A young teacher, Adam and his wife Lisa expect replenishment in the family. In a moment the idyll of a happy couple falling apart. They are faced with the unknown evil that turns their life into hell. Hoping to get from pursuing their horror, Adam pleads for the help of parapsychologist Clark. Upon assuming the job, Clark realizes that the evil entity with which they are faced, more dangerous than he imagined. And then spouses revealed a terrible truth about this nightmare.

  • Michael Winnick

Release Date: 2018-08-09
IMDb icon 5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $3,500,000
Ruthie Joni
17 August 2018 | 09:23

To scare the viewers — wasn't simple. Sometimes it seems that kinodely prefer to go for already known scenario, not inventing anything new, as a result there is a growing sense that are same it was a long movie, only with different characters and BU effects in different places.

The same I waited, and from the movie Evil. Fairly typical description, banal plot and the main characters, as training manual. Here you are an expectant mother with fears absolutely predictable, absolutely typical husband-earner-clever and crazy sister of the protagonist, to engage a strange artifact in the form of Pandora's box. Our heroes myths of ancient Greece skipped school, so that the box was opened and started unknown to the Orgy, they are encouraged to understand the professors of the occult Sciences, which part-time (what a wonderful coincidence), works in same University, and the main character.

So, this story was would be excessively boring if not one thing — atmosphere. The atmosphere is really delayed, were forced to close their eyes and beauty chair of fear. The entire film is imbued with such frightening, oppressive atmosphere that forgive the banal plot. Closer to the middle of the movie the plot is inverted in a bizarre flourish, there is intrigue and the film is not only frightening, but and interesting. The ending is too happy — she is clearly alluding to the next part bold ellipsis.

I would also like to note the emotional intensity, stored in a film reliable behavioral tactics heroes. What would not skeptical would look at situation in the beginning, sooner or later begin to empathize with the characters — if you after tragedy, later, when they begin to "disentangle" the consequences.

In General, of the cinema I came out scared, but happy. Quite a while a new horror is not tickled me nerves elegant. And some memories of the game to still is a herd of ants. Yeah and the mirror I then another day two not fit.

And about the actors. Good (especially liked Bojana Novakovic), all was very typical and the nature of the characters played authentically.

Graphics are not particularly watching, been busy turned a blind eye to really bad moments.

8 from 10

Jodee Marr
10 August 2018 | 09:13

Adam and Liza is more than the light wanted to have a baby, and everything was going to what they'll finally become happy parents. But fate had other plans and the happy family had to endure the tragedy that is able to break anyone.

Deciding to turn the tragic page, and to start virtually with a clean slate, the characters are not expected these nightmares only begin. if not take no action, they fall in the network of the present evil. Realizing this, Adam and Lisa are invited to the home of the famous parapsychologist that he helped to banish the unwelcome guest back in the darkness. But in fact, the story of this moment is just beginning...

The Director Michael Winnick to work on "Evil" has put a pretty good Thriller with participation of Steven Seagal, and finally decided that will not too much to go to the territory of James WAN and to create opening for his career, the horror. In a sense, "Evil" is like "rosemary's Baby", there is in it something from "Curse" and"the Unborn". The winnick borrowed from the different films a good idea, but not too lazy to come up with for"Evil" some of the original features making difficult to predict what will await us in the final. Can happen anything, so as a happy ending in Hollywood already have not in the course, and that means voltage down to until the dark screen is not run the final credits.

I really liked that the main roles in the film called Josh Stewart and Bojana Novakovic. Novakovich I recently seen in the second "Skyline" where it I loved it. But from the Winnica actress has played his most memorable role. It is very difficult to be in the frame of a pregnant girl, which is hunting an invisible monster. Not even know I she is played, but Novakovic kept a stiff upper lip for her a special respect.

Well, Josh Stewart is always good. With since the "Collector" he special star is not was, but in strong starred properly, that me how things, no can not good. Weird-detached view Stuart as a handy to have the images in horror. Whether the same "Collector" or"Astral 4", or"Evil" Stewart is equally interesting and persuasive.

So if you want to tickle your nerves and to see good actors playing strong mystical story, then take the "Evil" in note expect to that the confrontation of light and darkness this time just not end.

7 of 10

Stevana Amadeo
20 August 2018 | 12:01

Otherworldly forces do not have no the slightest remorse before going to invade in someone's personal space and gradually the lime his victim if not to a psychiatric hospital, so the light. Acting subtly, with special invention and persistence, all kinds of ghosts, demons and spirits are never stop, go ahead and do not consider collateral damage, while not fulfill their frightening goal, the true meaning of which is to unfortunately, clear not always. Trying to find out the cause of obsessive attention to his person, the victim often does not give up any from what help, resorting to the methods and techniques that previously could seem sheer stupidity. The only trouble is that in a direct fight against evil fully rely on something is simply impossible. Even knowing all mystical rituals and prayers, there is a great likelihood that the demonic force will find a way and strike with the side which do not expect. And despite all the anxiety and fear, which is called uninvited guests from other worlds and dimensions, people continue to feed to it even when in their personal life, absolute peace and nothing portends ominous supernatural danger. The desire to get as close to understanding of the unknown lurking in human psychology since time immemorial. Such is our essence, lying in search of a safe nightmare playing on the nerves with the thirst-quenching dose of adrenaline without the possibility of becoming a victim of this deadly invisible forces. And because of the movies, a story about how people have to confront with evil it clean of supernatural manifestation was filmed in vast abundance, and yet nothing foreshadows that this thread ever runs out. Don't deny himself the opportunity to explore facets of the surreal also Michael Winnick, who took over the quite unusual, but a promising genre to test the limit of your abilities and along to scare impressionable audience another one blood chilling history. And although the tape is received in the national office the designation "Evil" is not can compete with recognized examples of horror like the similar some introductory data of "rosemary's Baby" and"the Exorcist" in the work of Michael Winnica all still have a few trumps for that when you wish you could grasp.

So, the plot of the film introduces us with a talented mathematician by Adam (Josh Stewart) who's happy to marriage charming Lisa (Bojana Novakovic) and is engaged in favourite business. which turns out at him best. After receiving an invitation to become a teacher of their subject in the provincial University, Adam decided not to throw this opportunity, so like them with the wife appeared a long time cherished the opportunity to leave a modest apartment in megalopolis settle in a luxurious country house, eliminating unnecessary neighbors and annoying the city. after moving to the new place of residence, the heroes hoped to get from life is all about what they wanted for so long, because in addition to the profitable position of Adam and extensive property, lease in soon had a baby, Oh they so long dreamed. However, something went wrong and pregnancy Lisa prematurely stopped that became the family a heavy blow, from which it is simply impossible to recover. Trying to get my thoughts in order, the heroes knew that the picture of the horror never leave them mind soon they realize the loss of a child was only the beginning of a nightmare, from which is not easy to escape. Appealing to a kind of invisible power, which is not going so just go back in his dark world, Lisa from all forces trying to keep hands to confront the aggressor in all possible ways, while Adam, born skeptic, trying to the end to believe that mysticism is not exist, and it seems inexplicable to those only on first glance. But what comes next situation, the clearer it becomes clear that in the house something is not so you must call a specialist, capable of adequate help. And such long in coming, opening young people's eyes to what our every moment of life are in danger, we often not even know.

The main hurt of history as you notice that a particular semantic innovation is not possess, however, Michael Winnick reason took over the horror, giving us to the extent a tense and exciting spectacle that teaches not to give up even in the face of a mere nightmare, and believe using the people who were previously considered not more than eccentric cranks. Of course, the moral of the film is not a revolutionary, she can be seen in each such history, and the at least we have to admit that  the"Evil" in clarity spectacular form brings to the truth is, seasoning the Director's thoughts rather intimidating quality episodes, some of which to take your Arsenal even James WAN. Slowly, consistently and thoroughly Michael Winnick expand the narrative, placing the emphasis where and building a mystical Thriller that tries to keep the viewer in constant tension. But though technical intimidating the perspective of the "Evil" looks very decent, he frankly not enough intrigue, which is the root. Literally in the beginning of the narrative Winnick shows us what it is in the future will be a nightmare, and one in this the most part to blame, but for all the mystery dissipates by itself. So that viewers had only to observe how Adam and Lisa struggle with unwanted guest, periodically to be frightened along with under the accompaniment of blowing up the silence with loud music and to hear inspirational speeches DelRoy Lindo who appeared before us in the form of a specialist in the paranormal. No, of course it is not worst possible, because Winnick feels great narrative and skillfully flavored its various dramatic details and outbursts of emotion, only this is not in order to keep us on the edge of the chair until the last frame in anticipation of spectacular and startling denouement. But again, no matter what  the"Evil" comes out of captivity of horror on one viewing and is a spectacle that fans of the genre should take notes.

Far not last role in a positive perception of the tape played by the leading actors. Bojana Novakovic not only that, pretty woman, still talented litsedeyka, who managed to authentically capture the experiences of a young mother tragically lost a child. Looking at her special problems, believe in the pain, which she fell, and because easily find the language with her. More cool in emotionally the way went to Josh Stewart, and still he successfully stood for the arena against the evil, because in addition to his Lisa at the isn't no defenders and so no time to play a notorious skeptic, and you must take the situation in the hands to fight, losing in which option is not considered.

6 from 10

How much did it cost to make Malicious?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $3,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie Malicious?
This tv-show was directed by Michael Winnick.
What is the genre of Malicious?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Horror.
Who starred in Malicious?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Bojana Novakovic, Josh Stewart, Delroy Lindo, Melissa Bolona, Yvette Yates.
What is Malicious IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.
When was Malicious released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-08-09.