Looking Glass

Ray with his wife bought a secluded Motel in the desert in the hope to start life with a clean slate. But the peaceful and measured life slowly begins to crumble when ray discovers double mirror through which you can see everything that happens in one of the rooms. And when the Motel lost charge, then the suspicion falls on the owners.

  • Tim Hunter

Release Date: 2018-02-16
IMDb icon 4.6/10
  • Country: CA, US
  • Language: English
Madelena Donough
09 March 2018 | 09:47

It's already not funny. The once-beloved actor with a powerful charisma, turned into a mockery, acting in movies that would be better was not removed. Is the financial situation of Nicolas cage is so heavy that it takes all anything to get back?!

Directed by Tim hunter, specializing in mainly the series (and it would be better he continued to stay in the TV field), can now be proud of, because in his nondescript Thriller starred Oscar-winning actor class fighters of the past (unfortunately, now you have to remember only the past work of cage).

"Mirror" — this is a film without beginning with no end. The Creator decided to catch up with mystery, inviting the viewer of the two main characters — couple ray (cage) and Maggie (Robin Tunney), who are trying to escape from previous life, buy a Motel in a small town and trying to build a simple business away from multi-million cities. Something from what they run will be further shown through flashbacks (so Tim the hunter decided not to surrender to the detailed story about the fate of the heroes, thinking that a brief explanation will be enough).

Soon ray finds an interesting item: through the mirror in one offer you watch guests. God! Yes it was the dream of every second abnormal — observe how someone gets fucked, walking naked and starts to masturbate or something! Ray, being Pervy look very normal person, suddenly becomes so abnormal and is experiencing an overwhelming excitement from peeping rather than from sex with wife. It's possible that Tim hunter tried to show that in family life, spouses are not all so smoothly ray trying to find satisfaction, for , the is not less than remaining faithful to his wife. So or first to head comes the idea that the hero of the cage is just an unhealthy obsession with the peeping...

When one of the female guests of the Motel is lost, and her body found in the desert, suspicion falls on the main characters, and ray attempts to get to the truth, trying to show off his erudition. So the Director offers the viewer a kind of mixture of detective and Thriller. The part of the first genre hunter happened obvious mistake, because the detective line in the"Mirror" is weak and vague. A small number of secondary characters that could come on the role of the killer doing his job and to identify the murderer not possible. Already with the first appearance of one of the minor characters becomes clear who is behind murder. And that it the motives... Motives remain unclear up to the very end, because it turns out later, it isn't his first murder. What is it? Craving for violence interwoven with an abnormal desire to murder? "Decide for yourself", — says Tim. hunter, also leaving the scenes fact about the double mirror: why the former owner would want to spy on people? Why this mirror was only in one room? Why he broke their homes after a long period after the first murder and decided to run away right now, as the killer and unaware that there is a witness its excesses? Of course, as in case couple ray and Maggie, the Director tries to briefly about all of this story, but it is to do so bad that better he never tried that.

The Thriller genre in"the Mirror" is also not tenable. The attempt to catch the intriguing moments by dead pigs, a showdown in bar and suspect the owners of gas stations don't produce a good. The problem of a new to town local luminaries look out of place (it is in the intention of the Director was to be a second storyline that leads the viewer on the wrong track) and leads to a dead end. Overtaking fog around the relationship between ray with the local, the Director is not developer's direction, restricting only a couple of scenes in middle and at the end. The elements of harassment and intimidation undertaken "Hillbillies" are presented as if they got to some other film and put the "Mirror", thinking that it would be better.

Started without the beginning of the movie, ends like in the USA and decided to pass the buck to hell, leaving everything behind (God is with them with things, but make it documents can be zhezh was to capture). All anything, but the ending is presented so that it is possible to kill someone and just go on. What difference then will establish a consequence, all you will be able to push on self-defence. What difference would be long to explain why in one of the rooms have a double mirror, and in the room the corpse of a representative of one of the power structures?! What difference in your past was dark episodes that can be represented as the history imposed on your personality a bad mark, but that might doubt self-defence... And what? You — a maniac, watching the guests. You see a pretty girl, kill her, hide the body in the desert it turns out that have a witness. You and kill, furnished with all as self-defence and so on.. But I guess the Director and script writers such moments your mind just don't like here and turned out a movie that not is absolutely no value in arts is neurilemoma and netdetective with negotiations a story of complex family life of the main characters.

However, to watch You. Your opinion is not impose.

Pleasant viewing.

3 of the 10

Kellyann Cobby
19 February 2018 | 01:32

While watching this movie, such a definition is constantly spinning at me mind. Someone dependent on sex, someone — from the constant contemplation of another's intimate life. But all around continue to pretend that absolutely nothing happens. In General, the inhabitants of the town — quite strange people. They don't ask any questions, does not differ sociability, although outwardly quite friendly and friendly. However, for some reason constantly not the feeling of some "ominous silence". In the air all the time was anxiety that that's it, will produce a bombshell. Tim the hunter could use this the atmosphere of the discharge, but it's that the film is almost completely absent as such.

Only 50 minutes the plot of the movie somehow begins to gain momentum when there is a line of inquiry. However, investigation the full sense of the word to call it is quite difficult: hints between words, a symbolic "gifts", but a strange coincidence. It seems that most of the characters — communicating completely random people because they do not wait at least a clear their lines as and explanation of the complete absurdity that happening in the final. The viewer simply deceive, not even trying to connect the knots of a rope, and simply leave the English, like the heroes of this film. In the end, the final was extremely disappointed.

Hero Nicolas cage with a faceless face all the time haunting possession of the property, clean the pool, repair the shelf and outweighs the picture. He had a pair of three words with a fad cleaner that comes to him in most erotic dreams, mysterious, seductive blonde, on our character that it throws sidelong glances because of its stand, right sex addict truck driver Tommy. The latter appears with an enviable regularity, constantly requires one and same 10-th number, and obviously hiding something. Still have not less strange the owner of the shop for door his three sons with a stern look.

Ray and Maggie have recently lost their teenage daughter's death which up to still does not give them to sleep. Them the marriage gave the crack, because ray and decided to buy a quiet hotel away from the civilization in order to be able to start all over again. What is not a dramatic story? However, Nicolas cage is not showing the film is almost no emotion. It the behavior I would call constantly depressed, because there are scandals or attempts concerns about his wife looked equally smooth in emotionally. Game Robin Tunney is also not were quite diverse.

Interestingly, the Director specializiruetsya exclusively on serial products, and "Mirror" in fact, the first feature film by Tim hunter for the last fifteen years. Without doubt it could not to make their mark. In scenario the plan "Mirror" is also not devoid of flaws and at times is frankly puzzling. Couple brutally scandals at the too early deceased daughter, ray is killed due to the fact that not can survive her death, but after ten minutes both happily annealed casino have fun on the fullest.

"Mirror" gives the impression of low-grade passage from a Thriller movie on one viewing, which attracted by the fact only famous actors that long lost its former glory, but still retained their loyal fans. What W pleasant view, art lovers Nicolas cage, for all others this is clearly passing the film does not advise.

5 from 10

Leona Paulette
11 May 2018 | 02:22

The last movie with Nicholas to put it mildly not failed. Bureau of humanity — boring and uninteresting, Mother and dad — unfunny and stupid about Man is a wolf even talking. Except that Revenge. A love story more or less fit. However, I still trying not to miss out on the latest from the cage, hoping to scratch that it is sensible, and maybe just for past years cage continued to watch its movies. And now, having learned about the release of the film the Mirror, I started view.

The couple recently Sharonova your child, not without skeletons in the closet, buy from suspicious uncles roadside Motel. She and it, the hero cage finds a hidden door, in which through a double mirror, you can watch the guests 10-th number...

Directly to the conclusion — in General, liked the movie, except that a weak ending. And so the film kept in suspense, slow plot development that only the benefit of the film. However, I believe that this role for cage, though, and know that Nick not top because it is taken for such as in the movie the Man is a wolf.

Than the movie reminded me of Vacancy on the victim, and the second part, as a prequel called Jobs.

If you walk through the actors, the with cage clear: over 50, the best years were in the late 90s — the beginning of zero, when came hits such as passengers 60 seconds, the Rock, Without faces, con Air, national Treasure and etc. In the last time a slag in mostly.

Robin Tunney, with which I met her after the role of the lawyer Veronica from the first season of Escape, played perfectly, however almost all of movies her participation failed, and picture it never spoil. You may recall the end of the world, Sorcery and my very favorite movie Vertical limit, but again it's all the movies 15-20 years ago, the last 10 years it anything sensible.

The other actors don't know they played yourself. The actor, who plays the Sheriff, infuriated with a terrible force.

Directed by Tim hunter shoots in the main series, his last a feature film is already dated 2007. But had a hand in the shootings of such TV series as all serious Wayward pines, Gotham, Sons of anarchy, Creek, Riverdale and other pretty good series. This film was made well, but again the ending could harder to create.

As a result, I liked it. From the film not expecting anything, but got a decent movie.

6 of the 10

(took off a few points for the ending)

Who is the director of the movie Looking Glass?
This tv-show was directed by Tim Hunter.
What is the genre of Looking Glass?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller.
Who starred in Looking Glass?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Nicolas Cage, Robin Tunney, Marc Blucas, Jacque Gray, Kassia Conway.
What is Looking Glass IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.6.
When was Looking Glass released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-02-16.