Lost Highway

Fred Madison, accused of murdering his wife Renee and sentenced to capital punishment. Shortly before the execution, he mysteriously disappears from death row, and in its place are confused and do not understand Pete Dayton. As he turned to the camera? Where did the killer? Released on freedom, Pete tries to return to everyday normal life, but instead it waits for the inexplicable, amazing imagination nightmare...

  • David Lynch

Release Date: 1997-01-15
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: FR, US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $15,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $3,703,548
Jennifer 8
Jennifer 8
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The Discarded
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IMDb icon 3.5/10
Mabelle Gaskill
22 February 2017 | 04:01

"Highway in anywhere" — dir. David Lynch (1997)

How I adore this signature style of Lynch. Ending it movies simply break the brain to parts are you at ease not at ease, go and wondering what was it? How did this happen? You're right or not?

Jazzman Fred Madison gets in jail. In one of rounds, the jailer notices that the camera sits does not Madison, and a young man pit Dayton, who does not remember is a loss. The police let him go, but it establish surveillance.

Just want to note the atmosphere of the film. Intensity, a kind of panic, fear, passion. Long shots. The monotonous development of the plot. Puzzle that you little by little trying to put together. And like here the picture is assembled, but no, the main circuits have a Director sit and wonder what it was supposed to be depicted.

Beautifully captured scene. Sometimes even not out of the ordinary. The actors play perfectly. By the way, about the actors. I watched three of the film David Lynch and all tapes actors are selected not much of the beauty of how the reliability. They all the charm. They are not images. They are the heroes. Have them their deficiencies in than a what that its advantages. They people who play people.

The musical part is also excellent. Fans of Ramstein and rock a whole like.

Minus of the movie in some of the slowness. It really was not once.

Of 9 10

Karilynn Deeann
22 May 2007 | 10:37

VasekVVV for David Lynch.

How would I bad not treated to the works of David Lynch, it (his work) a matter of respect, for that it does its not interesting, to me, but the original movie. What confirmed nominations the prestigious award, the call for large festivals and recognition among critics and ordinary movie lovers. The apotheosis of his work I think hidden "Highway in anywhere" in which admittedly it is confusing everyone, and possibly yourself.

VasekVVV for "Lost Highway".

To me the film is not like, yesterday, I said it again and put a rating 5 out 10, although made films that the audience is absolutely not like to assess the unit. But I then the man is sane, and realize film something good, not see this, for think this external encryption nothing is hidden, except for the attempts of the viewer put on their places, i.e., it is the unhealthy person, as the unit may in film no. And other deep targets laid down by Lynch in the emphasis is not see.

I.e. the question is, why shoot a movie, remains open. And option awards, festivals, critics and intelligent viewers, I think the Lynch should be refuted on the vine, for does not cause a strong respect for the Director initially dreaming of the prize (and I think this is it and shooting a film). Well, except Scorsese, who deserve and no wonder went to this, but movies Lynch often does not fit the format of the Oscars, still city like Berlin, Cannes, Venice.

David Lynch and society it.

Interested to get a bobblehead before, Scorsese continued to make movies up to retirement, most likely Yes, as and Lynch, which, removing why a movie like "the Highway" is not stops, so it again, something needs to tell the public, potential audience read it paintings. Only by showing the society is rotten, as the combination of heroes from his paintings, Lynch otslaivetsa on society. You is it nice? The man who kills his wife, looking for justification, not as in yourself, but that is how many other, the head of the hero of the Pullman, trying to find a motive, why he made, usually when the perpetrator has a motif. Man, he was obviously insane, not understand how can this be sentence to the death penalty, although the movie the death penalty is not hear, but one of the synopsis of the movie is exactly what was written.

What on how hero came to do this, as he was crazy and committed a crime. Very simple society it brought the party where the wife of the hero is far from him, pushes the hero on performing this step, it is his thoughts far from there, but where he who he he forget, turning into beyond the control of the car, in another person, is it difficult to keep the two heads one head?

Very difficult, yesterday criticizing the movie on the personal perception, today set out to find the moments that bring the film Lynch to clean water, with a little help from the "encyclopedia of the Lynch" that lies the topic of Lynch, on the Forum of IMDb. Trying to see a movie with the other hand, is cruelly deceived by the movie lover who shouts, was considered, who is looking for interesting in the bad, is every so, is it difficult to keep the two heads on one shoulder?

Vasek for VVV. Altering Lynch, the appearance of the Prince of peace.

-Hello, who is this?
-I VVV, you I don't remember?
-No, but I know you.
-Yes, we met.
-At home...
According to Lynch in my head))

VasekVVV for continuation of the journey through a highway... with anywhere... no reason...

Once you reach it to the end, I got without end. Yeah so, seeing yourself in the other person, the hero of Pullman, appears in another form, Lynch disguises of the hero, shows one of the chief characters, with its objectives and tasks, the hero is a young, unbridled passion, the guy gets a adventure, although is guided by animal instinct. What next: never trust women, beautiful women, according to than his girlfriend, the hero finds and rather the hero finds an attractive woman... At which also has its objectives and tasks, the hero is solely its not seeing beyond the nose and goes to the network (for the gifted — not the Internet), it becomes the hands of a cunning woman who is looking for a new life. The search for a wife this new life away from a married as it seems the hero of Pullman and gave it alone... it's Complicated. Yes. Watch this movie times force is not, therefore, those three piece, I watched a movie stayed in the past, you can stop, and find a new route for the highway, finding a specific goal and road will lead "nowhere".

VasekVVV with a hammer on the concrete.

Little hammer is not able to break a large piece of concrete, views on the film made yesterday and based on the personal perception of the film remains unchanged, and it is not possible to convince myself that creating is a movie-called by some fans as a masterpiece, Lynch not used the brains of others in the mercenary purposes. The gain here is not is synonymous with cash good luck.

Lynch and film.

Simple and the complex history of lynching different (very different) from "normal" movie, called me more than movies, compared with the balloon can also open a new world's complex history from other authors, those complicated films from like Von Trier's "Dogville" and"Manderlay of" in depression is not behind paintings of Lynch. It is bad for each individual movie lover looking for a simple and easy to complex — Yes, but for the public opinion put forward by the community of critics, fans of Lynch can be called the height of cinema, i.e., for they have good. I also understanding these two faces of perception of different people of the film, are so, for anyone is bad, but not off to watch a heavy movie, but is in which it doesn't want to rip my veins.

whether in the beginning, will end.

You will also think Lynch is a genius? Dr. wonder movies see...

now the funny thing is.

Given an idea to consider "Highway in anywhere" with two sides, I realized do not have, T. K. the film can be viewed with different positions do not understand anything, and you can say, well, I understood not aware of anything... I made the mistake of trying to Express their thoughts about the film on paper, someone reading the first part, could be taken too seriously, not taking into account that all written subjective opinion of the author, and someone reading the second, could think the author does not dismantled movie. The movie's all was dealt with, and I was looking for that in this is mine.


As Lynch is not call it, will be those who call it I will be in the last call it like this. "Highway in anywhere" proved to me that the Director original ideas can be considered a genius, but so people call people who are not everything, separate masses, society in General, uncontrollably, all not hard to please, that Lynch does not hit me, I don't see the talent in"hot air balloon", and someone sees the balloon in the films of Lynch...

P. S. or C S. in Albany it.

Sequel? Ever, "Highway in anywhere" an inexhaustible subject, to still (10 years was it?) relevant, but very complex.

5 from 10

Cally Brnaba
15 July 2010 | 08:54

Many do we know the movies that make us think? No, not just think for 2 minutes and really think, trying to unravel the mystery and construct a logical chain? I think with the move and such and not called. Now one movie I sure you can call it that, its called "Highway in anywhere".

About David Lynch I already had heard enough. And that's about "Highway in anywhere" I had to the list of 1000 best films of the world (in my opinion at the magazine EMPIRE). Title I really liked it and the reviews were almost not the bright. Therefore, his desire to me broke out even more. But here is justified if my expectations is hard to say.

Other films of David Lynch to me to see not had, so to say "it's in the style of" I can't. I have yet to meet with his work. But to be honest, I'm a few scares. A reason is in it.

Throughout the movie, I was as would be a misunderstanding of what is happening. Do I had the feeling that the characters live their lives and any way to explain me what happens is they clearly not going to. Every minute I thought, "well here now we will explain everything and tell. surely we are waiting for an unexpected end." And I understand what I was naive. No one was going to give us key to the solution on a silver platter with a gold platter. And in the end the only thought that went through me my mind was:" And what? And is that all?"

Lynch as saying "I made you a riddle. And be so good as to guess if you will have enough on it forces." And do I tried to solve. Tried for a long time, lying in bed and still probably half hours trying to collect all the links in a single chain. But not all they want to obey. I read reviews. But people have quite different ideas and explanations. And most just wrote something like "I don't understand, but watch Lynch is a genius!"

What grade to put I also no idea had. For in order to appreciate the movie, its first you need to understand. But I not understand. And the estimation of a move have three times. Fortunately, this morning saw one of the reviews that you can find the answer in Wikipedia. Here then my thoughts began to clear, and what I thought it was complete nonsense. But here there are several huge benefits. First: great atmosphere, holding in suspense. Second: great music. To this no complaints.

But there is in this film that it is strong, that what makes us to think. Perhaps the goal of the film was not appreciate it. Perhaps Lynch gives vent to our fantasies. Maybe just each of us imagine their understanding of events. And the task of the Director was just to give us food for thought.

Of 9 10

PS One ball removed all same for an incomplete understanding. Can all still it was necessary to give us a little hint, at least about the nature of the disease. But this is my opinion. But one thing I know exactly: to move away from this film I I'll still long.

How much has Lost Highway made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $3,703,548.
How much did it cost to make Lost Highway?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $15,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Lost Highway?
This tv-show was directed by David Lynch.
What is the genre of Lost Highway?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Mystery.
Who starred in Lost Highway?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Bill Pullman, Patricia Arquette, John Roselius, Louis Eppolito, Jenna Maetlind.
What is Lost Highway IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was Lost Highway released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1997-01-15.