Rocky Dennis — a sixteen year old boy, who suffers from a rare bone disease that turned his face into a mask, something like a lion, and twice the normal person. In addition, the disease is incurable. But rocky is one of the rare breed of people who bet on life in any position. Rocky smart, endowed with a kind and huge heart, he's not angry at the world, where at first sight, it is expected mockery or disgust. It is perfectly easy to learn and seeking friendship and respect for classmates. He lives with his mother — hippie rokersha to Grow, beautiful, otvyaznoy, loving, drinking, drug abusers, and other members of his family are brothers-rockers from the gang of motorcyclists, in which stands a charming mustachioed handsome Gar, perhaps his father.

  • Peter Bogdanovich

Release Date: 1985-03-22
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $8,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $48,230,162
Lilia Kirkwood
17 January 2012 | 04:06

Mask — very simple, but a surprisingly deep and heavy film. Heavy not in terms of perception — see it easy enough, just it leaves an aftertaste. A little bitter, but is not means the film is bad as once again, on the contrary.

Peter Bogdanovich — the Director is very contradictory. Actors who worked with him, are divided into 2 clear camps — those exalt him Genius those who swear never life is not will be them to work. But those and others say that he is certainly talented. Perhaps the process of working with it is quite complicated, but the result is always the same — we get a good movie.

Sher, who performed the lead female role in Bogdanovich to not worked, however, the opinion about it has already folded. The thing that in the distant 60s, when she started career with her husband the Duo Sonny and cher, Peter Bogdanovich, as a freelance employee of one of the Newspapers wrote about them a devastating article.

And here is a few years later they met. Cher has played his first major role in movie (in the drama "SILKWOOD" with the inimitable Meryl Streep) and received his first nomination on"Oscar" and Peter made several great paintings and earned the respect of critics and colleagues the shop. As speaks Peter, to invite the role of Sher — it was the idea, however, the producers wanted to have a check to the young actress, which, of course, not really liked the Sher. Having the same role, her waited surprise — mean that the leading male role, invited the red-haired Eric Stoltz, the producers and the Director decided to repaint vcard cher — her hair — in red. Against the use of the wig made it Peter. In the end, the cher hair was ruined completely, and at the end of filming she had to cut off almost zero. As already know the impressions of shots in the film, Bogdanovich from the legendary Diva were not very pleasant.

Eric Stoltz started his career in great movie. In a series of failures (e.g., he had play "Back to the future", but later replaced J. Fox) to go a fairly unconventional appearance and Lisp, role in the picture Bogdanovich was for him in its kind, a lifeline. In as cher was constantly arguing with Bogdanovich due to the fact that they saw the way the main character, Stolz chose a different tactic, which later was advised and his companions in unfortunately — he carefully listened to all comments of the Director and nodded when necessary, but in the end, everything is always did his. In addition, for a complete immersion in the world of the main character, Eric decided to walk to make outside of surveys, noting the reaction of people around. According to the words of Stoltz, that it was hard enough to emotionally. And it helped him to better understand how painful sometimes it was really rocky and realize how strong he was inside.

As you already understand, the movie is based on the basis of the life of a real boy by the name of Roy Dennis, I which was a rare disease — calcium accumulated at a boy the bones of the skull, causing his face was badly deformed. Many of the history recall the movie "the elephant Man" by David Lynch, some even call "the Mask" remake, but not so.

After the film was ready, the audience received it warmly enough. The only person the film is not like — the real mother of rocky Dennis — to Grow, which claimed that it was not presented in the best light and generally threatened the producers with a court and other costs. In addition, it not like that her son did a secondary character, they say, Sher constantly "pulling the blanket on themselves". In the reproach of the main actress, to Grow also said that cher little paid time on personal meetings, they say, it daughter learned accordingly, poorly conveyed on the screen. However, Sher says the most important for her time was one episode at the time of the meeting, who described for her to Grow up without superfluous words. Once in guests to Grow they are considered photos of children and here's looking at one of school photos, Rusty said, "Here rocky third from left in bottom row", but to find the mutilated disease the boy's face as not too difficult. Then Sher realized to Increase perceived it as a completely normal child without any visible defects, and it became her choice in the image of the character.

Later, cher will get this role is the main prize on the Cannes film festival, but not nominated for the Oscar, to the surprise of many viewers. How many believe, the Academy just decided to punish the haughty actress who for completion of filming, not very flattering comments about the Holy of holies — the Director. It is allowed himself comments, "Working with Bogdanovich is akin to working with alligator". Bogdanovich also not in left side of the altercation, and confided to reporters, rushing with phrases that they say "cher is not can hold the image longer than 3 minutes the frame, so that lots of close-UPS of Sher".

In retaliation the Academy Sher came on ceremony his legendary suit "birds of hell" and, in presenting the award to John Apatov, said on stage got the same cherished a brochure about how should dress a serious actress.

Drop all behind the scenes intrigue, I want to say that the movie "the Mask" is, indeed, worthy to take its rightful place in your collection. This film about the child who had to grow up quickly when faced with a rather cruel outside world. This film about the woman who and matured behaves like a teenager. It is about the film responsibility warm relations. This film about the strength of character and the kindness, which is sometimes hard to see, but you can feel, even being blind. And finally, this film about motherly love, when your child for you — the beautiful light.

Netti Horatio
04 August 2006 | 07:47

A very good movie. I usually don't cry at movies, but this film takes the direct over the soul. Great game cher and Eric Stoltz. On really after watching the film zadumyvaeshsya on a lot. I recommend to watch.

10 of 10

Emmie Peppard
23 September 2011 | 03:51

With favorite son loved (s), other, betraying the dreams of the other, with life — leave, Oh how hard it is! Particularly hard to let go of life with love heart. Dennis — the real hero, which you can learn optimism. This man is not sorry for yourself, not crying: "How it is bad, what I poor" on the contrary, he energizes all around, refers with irony to his "ugliness" and cares the mother, if she General and not him her. Ideal people do not happen, someone, nature gives beauty, intellect, compassion, openness.. and instead of taking health. In any case, it is helpful to set goals in life, then a path emerges, which clarifies the mind. Roy wanted to travel all over Europe on a motorcycle, these thoughts gave him the strength to fight with pain...

Roy LII "rocky" Dennis — American boy, which the age of four, revealed a rare genetic disease, occurring in one 22 million. A disease of bones that leads to deformation of the skull and facial deformity, forced the doctors to shrug and put the terrible assumption that Roy is not will be able to see, hear, and will be described. However, the guy has achieved great success in school was a strong spirit and treated life with humor

The picture is the actual problem of a white crow, a man released from the crowd. This to school to take not want to, suddenly the earth will descend from orbit! Seeing physical flaws in someone, a reflex, people avert their eyes, not knowing how to react; to show compassion or to pay off a pity, not focusing on deviation of the norm. The heroine is a blind girl sees very clearly sensitive heart and the depth of thought behind the all sorts of masks. The stereotypes imposed by society (the external beauty, and not spiritual), leads to empty, pointless to admire the gloss and gloss, with the time is "beauty" fades and obestochivaete!

The painting is full of spirit of freedom and rock ' n ' roll (Hello the commune of bikers!), the core of the family, mutual assistance, friendship. Eric Stoltz, realistic in the role of the protagonist, as well as the actors involved in "the Mask": from Sher (mother of Dennis), Sam Elliott (the mustachioed handsome), to Laura Dern (the blind girl). The Director of "New Hollywood," Peter Bogdanovich, took a dramatic film and in the center put the man who "ran away" in eternity, knowing the true love. A life lived not in vain, if, after its sunset once again the sun rises, warming rays of memory, the hearts of those who like Roy has the best qualities of the individual: purity and sincerity, optimism and kindness, warmth and care the middle.

Of 9 10

How much has Mask made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $48,230,162.
How much did it cost to make Mask?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $8,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Mask?
This tv-show was directed by Peter Bogdanovich.
What is the genre of Mask?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Biography.
Who starred in Mask?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Cher, Sam Elliott, Eric Stoltz, Estelle Getty, Richard Dysart.
What is Mask IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was Mask released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1985-03-22.