Half man, half cyborg: Manburg. Dying in the battle with infernal forces, super soldier returns from the dead to fight an army of Nazi vampires and demons led by the Earl of Drakulon.

  • Steven Kostanski

Release Date: 2013-12-21
IMDb icon 5.5/10
  • Country: CA
  • Language: English
Meta Tim
20 November 2014 | 05:26

When siderovski sublimat gaming instinct under the name "Forbidden" came into an unequal battle against common sense earthlings, on the other end kinopropagandy stairs named Stephen Kostanski at home PC I finish the last laser beams for their debut full-length "Menorca". And something happened that, when the budget is about 90 000 times less than Zach, the canadian craftsman has managed to create not less memorable and certainly much more spiritual sight. Ridiculous, through secondary, with spread the visual — but surprisingly altruistic. Instead of just stir up a blender of consciousness and dispense film polynesiensis own imagination, the Director tried to find as possible number of strings of the soul just of his generation, nurtured cheap VHSом, — and he felt, played on them zubodrobitelnye trash.

The flywheel of the plot — if so you can call things happening on the screen narrative lasciviousness — running another half-mad scientist who unsuccessfully clicking on the key "Enter" he opened the gates of Hell. From there, of course, it we climbed the joyous crowd Nazi demons in led red-faced feudal Lord on the nickname "Count Drakulon". The defense sector blue ball quickly were sawed, like the skin of watermelon on the market, however, some remnants of the fighter after a certain number of years was revived in the form of universal soldier with plastic Robocop and terminator habits. And now, thunder in the post-apocalyptic Colosseum to the triumphant beste, kinky cyborg collects from met there something-silly characters mini-gang, with whose help is taken very sloppy, but not because less inspired to restore the Kingdom of men — elbows releasing the missiles, legs Kalacheva nunchuck hell in head and mouth constantly issuing epic phrase, we are already somewhere heard.

Generally speaking, the "Marborg" is almost entirely composed of the subtle allusions, the implicit borrowing and Frank kleptomania. It is a hodgepodge of everything the Director has absorbed in itself for those Golden 80-ies and 90-ies he the child held at the VCR game console. Choosing the main source of inspiration products king third-rate horror fiction Charles Band, Kostanski without thinking twice — it was not a commercial project, and about uskoritelei trinket for those "on", — mixed "Mechanical killers" and"Arena" Peter Manoogian, and on kinosunun planted more delicious nostalgia -- make pleyerov. In the result seems to be an obvious Hommage to the paintings of Cameron, Verhoeven and other inhabitants NF the Pantheon to prove to be friendly banter over those neirolepticakimi sci-Fi-conveyorsystem, which the material of his more talented colleagues were kicked out of Grindhouse the public an easy dollar. That is why true cult "of Menberg" was not for the average fans of science kinofantastiki and not even for joystickopen fans of "mortal Kombat" and"Castlvania" — they will also find here the portion of the heart balm — but for all those stuck in the video store's own childish memory, for this fashion jewellery inlay sparkles with diamonds sincere hypertext.

The most amazing thing is that when all its cheap parody of collagenase, the brainchild Kostanski is quite dramatic, and amazing — for the budget at 1000$, most of which went to hockey uniform for costumes and rubber masks, — filled with a technical point of view. Given that the shooting was a eleven months of jumps and grimaces in my parents ' garage for the background of the stitched mother of Stephen green sheets, when no one, except the Director, do not understand that and what happens — growing up in front of us on the full screen (albeit noticeably favoring dvumernogo) high-tech world in the spirit of "Running on blade" and almost never in the whole time duration of not sagging a logical action history as a minimum of respect. For two years of hard solitary work crazy stick canadian turned Amateur tomfoolery in fusion action movie with epic battle scenes, cool monsters, and hurricane-idiotic car chases in the style of the third "Terminator". In compared piece like this author's work-praise the creators of similar style, but it is much more dull, "Iron sky" ("Oh, what a movie we did seven extra EuroMillions!") looks like a Frank verbiage.

Of course, the movie unnatural polimaltosny picture, waste of the nearby garbage in as props and plot type, "he in shrubs — there is a piano, it into the machine — there is a God, he bath — crummy" just like those aesthetes, which is not particularly sorry my eyes of the brain. But clearly to read the frame of the talent of Stephen Kostanski makes wait for it the next experiments in film. And it was just to get the length of the material to 70 minutes required for the DVD release, it quickly cooked up more delightful in its uporotyh short "Biotope", and then easily precreative most colleagues in the anthology "the ABCs of death II", performing zhivoderskie ode to another childhood passion — fantasy. From the entire composition of the creative group "Astron-6", responsible for the appearance of the hour and a half satanic promiscuity under the title "father's Day" is, perhaps, the only people, almost without irony is likely to be called a Renaissance man. Art that never is all but is often all for some. And to be that "some" damn good.

Who is the director of the movie Manborg?
This tv-show was directed by Steven Kostanski.
What is the genre of Manborg?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Comedy.
Who starred in Manborg?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Matthew Kennedy, Adam Brooks, Meredith Sweeney, Conor Sweeney, Ludwig Lee.
What is Manborg IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.5.
When was Manborg released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-12-21.