Man of Steel

Clark Kent (Kal-El) is a young man who feels like a stranger because of its incredible strength. Many years ago he was sent to Earth with a developed planet krypton, and now asks the question: why? Brought up by adoptive parents Martha and Jonathan Kent, Clark knows that possess superhuman — then make difficult decisions. But when mankind is most in need of stability, it is attacked. Can the hero restore peace or will use his power to completely destroy it?

  • Zack Snyder

Release Date: 2013-06-14
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: GB, US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $225,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $668,045,518
Philis Jeremy
03 February 2020 | 09:01

Highly developed planet krypton explodes in the result of some catastrophe that cannot be avoided. Only a few managed to escape the dying stronghold, and one of the lucky ones became Kal-El, son of one of outstanding scientific minds. The father managed to place a child in a special capsule and sent it to Earth where it can actually be a real deity. Child accidentally meets a childless family of Kent, which decides its adopt since then Kal-El called Clark.

The boy grew up not as his peers. He has incredible strength and endurance, while it looks at this, as an ordinary man. When to Land the spaceship arrives disgraced kryptonian, General Zod, Clark begins to understand the danger of the situation. He needs to understand whether it has the right to reveal his true identity, or to remain in the shadows, so as not to hurt loved ones. Time a little Clark, because zod obviously knows something and he needs to get to hero before everyone else.

With  the"Man of steel" originates from the universe DC. The film certainly has turned a little cold and chaotic, but still it has its own unique style and signature moments, like the confrontation between Clark Kent and General Zod among the metropolis. Plus I want to note a strong soundtrack, in which is not so many memorable tunes, but they emphasize good tone of the production.

The main role went to time the most famous Henry Keville. For it was impossible to play Superman, of course he for it seized. Cavill how it turned out, a very skilled actor, he was able to squeeze out of the role is all possible. But the problem is the very image of Superman in that it is not the most emotional. So that Cavillo not had to strain to enter the role, but still it is good and it interesting to watch from side.

The villain played by Michael Shannon, and Oh how good it is. Finally, Superman is confronted not his sworn enemy, of the comic books, Lex Luthor, and new enemy, which has its own special idea and he lives it like a fanatic. With zod impossible to negotiate, and it's scary, because he was not need money, he is looking for something special and it literally makes it crazy. Such interesting villains in the comics have not been.

Anyway, "Man of steel" was good, fairly balanced, albeit not the most perfect film about Superman. The important thing is that Henry Cavill got the opportunity to get into a big Hollywood, and it is most important thing is there.

7 of 10

Leigh Bertina
16 August 2013 | 09:14

Start with that this film, I waited the announcement of its creation. When I learned that the Director of this project will be Zack Snyder, I was waiting for this movie even more was expecting a slightly different Superman, but I saw, pleased me even more.

Clark Kent, he same calories e with the planet krypton, was found by Martha and Jonathan Kent in the field, after the collapse of the spacecraft, in which was a baby, the future superhero and the guy who wanted to help everyone and everyone, after learned your abilities. Clark, at the instruction of a father the whole life hiding his true self, since it is unknown how the humanity would take the existence of such "people" on our planet. Through the whole movie sweeps one and the same thought that Clarke will be the symbol of goodness, the unification of the two worlds. Of course, there where there is a hero, there must be a villain, who arrived in Kal El to achieve their goals. A battle will fight the villain and we can say of all mankind, only Clark Kent the power to protect Our planet.

Zack Snyder, known for his early works("300","Watchmen","sucker punch"), in a few dark style, so unusual, that become extremely attractive after the first viewing. And in this film, Zack it's too far from their style that went to the movie even in favor. Being a fan of Superman, loved to watch the old series, while still a little also loved to watch the TV series "Smallville". which was for me a benchmark series about the superhero, and about the film 2006. "Superman returns" nothing to say, so C. it includes the than the "weak" series "Smallville". "Man of steel" showed how it could happen. whether it is in our time, close to reality compared to the aforementioned creations of the Superman "Man of steel" looks on a few levels above.

Advantages of the film weight ranging from special effects, ending with the actors. Since the film was shot in IMAX format, I watched it in this format, which we so K. immersed in film I myself fly is Superman, all this thanks to the excellent camera work and well thought out views.

Henry Cavill-did great with the role of Superman, not expected, thought better of Tom Welling have no, and they are even a little similar. Previously saw movies with his participation, but here he proved to be very even not bad. In where Clark needed emotion, Henry showed them with dignity, believe, empathize with the character that can not good.

Amy Adams-pretty girl with the role of Lois is right, but as it is not at the appropriate level as expected, can continued the character will reveal more, we will wait with impatience.

Michael Shannon-turned out to be quite a good zod, the evil, carrying the house and destruction, as expected villain.

Russell Crowe-played a blood father Stool al's not even though the small time that was allotted its hero.

Kevin costner-very little was on the screen, played by Jonathan good.

Zack Snyder-was expecting a little different and despite it's got the "product" better than expected. Not enough the famous Slow-Mo scenes, I think, can be inserted in some moments of the film.

Hans Zimmer-magnificent as always. Music sneaks up to the fingertips, perfectly fit the film.

In my opinion, the film is one of the best creations of superheroes DC comics. I advise everyone to view, despite the pretty low ratings from film critics, here is not like they Zach is not love. Waiting for the continuation of course  the"League of justice" with the participation of Henry Cavill.

8 from 10

Gail Rafaelia
22 June 2013 | 10:26

The second coming of Christ?

Was unusually empty in the large, called the "red" room in our local cinema, and after all, susceptible to the big Hollywood spectacle, the audience is usually filled up to the brim, the space of this room, especially in the first days of the premiere. About what premiere there is a speech? Of course, about the updated, restarted, how can anyone, "Superman", sorry, "Man of steel".

Note that are not a fan of the original character — one of the oldest comic book characters in the history of American popular culture, so hardly will be able to evaluate the film with the point of view of comparing it with the previous adaptations. However, familiar with the history development and frequency of appearance on the big and small screens. And, well, but still love Zack Snyder, whose picture yourself in itself can be viewed frame by frame with a magnifying glass in the hands — few in modern cinema can do so "beautiful," so still most of his paintings will call is meaningless for content. A rare combination.

So, Superman was born a long time ago, and inherently the beginning, carried in itself the concept of the whole American nation, which, as you know, she was born out of immigrants who fled from persecution with the European continent, and USA today are proud of their melting pot. In fact, in the Superman show the entire nation — with all difficulties they had to face. But it lyrics — in the film Zack Snyder Superman suddenly became clearly discernible features of this Messiah, which was the Son of God. Judge for yourself: according during the interview with the dungeons of the Pentagon, the main character says 33 years and the meaning of the narrative to lead the entire human mass and take her for themselves, his main purpose, it must sacrifice in the name of salvation and well-being of the entire planet. But, in contrast the sad fate of Jesus Christ, who finished his earthly journey betrayed by those for whom he went to the Great Sacrifice, our hero really came to the yard — no wonder, his father says about "right time and right place". And then, you want — laugh, you want — no, the movie turns into a warning message to all members of the human race: if fatal for the whole world the Messiah's Coming did take place, people must be ready to receive Him, and to avoid the mistakes of thousands of years ago.

That form, then wonder less — the usual comics on the big screen, with only one difference consisting in the Director — Snyder well so inventive and beautifully delivers each frame, making the picture as much as possible. Of course, in this merit operator, Amir, Macri — if the screen fishing boat, then be sure the smell of fish and the harsh sea wind will be so tangible as possible. Of course, in terms of special effects, modern audiences are difficult to surprise, — here there are absolutely stunning scenes of the flight of the hero, especially in fighting scenes where the characters move with the speed of light, turning everything on its path. Some storylines repeat marvel "Thor" up to fight on the Central street of a small provincial town with fatal consequences for the latter.

Promised by the creators study the complexities of becoming invulnerable superhero said, according to appear in a few flashback scenes of the childhood of Clark Kent (earth name Kal-El, our hero), but let's be honest — who ever expected it? All investigators have watched "Smallville", where it has devoted a full 10 seasons.

The main property of a painting as is no strangely, the actors. Who would say, Henry Cavill — just a perfect Kal-El, it is Superman. Even in photos premiere of "Man of steel" Cavill looks like some ancient sculptor molded a perfect statue of one of the Greek gods and the customer was very pleased. He was able to convey the immediacy, simplicity, and in the universal power and strength, despite his sinlessness, not so nauseating and perilisan flat as some Captain America. In his Superman felt life that it is quite difficult to pass, given that the character impossible to kill. Amy Adams, fragile and beautiful, plays the romantic subject of claims Clark, you might say, the quintessence of all his love for humanity. In the result was the canonical Lois lane — the journalist who first noted what is a simple farm boy Clark Kent, so as the comic source, she was older than Kal-El. Michael Shannon played General Zod — very charismatic character, in the military, trying to restart a destroyed planet krypton on the ruins of our your bones, i.e., on the planet. This character empathize, as but war and lack of feelings inherent poor humans, it is nothing life is not know. Up to the end of his life he has remained faithful to his ideals that is worthy of praise. Loved the German Antje Three — like a typical "bad girl", but with a twist, and looks soooo cool, just indescribably cool if it is permissible to describe in simple slang impressions of her character. Loved the music by Hans Zimmer, which dog ate the epic, large-scale orchestral soundtracks, and there are many beautiful melodies which play a role not less than actors. However, as ideally, there should be in every Big Movie. Snyder steers great effect, especially in action scenes, but easy soaring as the flying Kal-El film is not call — it can be compared with massive, heavy biblical spectacle, which, despite the number of drawbacks, came a very entertaining and interesting.

But "Messianic" storyline that caught my attention, cut down on the root of the optimistic ending, which, of course, is easily explained. Well in one scene where Clark knocks all shit General Zod, dare to threaten his earthly mother, have a lot can be forgiven. But here is the phrase — "I — American" — a terrible mistake: the trick of Superman in that have no nationality, he, for the idea is over all Nations, peoples, outside of political institutions and blocks should be in the case of the new Messiah. Anyway, the finale looks threatening — Kal-El agrees to cooperate with the Pentagon "on their terms", that should inspire universal fear in the hearts of the inhabitants of those States suffer from the political ambitions of their leaders. Well so, on topical.

Total: Kinomax with unusual Arthouse flavor, with good actors, great music, and interesting allusions occurring in as you browse. But there is room to grow and develop. Considering how DC is not lucky adaptations, it — big move forward.

8 from 10

How much has Man of Steel made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $668,045,518.
How much did it cost to make Man of Steel?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $225,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Man of Steel?
This tv-show was directed by Zack Snyder.
What is the genre of Man of Steel?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Best movies 2013.
Who starred in Man of Steel?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, Russell Crowe.
What is Man of Steel IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
When was Man of Steel released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-06-14.