Mars Attacks!

Our planet has undergone a monstrous attack. Martians — passionless and soulless creatures, these little green creation, planted in the desert with their spacecraft, and then advancing on all fronts. Washington, Las Vegas and other cities shaken by powerful explosions, destruction without number. U.S. President urges command of the armed forces to take action, however, of opinion the two generals were divided. "Breaking and return them to Mars! "—said General Decker. "To make peace", — object, General Casey.

  • Tim Burton

Release Date: 1996-12-13
IMDb icon 6.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | French
  • Budget: $70,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $101,371,017
Bette Elmaleh
28 January 2009 | 12:54

Tim Burton always shot stories, often — Gothic, at least — is simply absurd and grotesque stories with unusual characters that fall in unrealistic conditions. Someone accuses the Director of the lack of development of creative potential, others love it just this the traditions and taken one time and for all the course and for the creation of his own little universe, populated by freaks of all stripes. Barton found its audience, an appreciative audience and for many years removes is for her, changing your style, taste and sense of humor.

Familiar with the work of Barton exclusively for his paintings by D. Deppa, it may seem that appeared light 1996 film "Mars Attacks!" is slightly distracting from the style it. works. You can argue that the genre is already do not tale fantastic, but each looked a picture immediately feel the spirit magic of unreality, which does not can be the world of adult science fiction. The very style of the film, the story and characters — this is the most amazing banter pathetic American paintings of the seizure of land by aliens and the end of the world. And got all — from the most ordinary American families for whom the main thing in the beginning of the chaos was the salvation of television, life without which just loses meaning and ending with the President. In front of us — typical behavior in atypical situations. Military and scientists, broadcasters and computer games fans, people who believe in friendship between people of different galactic races and the simple inhabitants, a crazy old woman, a coward, a patriot, a caring father, a rake, — each character is a kind of collective image of the representative of the modern society.

The films Burton has always been famous for great choice of actors, even in secondary "tertiary" role. And the Director invites already famous actors, not tried to break them and be forced to play something different and unusual for them, conversely, it is the actors appear on the stage in the role we and and used to see. For example, James bond, or rather pierce Brosnan will be walking in stylish suit and to flirt, Sarah Jessica Parker — will lose his head and lead silly women's talk show, Danny de Vito — carouse and have fun, Jack Nicholson — will be a very funny President USA (I think this him very pretty, especially when you consider that he has been crazy house "one Flew over the cuckoo's nest" and was the Joker from same Barton). In that picture you will meet with many stars of 80-90 (Michael J. Fox, Glenn close, Annette Benning), and those at the peak of popularity right now — Natalie Portman (if continuing to play the character of Winona Ryder from Martanovskogo of "Beetlejuice") and Jack black. Each managed to create a bright image, despite the that with so many characters, the screen time of each was reduced to a minimum.

The plot is formulaic and easy to the horror, to impossible to colic in stomach. He is filled with stereotypes, cliches, and all sorts of references to science fiction films of the past years and that in this case, it and good. On the earth came Martians. With what purpose? How to behave with them to us? Are they a threat and can we if attacked them to overcome. Apparently, these problems of great concern to filmmakers, otherwise they would not removed so many movies on this subject. "Mars attacks!" — this is a view of Barton on the problem. Only in this case we are talking not about an imaginary problem grip and about the problem of rare and the lack of fresh ideas and techniques.

A huge number of characters and storylines first may seem confused, but it is better even not to try to remember all the characters at the names. Barton with the inherent black humor and a tiny bit of sadism deals with all objectionable characters, leaving on the face of the viewer crazy smile, while others — total confusion. Not here is litres of tomato ketchup and cranberry juice, as in "Sweeney Todd", however, the number of characters put into meat dozens of times more.

Aliens Barton — it is a separate work of art, as external and demeanor. Our view of the little green men rather mediocre and associated mainly what we speak with TV screens. What is an incredibly advanced civilization, and "civilization at the definition not can be barbaric" and to attack. Aliens Barton devoid of logic, principles, and they are so similar to people. These a little evil Martians want only one thing that in principle, it is quite natural. Grasp reflex, chaos for chaos — so human.

As you know, a fairy tale lie, Yes in it a hint. For all this kaleidoscope of colorful characters and endless activities is the clearest irony as a diverse range of stereotypes in American cinema, so over human lifestyle. Why in critical situations, the characters always behave in such a rash and stupid? Why movies are based on one same story scheme? The audience and it all already bored. Of course, this picture of the Barton managed to change something, moreover, on the contrary, the film caused a negative reaction from part of the audience.

Increasingly in recent accusations of the great storyteller that it is rare and marking place, his films are devoid of depth and meaning, the characters cardboard, and try not funny. What well, it really. Admit it without a shadow of regret and with a smile on her face, because it is such a Barton I love with its plush Martians, sometimes quite narrow-minded heroes, devoid of the aura of "heroism", a little strange, but with the nobility of past centuries in the soul. Burton, who takes children's films, for those same as he was in this child forever. And I hope he never will increase, because serious Directors who pseudointellectual nonsense abound, and Tim the good, that they there is no gravity and dirt of the real world.

P. S. the Picture is contraindicated for persons with an exceptionally healthy sense of humor and lack of self-irony, and also fans of movies from category "our earth was attacked by aliens/the deadly virus/insects/and other delights that do?". All the rest — beware, Mars attacks!

Allix Kimitri
28 July 2009 | 08:54

Each Director who is trusted by major budgets, sooner or later puts planet Earth on the verge of death. Let it not be sure to punish the guests from space, the reason or another in the sins of humanity will repent. It is to this encourages the film Tim Burton — down with the aspiring presidents, down with unbridled militarists, which only have a hit, down with the pseudo-patriots that if they go crazy rifle, just yell "Surrender", down with lawyers (even those without any explanation). Aliens where is needed only for the tick, in as a retributive element. The film is not about them, but that would not hurt from the planet to Polymetal, leaving birds, deer, lizards, and artists.

But Burton is not just would themselves if not he devoted a lot of screen time directly to the aliens. It once again, he freaks and like suffering for many years from the question "what is happening inside the alien saucers?", Burton himself gives the answer — the Martians there suffer the usual, similar to human garbage. they have their own lab rats, or rather people, they each friend pinned, and more nuclear warheads Smoking through a hookah. If we ignore appearance and all — a typical human crew of the ship, where there is a strict hierarchy, and the same time, lack of discipline is enough.

From the outside it I do some banal plates, plus one walking tank, easy knocks, as if in reproach heaped all the units that give us other Directors. Do simplicity and primitiveness of the interior — this is a huge advantage, because they have nowhere to grow old, and if that the remake of "the Day the Earth stood still" with Keanu Reeves and soon speceffekty part already down on the level of "below average", then "Mars Attacks!" will be forever stable a parody of all interplanetary aggression (no matter what year overboard).

Actors. Oh, there you can argue long about how they are chosen, good or bad. I will Note two things. Remember it was the images, because forget that is Jack Nicholson, Glenn close, Danny DeVito or pierce Brosnan. They as well are images that take them as characters screen. The second question: where is johnny Depp? Apparently, Tim Burton not able to find for your pet a good role, so as one of his level is too small, and other images too negative. Yes Depp and why, when there's a great Jack Nicholson. One of his final monologue is worth — it is gorgeous (by the way, the planet Earth he showed greater than Mars).

Ridiculing extremes of humanity: first, a strong belief that the aliens are peaceful, then the desire to solve all the problem method vparivanie missiles, many of the American orders, and also fiction, past and future — Tim Burton showed that can easily go for the scope of the Gothic, and better don't bother. And then roll it out as damn the frying pan, but still a song when you will sing (and its eternal companion Danny Elfman he play along). What he integrity of the Earth — he's to many it seems did not out of this world.

[As if neither wanted to put 10 but  the"Big fish" at Burton I love harder]

9 of the 10

Betsey Raven
27 July 2008 | 09:53

Action, Thriller, Comedy... Someone else but Tim Burton can to skillfully combine these are such different genres? Of course, the film was controversial, and can understand those who sees it makes no sense. But I absolute certainty I can say that this picture is absolutely contraindicated to be taken seriously. Because the majority evaluates it as "a film about the aliens who captured the Earth, and about the heroic defense of the planet", but it would be assessed as a parody of such movies.

There is a parody second-rate show, and a stereotyped action of the government, and for even the kind of aliens. Don't cost of course without fanatics, believers in the divine power of the Martians.

No small role was played by the rather primitive scenery and special effects. Not should evaluate this as the neproffesionalizme, because it is also a peculiar way of showing the over-saturation of modern blockbusters in computer graphics, more alienates them from vitality.

All the actors lived up to its star status. Especially notable was Jack Nicholson, playing a great US President. Have Natalie Portman in the role though a small but very interesting, and pierce Brosnan in his suit and his gelled hair reminded me of good old James bond.

In conclusion, parody of the film is far more important than we used to think, because it's nice sometimes to relax and laugh Hollywood bombast and scale.

How much has Mars Attacks! made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $101,371,017.
How much did it cost to make Mars Attacks!?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $70,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Mars Attacks!?
This tv-show was directed by Tim Burton.
What is the genre of Mars Attacks!?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Comedy.
Who starred in Mars Attacks!?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Annette Bening, Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito.
What is Mars Attacks! IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.3.
When was Mars Attacks! released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1996-12-13.