Lucy in the Sky

After spending a few days in orbit, an astronaut Lucy, the stake returns to Earth to a loving husband and niece. All the usual things a woman seem small and insignificant, and now the only thing she wants more than anything is, once again, to go into space. Lucy becomes a party to prepare for the next mission of NASA, trains hard and is struggling to get into the team.

  • Noah Hawley

Release Date: 2019-12-17
IMDb icon 4.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | French | German | Latin
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $325,950
Carmelita Mulry
21 November 2019 | 10:04

I don't know not was the set, but while watching the film, one gets the impression that neither understand how to act. This everything seems to bidding somewhere on wall street, when all at the same time yelling and waving their hands. The synopsis of the movie blatantly lying, promising the story of a girl who after a long stay in space, riding the tower on the Ground. On we give suffering garbage the main character. Portman does not is tormented, not comes with mind of the world, he just hanging in the frame. All that makes her the heroine — something incoherent, ridiculous and bespontovoe. Play actress here nothing, because Hawley nothing posted, just jotted down some phrases that would be more useful to fans of acid and stamps than married to the girl-astronaut.

In "Lucy" is very bad hero and plot. Usually, most action heroes, carries in itself the idea, which good movies turns into the message closer to the final. Helps in this is always an actor in a leading role. It turns an abstract ground in accessible to the viewer action. Here all that pathetic, that like the charity ball, where the rich people eat and drink support of the poor. All these harsh actions of the heroine, whether an irresistible desire to have sex in the truck or steal weapons from the mother fit Hawley's desire to tell a story to the viewer so that it is fascinated found a response.

Who would not said, but often, we projected the events on screen of yourself. To call it the measure of a good story does not, but when all going on the course of the film, makes you ask the eternal question "What the hell?" — is not good for storytelling, and an open end as emphasises the futility of what is happening — like, all didn't need, therefore, to even finish not will. It is impossible to imagine that if someone us place Portman would do the same game. Her character was supposed to convey the chaos in a head and in the end gave Destro in frame.

Sad that a potentially good psychological drama, in the outlet was a bust with delusions of grandeur. Hawley, get back on the telly, there is nothing to play with the conductor, if not handle large lounge.

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Edi Reiss
28 October 2019 | 10:38

Movies about space, flying in space, return of the space missions and monsters in space just Nemer. And they continue to come out. The painting "Lucy in the sky" (and I want to append "...with diamonds") with Natalie Portman was going to be called "Pale blue dot". But despite that the original name sounds spectacular, updated, fits the film much more.

Lucy Cola — astronaut, she just returned from two-week mission in space is in a light existential crisis. Fortunately, there is a loving husband who understands and obediently takes a willingness Lucy a couple of years back space, then think about children. The woman immediately start training, but the longer Lucy on Earth the longer it training, the harder it to find a common language not only close, but and anyone a whole. Even though that charming colleague involves it in dealing with a group of other astronauts, Lucy pulls away more and more from to what used to people who are not been to space.

Often Lucy had been delayed for night, less sleeping — and not sleep at all. She dreams space or space dreaming about it definitely things on Earth, it find themselves not can — with the exception of preparing for the new flight. Less interest Lucy show husband, a niece who have her visits to a family home. It falls into an existential crisis, and is diverted, as may — not even the most suitable ways. Everything changes when the team appears in competition, and Lucy is given the internal chaos.

This film is not about space as he is not about how it looks is not about how there hard to fly. He about how it's hard to go back. It is not exactly posttrauma for returned war. But to continue to live as first, who was there is also not can. And colleagues Lucy are there. It sits them for beer — not could find the words to describe the feeling to pass as "returned". And colleagues understand it, even with the condition in a speech some interjections and repeated, "I don't know...". So continues for some time until the chaos Lucy, supported by special family circumstances, not breaks out. It should be noted, she was this: always a student, always first, always knows everything, keeps everything under control and even aligns the breath, repeating the circuit Assembly and checking all the systems of the suit. So always been — before. Now came after. And unlikely in this woman's life was at least some sense and any important goal. Except for one: go back to stars. A reason the title refers to the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds": with one side is the expanded abbreviation to LSD and other — the synonym of helplessness, flight, outside, somewhere in the unknown, for example, inviting bright stars. Indeed, when you look from afar on your house, a little blue dot in the dark, it seems that nothing matter — no domestic problem or even war; Yes and the sun rises every hour.

For example, Lucy, her crisis returning astronaut and competition within the training group's Director tells the story of a hypothetical person with problems this person could be anyone. The crisis happens, competition — also, problems in the family, discord in relationships, the goal that became the meaning of life — all standard set for any. Question: what with this set to do? One falls into the unstable state, someone moves on, someone asks for using gradually taxiing of the situation. Lucy in this case is distinguished only by the fact that she saw something that almost nobody else seen — and was there where almost nobody visited. Not be sure to flip after space life feet on the head, but sometimes the crisis as the situation is out of their control; with a small planet.

We experience with Lucy different phases of return. From relaxing of humility (acceptance) to the anger struggle. Even the film is divided: the more relaxed the first half and the second is very dynamic. Moreover, the film changes genre — just as changes Lucy herself: from melodramatic to the criminal-comical, bordering the Thriller. Changes of clothes for Lucy, her plans, reaction, solution. What W, change — is better than stagnation. However, sometimes the goal is not only makes you go further to develop, but and Vice versa — destroys human relationships, but sometimes life.

"Lucy in the sky" — drama the real roots: for the basis is the story of the abduction of one astronaut in which why-that has accused Lisa Novak (obviously, also an astronaut). What happened really, no one knows. Noah Hawley, showrunner of the beloved and beautiful "Legion" decided to dream up on this subject, involving a steep cast: undeniably beautiful Natalie Portman, your pet Dan Stevens, with every day is gaining popularity Zazie Bitts charming John Hamm. Turned out to be exciting, but still not for everybody. Not everyone will understand and want to understand throwing Lucy, where the starry sky is closer to family and home.

Laryssa Sundin
18 December 2019 | 11:58

In just a few short years Noah Hawley has made a name for on television. In 2014, this man took on an impossible task of adaptation of "Fargo" in the series is an anthology and that strangely, this gamble has paid off: the results were successful and Hawley has created one of the best modern series in our Golden age TV. Then followed the "Legion"; given the fact that superheroes are everywhere, it was also a non-trivial task, but and the Legion was able to find its audience. It has been a matter of time before Hawley efficiently prepare for full meter and own feature film.

The result was "Lucy in the sky" — project, based at the most part of life Lisa Novak, astronauti of the NASA. With February 2007 November 2009 lease was under investigation charges the attempted abduction of a man and even pleaded guilty. The idea looks interesting; the opportunity to undertake a study of the character on the background of the cosmos — just what you need a man like Hawley. Armed exciting talent to tell stories, so and visual skills, Hawley, seemed to be able high-quality to film this history. However, "Lucy in the sky" — a very bad film, which, according to everything outside of the comfort zone, creative Director and as a strange, misleading confusing the viewer. For its debut Director too often seeks to the space, but still returns to the Earth.

So, according to plot 2006 astronaut Lucy completed a long space mission and returned the Ground. She married drew — nice silly human. Together they are raising her niece Lucy, help hard my grandmother and share life. Lucy prepares for the next mission and suddenly finds romantic solace in the astronaut Mark. Feeling depressed due to adultery and other problems of life, consciousness Lucy slowly digested and her life spirals out of control.

"Lucy in the sky" claim to tell the audience the real story. The however, Hawley seemed to cut out all the narrative base on which to tell the audience the details of the incident. At this is not to accuse Hawley of the incompetence or lack of taste — Director emphasizes (especially visual), when in the film it comes to the inner world of Lucy or of the greatness of the cosmos. Game with the frame formats (and, for example, setting the main character clearly in the middle of the frame) creates a special environment and the right impression, but without history it is like a kind of cinematic foppery. It is not like the author's technique, but rather a student who just discovered the tools of video editor, although, admittedly, sometimes the Director is right to underscore what is happening on the screen.

Not very clear and conceptual targets Hawley. The story in the basis, of course, has the potential — here are a recurring theme of mental illness, and issues of female logic, and even a passion for space. The however, the script does not know how it right to give the viewer what does everything what is happening in the processes are inert. This effect on the main character — Natalie Portman. It seems that the actress is absolutely not suitable for the role of Lucy — it's just not the type. The actress did not seem to the bullets of the script. Meanwhile, Jon Hamm, on the contrary, fell into the role of lover astronaut, but its hero is really very remarkable; even wished the film was is dedicated to him.

At some point, seems he Hawley realized that the script fails — too much emotional turmoil. Had the Director to refer to the dubious visual effects (and, of course, cover versions of famous songs Beatles), as if emphasizing that his debut full-length came out empty. In the last twenty minutes of "Lucy" becomes it raw Thriller came out, it seems, exactly where initially tended Hawley, however, a dramatic shift too insecure in a common timing pattern. The merits of Noah Hawley last valuable, and the at least, according to this flat work, as Director of it long themselves not show: judging by the rumors in the Western sources, Mr. Hawley returned to television, where he seems to belong.

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How much has Lucy in the Sky made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $325,950.
Who is the director of the movie Lucy in the Sky?
This tv-show was directed by Noah Hawley.
What is the genre of Lucy in the Sky?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Drama.
Who starred in Lucy in the Sky?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Natalie Portman, Jon Hamm, Zazie Beetz, Dan Stevens, Pearl Amanda Dickson.
What is Lucy in the Sky IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.7.
When was Lucy in the Sky released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-12-17.