follows the parts, pieces, details and plot twists all of numerous films up to him. Here and a bunch of gifted teenagers mutant of the laboratory, where their childhood, where they put the monstrous experiments and they fled and now lead a secret life fear will catch them and return of cells. And a tough heroine, who is strong, intelligent, noble, but kept, because it hangs the responsibility for all. Here and the guy friend at the unfortunate male, who loves, but awaits does not insist, for "first of all planes, well, and the girls then". Here and bad guys in the form of soulless scientists and genetically (!) modified people-wolves (all as one, guys-the jocks), the leader of whom is the other guy from the childhood of the heroine, however, here at least love it smells, they just hate each other. And it's a relief, so as the main wolf Ari just kick it like Jacob (well, You know who I mean). All predictable, cute and tasteless. Gifted adolescents have were, the problems were, they are the antagonists were. Even the fact that they can fly (wings !), physically gifted, and psychic computer whiz and are just geniuses — it.

The main character I like the look, but her acting is not visible. Here honestly I don't know, she's or no. In the book she was humane; I she tried to make cold and cool, sarcastic chick. It turned out so yourself.

The effects are not impressive, the plot is stretched, drama no, music is not visible.

Is all.

If You not a fan of the genre, not a fan of any one of the actors (not celebrities), not see. There are themed movies more spectacular and interesting.

3 of the 10

How much has Maximum Ride made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $4,218.
Who is the director of the movie Maximum Ride?
This tv-show was directed by Jay Martin.
What is the genre of Maximum Ride?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Comedy.
Who starred in Maximum Ride?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Allie Marie Evans, Patrick Johnson, Lyliana Wray, Luke Gregory Crosby, Gavin Lewis.
What is Maximum Ride IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 3.6.
When was Maximum Ride released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-08-30.