Lords of Chaos

Norway, 1987. The young man who calls himself Euronymous, trying to create a new direction of heavy music Norwegian black metal. He founded the band Mayhem finds the perfect vocalist from Sweden, but soon he commits suicide. Euronymous organizes the so-called Black Circle, a society for their own, where takes the newcomer by the name of Christian, but calls himself Varg. Varg believes that the real black metallers need not be limited to songs with satanic lyrics, but to act, for example — to burn the Church.

  • Jonas Åkerlund

Release Date: 2019-02-08
IMDb icon 6.5/10
  • Country: NO, SE, GB
  • Language: English
Kathryne Sverre
02 March 2019 | 12:02

If the phrase "true Norwegian black metal" you say something that the events that lie in the basis of "Lords of chaos", not be news. If not, it is worth noting the uninitiated viewer, that this the most... uh, andegraudnym genres was how much trouble, many a curious, though because people have its origins. Quite a large number of contradictory personas in this direction was fond of "interesting" things like Satanism or Nazi paraphernalia. Well, in the early ' 90s, events reached a boiling point, when the musicians began to burn the Church, and one of the founders of the genre of the name of Christian Varg Quisling Larssen "Count Grishnackh" Vikernes (aka just Varg) some time was considered the most cruel and dangerous man in Norway and this day is referred to one of the most infamous musicians in the world. To shed light on the story volunteered by Director Jonas Åkerlund who is familiar with  the"dark" scene not by hearsay: in the early 80s, he was a member of the metal band Bathory, then directed music videos. That right, Okerlund really has the cinematic range from hard Thriller to black Comedy in this frightening drama about how unsure imagine the boys face off evil.

So, the cheeky guy at the nickname Euronymous swears that it — the embodiment of evil. To really is not so: the son of the wealthy parents, who happen to be born in quiet peaceful Norway, just "throws a tantrum" or trying to bring in the world of ordinary people what they lacks — chaos. Its eccentricities are limited to conversations about Satanism, Yes, the desire to frighten old ladies on the streets of Oslo. His group Mayhem — a new word in the genre, especially for such a conservative rock scene in Norway in those years. Yes, first they outsiders, but sooner or later it comes thank. Where the glory, there followers, where loyal fans, there and the thirst for musicians to treat their fans with something new and already there until accidents happen.

"Lords of chaos" is not is the movie holiday destruction. In General, the adaptation of events of one of the most unpleasant days in the history of world music (Yes, the type of the climax of the "Lords of chaos" music critics sometimes call it so) is a difficult task. Participants Mayhem, if you believe the information of the Internet "Wikipedia", was indeed dashing guys cut themselves on the stage, cut off the pigs head and etc. When they also borrow from my parents machine that had access to concert, and jackets patches Scorpions, because this group has, see, the unpopular. The writers also wisely passed and the worldview of the characters: their views, consisting of paganism, Satanism and Nazism not stand up to scrutiny. All together, this generates the correct thoughts about that still worth it for any undergroundin over; why some people, in particular young people want to be "posers" and where it can lead.

Between scenes of violence there are moments that turns the "Lords" in penetrating Comedy. Yes, in spite of entourage over-the-top at times, the level of violence is more like Comedy the boys, eager at any price to become popular due to the forces of evil. You can make the argument that of the whole gang only two real villains (Yes, one so they not exactly Euronymous), and society was lucky — the only real mistakes of home-grown Satanists was selfish and stupid.

Interesting and little known story, unfortunately, sometimes fails because of the choice of direction and tone. The film, intentionally or not, resembles a protracted clip, made in the spirit of these black metallers. There is a strong scene of violence: a creepy episode of the suicide of one of heroes, murder and many other daring and dangerous moves. At this event somehow romanticists, from what is terribly neudobno.

Emory Cohen was faced with a challenging — make Varg Vikernes threatening person, but not operetta maniac. The task becomes doubly difficult, knowing that nowadays Varg became a man-meme, yeah compare with the source is easy: Count Grishnackh willingly maintains a blog at YouTube, where he speaks about everyone, including the premiere of "Lords of chaos". Cohen, however, is found, especially in several spectacular scenes. From the singer sky Ferreira in the role of a friend Euronymous enough screen time to generate interest. The Euronymous played by Rory Culkin — the actor is talented in this role, although the time of the of that brings pain, suffering and death, it tends to the black clouds of ego. With the other hand, is perfectly played on the author's idea.

As public opinion on a marginal movement, "Lords of chaos", of course, not to shed light on the problem of destructive societies for young people, but the film is definitely thrilling. Perhaps for the transfer of the spirit or other movement not is limited to the strict confines of subculture. Disturbing and unshakable reality of the "Lords of chaos" shows the difference between playing in the bad guys and real evil that leads to some reflections: music not may be the cause of aggression; evil corny, so that its origins are far more prosaic. Music also gives us feel that someone else feels so well as we are. What to do evil... Satan also may not be hearing. Here forge metal!

7 of 10

Vanny Rachele
29 August 2019 | 06:06

Well what to say? Utterly glamouranna, sleek and devoid of any depth mainstreme movie is not what you expect a biopic about some of the most scandalous and controversial phenomena in the world of heavy music. The film is based on historical work and blah claims status sort of a biopic about one of the iconic rock star, but did he really trying too hard to properly "get into the genre" and correctly with common clichés of films about crime music than to actually talk about real life, real people.

For example, in as in real life Euronymous and Grandfather had a rather strained relationship and some even suspected in the first pushing the second to the suicide, in the film they relationships are so simplified as possible. Even more, the Grandfather, whom even the Euronymous was considered a total psycho, literally turned here in his best friend and even a moral guideline. He same Euronymous of the controversial, overly theatrical personality with a certain sprouts megalomania, has actually been turned here in a tragic fallen angel. Up to such an extent that in the very criminal moments of our hero more like over hit on cover any "On the Crest of a Wave" than the man who allowed himself to use threats in as reported termination.

But who in this film has suffered from fantasy writers the most, so it is Varg. Never been a fan of this man and even something despise him, but looking at "then" in the authors have turned it character I even became his as a pity. One of the most iconic right-wing radicals and extremists of rock music, was developed here in the sort of the flying with coils of a teenage metalcore that first attempts to repeat over the senior, and then they say, becoming "holier than the Pope".

The film is almost with regard to the contribution of other groups and people in Norwegian black metal, it is not even with regard to the contribution of Varg and Euronymous in it. Moreover, we are almost not openly say that Mayhem allegedly invented genre and has been fundamental in this group. However, the authors still more interested in purely memetichnaya moments of the genre like the madness and tanatofilia Grandfather than the real music here is utterly sterilized, for what it sounds even more sterile than much less brutal death metal. Who in the same the film Euronymous calls posed entertainment for the kids, the irony!

As a result, the story of the most scandalous group of one of the most controversial genres were turned into&pretty cheap popular youth drama, where not the most pleasant and friendly personality was turned into creating beautiful crime glamorous boys in glamorous fit and fashionable biker rags, because of what the heap of moments, all it looks even more aesthetically romantic than "Led and Nancy." Considering "the source", the movie could get a deep and even quite interestingly to develop a theme of dualism outrageous and marginal views in the radical extreme music, however, is clearly bothered to make a film is too simple and fashionable youth.

6 from 10

Evvy Dric
27 February 2019 | 06:12

Osteen is living in Oslo enterprising young man in his teenage years the boy is actively working on the benefit of heavy metal filling the spaces of his soul and the realities of life Affairs in the benefit of darkness, the goat horned and darkness of everything. This history of the band Mayhem, curiously, I like a fan of the genre of black metal has always had fair idea what it's like to make a documentary about the pioneers of the genre. But benefit from the excessive fanaticism on the group I separate summer life experience, not already ardently burning my spirit of black metal as it was blessed is zero. Well so, back to our sheep.

Euronymous, I have to say is radically different from the living on all Nordic Norway home of metal, because it really does something for the movement. In particular has a good material base in the face of wealthy parents, money which has the ability to contain a small shop rock paraphernalia, mainly, of course satanic persuasion. And this by itself is what sets the Euro among the General Norwegian metal crowd, and that is the glory of it, and the staff goes to mount, spun a series of commemorative events, including the brave Swedish guy brought to the team first, glory, funeral quotes. But then, what happens is that enter the name of the group of the characters of history in the annals of metal, culture, well, makes known precisely. In the group suggests a naive boy Varg, with the aim to join black art. Euronymous also being in the height of his fame, in every way trollii boy and revels in self-importance in the metal community. Nothing remarkable, just count Grishnackh does not forgive and not forget...

And that suddenly cool, for example I will explain. Being a seventeen year old teenager origanum strongly stoked for beliefs Varga.. . actively rereading it of speech, more became years, the greater the degree of predisposition passed on the side of the victim of Astana. Because as it posed the ideology retreated to the background giving place to the realities of life and values. Music its just music..

And here's first of all, I liked the build of the psychology of conflict, there is the that's it. Euro makes a good point that work must be even and commercial profitable, and quickly uses the PR machine that very sad Varga, Koy perceives the essence of the black movement as much as serious literally seeks to become the most that not have a RUB. And funny teenage the essence of the worldview of Christian Vikernes played a very positive and natural. See the child more than self a leader. The desire to show pathos instead of the real deal. And Rory Culkin embodying Euronymous, suddenly pleased because, places and habits like the plague on the original. Ekelund the same with the crowd is familiar not by hearsay and so the spirit of time moved on the screen by scrupulously copying the atmosphere of the memory transfixing footage of the most nordicum cold and gloom of a deadly emptiness.. Yes well you just went out, again, music video Director to dip me in the story to see where this spark led to cutting out the iconic figures in the genre. The world of cold Norway where was born evil, authentic beauty in the frame step, where t copying and somewhere minimally transforming already familiar with the story, Jonas has drawn his vision, somewhere, demonstrating in a new light and thus the film leaves for shot veri Gud, and not izobiluet features clear onli mitoll-party at this watch can not even knowledgeable about Mayhem story individual.

Who is the director of the movie Lords of Chaos?
This tv-show was directed by Jonas Åkerlund.
What is the genre of Lords of Chaos?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Horror, Biography, Anticipated, Best Drama Movies 2019, Best Horror Movies 2019.
Who starred in Lords of Chaos?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Rory Culkin, Emory Cohen, Jack Kilmer, Sky Ferreira, Valter Skarsgård.
What is Lords of Chaos IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.5.
When was Lords of Chaos released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-02-08.