Mass Effect: Paragon Lost

In the center of the plot — the beginning of a career officer of the Alliance, James VEGA. James comes to elite special forces unit of the Alliance in the beginning of the fight against a mysterious threat known as the Collectors. Being in the service in a distant star system, James VEGA and his companions must protect the citizens of the colony from invasion by unknown persons, who are trying to kidnap people.

  • Atsushi Takeuchi

Release Date: 2012-12-28
IMDb icon 5.9/10
  • Country: CA, JP, KR, US
  • Language: Japanese | English
Ladonna Bower
13 September 2014 | 02:27

I must say that in Mass Effect I played passed therefore the interest was to watch the movie. Of course, I had high hopes for the film, especially when it was revealed that we are dealing with events occurring after the final third of the game. Alas, with the first I was terribly disappointed. Tell you why.

The most sensitive spot of the work — that's the plot. It is obvious that the authors would like that he was clear and for those who know the universe of Mass effect, and for those it is nothing knows. Because of this, they had to adhere to "Golden mean": to give new characters and story, similar to the second part of the game, but in the same time constantly refer to the events and heroes of the game. Here only to combine these parts of the film does not worked. Events in this anime does not tally with the endings story beloved by many RPG. Of course, I'm not going to list these mistakes that You could do them to find, sometimes after watching the film. On my opinion, it was necessary to completely remove all elements connecting the film with the game, so to move the events in the time is told in Mass Effect 2. The problems would be much less. Well and, of course, the authors do not could we do not give to relive a difficult dilemma when the entity to make the right choice not possible. However, such a situation occurred due to the fact that the main character had to choose between "endings" so long, could have time to do both actions.

Speaking of the characters in the film, it's hard not to notice the attempt to move the character classes of the game movie: engineers, stormtroopers, psionics and more... whether the authors of it? Well, Yes, it can be turned out. And whether this? No, probably not. Heroes of anime, on my opinion, it turned out grey and not interesting. Again this is due to that them many character traits from the characters in the game. With the first minutes of the film, I began to annoy the main character James VEGA, which is not just always remembers the shepherd — the protagonist of games and literally a fan of him like want to. 

Speaking about the chart animation, it cause any claims I have not. Of course, you can find to find fault, but with this film is not want deeply to get acquainted. I'm sorry, but it is.

What can be said in the result? At this anime is very sad fate — to be always in the shadow of big brother-games, to always be compared game. Of course, the movie will always play it for the contest, but the it doesn't mean the film could not do much better. To choose only one concept or film fans of the game, or, conversely, to attract her. The creators of the movie chased after two hares, and than ends — we all know. I do not cease to torment the question: why the filmmakers of the vast universe of Mass effect it is not able to squeeze something really worthwhile?

3 of the 10

Ileana Liatris
15 February 2015 | 05:44

The cartoon was declared as prequel to МЭ3, but actually it the action takes place in parallel to the plot of ME2.

A colony of earthlings on the planet Fe Prime is under attack worko-kaganskoe PMC "blood Pack". On fighting off the attack send a unit of Marines of the Alliance, among whom there are Lieutenant James VEGA — drunk hot fan already legendary, but at the moment of the deceased commander Shepard. Having suffered heavy losses, but the crushing enemies (which a crucial role was played by the protagonist) the squad left to guard the colony on a permanent basis. More of the same no one. Two years the soldiers were sleeping, the service is, VEGA is friends with the daughter of one of colonists and trying to date knows how to got a society Azari Trio. And here to the horizon appear mysterious and terrible Collectors...

... and the viewer can understand or have realized that the plot of the movie and the ending he already merged personally, Lieutenant VEGA, when the viewer played in МЭ3. No, the story is quite good, from it vykroiki even a full-fledged military drama, but the fact of use of ready...

So how it is filmed, it is drawn? Let's start with pictures. Once players in the Final Fantasy VII stunned photorealistic graphics cartoon. Here to view the features something similar to the disney animated series of the 90s years. Vorka for unknown reasons, have purchased the resemblance with human skulls, the krogan cut the heads, increase the lower jaw, making the convex face "ITALIE". Of the shotguns firing like from rifles, penacilin not delivered, and the sniper would like to advise not to meddle in the narrow corridors with single shot "the Mantis" and remember that in class based on the stealth mode.

Carp, Yes. I even VEGA learned only the tattoo and so to distinguish it colleagues from other — that's a toughie.

And what is the interest is, it is there can be the viewer for third party? Probably very small. Most of the time it to think the question "who are all these people", and by the time it suddenly decides to enlighten on the subject of element zero and the Prothean — has long been turned off.

The ending, by the way, I privratili. Well, I know AS all useful intelligence. And generally decided the question between the choice of as kind of stupid.

Yes, more nuance. Although the frame appear kononnya admirals Hackett and Anderson (for some reason sitting in the Council chamber), and also Penny — original actors voice not involved.

Kippie Mace
27 May 2014 | 02:04

I love the games trilogy. Non-transferable. And learn that the universe will do anime, to say that I was upset — nothing to say. Well here is not like this story not fit in any way with this amazing universe. And how I was surprised, when I still looked it. The action of the cartoon is to the beginning of the second part of the game when the collectors we did not know was. I I will not spoil that as it was, in spite of that the game practically the whole story sounded. In General, order.

The plot in the spirit of Mass Effect. It was nice to see characters from games, especially those who have attached. Let them were at least. Watch more than interesting, but in the end and did start to really empathize with the characters. In General, the plot is worthy of the Mass effect'a a. Individual and a huge plus for the ending. After this it not to recall games trilogy, especially the third part. Tough choice, consequences, humility. All that many fans like it.

The music complements the animation. What to unfortunately not. often seen in cinema or video games.

The execution leaves much to be desired. Still the animation is not the best quality. Well and, of course, it anime. But this is purely my personal opinion, for anime I in the spirit can not stand.

Noticed a few drawbacks, but if it is really to find fault. Some races have slightly changed in appearance, that looked very strange and unusual. Sound. According to me, if you take the sound effects of the games, take the max. Strange to see the gun Shuriken or assault. the rifle, the Hoe, sounding like the assault. rifle Ghost. Plus it's weird to see how healthy krogan kill of the same Shuriken. But it is quite nitpicking.

In General, it is a worthy prequel. All fans of the universe to viewing is mandatory.

Of 9 10

Who is the director of the movie Mass Effect: Paragon Lost?
This tv-show was directed by Atsushi Takeuchi.
What is the genre of Mass Effect: Paragon Lost?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Animation.
Who starred in Mass Effect: Paragon Lost?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Freddie Prinze Jr., Monica Rial, Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, Eric Vale.
What is Mass Effect: Paragon Lost IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.9.
When was Mass Effect: Paragon Lost released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2012-12-28.