Listen to Me Marlon

A unique audio portrait of a brilliant actor. The filmmakers managed to get access to the source — the Brando audio recordings made by the actor at home, during business meetings, press conferences, and also (attention! ) of hypnosis and psychotherapy. Brando was a famous eccentric, despised their own glory and who was in a difficult relationship with their chosen profession; all these faces come to life in the narration of the monologues of the actor, the intimacy which reaches the utmost degree mental nudity.

  • Stevan Riley

Release Date: 2015-07-29
IMDb icon 8.2/10
  • Country: GB
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $516,337
Delia Claude
01 February 2016 | 10:24

Who better to talk about a brilliant actor and a difficult person in Marlon Brando than he is. Here such a possibility had documentary Stephen Riley, in whose hands got countless recordings of the actor from different years, including revelation tapes analysts. With help them develops compelling story of the thought of life Brando, made virtually they themselves. In addition to the predictable slaughtering structure of almost any star of the documentary film, — thinking about not so happy childhood (his father fought), the teaching of the Stanislavski system from the actress Stella Adler, the first success in movies, zahlest glory, the flirtations, even at the time of the interview, hasty engagements, inappropriate conflict with the studios Directors (of course), — also Marlon mentions the first children's love of the governess, about their worst movies ("Superman", "candy"), active participation in black demonstrations, along with Martin Luther king and Indian resistance, up to that publicly refused an Oscar for the godfather because of unworthy treatment of the film industry to the Indians. Well and the children, of course, which is probably associated with the most unpleasant moments of the film — the background show reports from the crime scene and from the courtroom, signalizaciya the consequences of failed marriages Brando. And what ever need to pull out all the dirty Laundry on display?

The most kinda a documentary Riley — how changes the look of Brando on his profession. From the initial energy and such gold for any cinefan words as "you can't always use cliches. To do so, to let people know how you will behave in the next moment. You need to make an effort to captivate the audience and to stop the process of consuming them popcorn" to a quick disappointment in the industry, where not, to him, no great movie and the whole point is to producing sedative lies and making money. Beliefs are accompanied by the loss of that it is difficult to say when others really like your game, as, for example, in the case of an Oscar for "the port" where Brando was clearly not satisfied with her performance, the resentment that some Directors intentionally smear your game smooth background, srachi with Coppola on the correspondence of the scene in"Apocalypse" (if Frank's other problems was not enough), and bespontovoe excercise the numbers of the last years with a hex in the earpiece. Some of this of course is true, something more than the personal opinion of a famous recluse. But it is encouraging to hear in his old age, Marlon still realized that some complications in life went out and it's their own fault. And then, tired of the handsome men with big egos. I a warrior of goodness and light, and an all around asshole.

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Karola Clim
05 February 2016 | 04:23

A very unusual documentary about the great actor, took Steven Riley — but it is unusual that the story is told by the "celebrant" — Marlon Brando. He recorded a voice recorder your thoughts or talked to myself with a film throughout his life, and these rare, indeed intimate record we hear the film.

Difficult the path of an actor, though we seems that trade "Bohemian," and I get success, fame and money is very easy and it was a grief not know — live enjoy. The life story of Brando denies these views speculation. Messed-up childhood, difficult relationship with parents with roles, society, myself... Life Brando as though she looked like a shot a Shakespearean tragedy. Yeah, he was an incredibly complex character, even his mother used to say: " Living with him — is like climbing greased pole in war-torn Shanghai", it has managed to quarrel even with the Directors, forcing to rewrite the script or improvised, completely ignoring the already written replica of its hero. But with all the complexities of character, he was the incredible wisdom within, without a drop of vanity and with a high degree of indifference to a lot of things. In addition, in narrative, you may notice a couple of master classes for acting, which, undoubtedly, is to take note — Marlon was a precursor of the Stanislavsky system.

Most importantly, we see in this biographical tape is not even the story of the great actor, and as people change on their entire life. This understand how it is important to be honest with a and others like it is the attitude of parents and education and it may affect fate personality. Experience of the film lasting — the ribbon is striking in its intimacy, this is not even like a documentary film, it like an evening conversation where you are silent and listening legendary actor sits in front of you and talks about their lives. How would be sad not was so don't want to see a movie ended and Marlon stopped talking. Thanks to Stephen Riley for possible to be close with a legend, Marlon Brando.

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Georgetta Bartie
16 November 2015 | 05:41

I had a fear that all dead and just pretend to be alive.

We often look at famous actors and Directors, as the superior beings who are beyond grief, confusion and lack of confidence. But true to that many of them was marked by a huge number of difficulties and tragedies, and happiness was available for them no more than for mere mortals. This is especially true relation to actors and Directors, whose the peak of popularity came in the fifties and seventies of the twentieth century. In the years of his great popularity Brigitte Bardot was a deeply unhappy man and tried to kill a lot of times, even being pregnant with his son Nicolas. Paintings Deneuve in youth experienced a deep tragedy when its sister horribly killed in a car accident, and since then zareklas never really approach to face a similar loss again. Jean Seberg committed suicide with a tired of blackmail and emotional pressure from the FBI is not were pleased that she supported the radical left. The history of many celebrities of the time could become the basis for films, no more dramatic ones that have brought them fame. Such was the life of Marlon Brando — the fate of American actor was riddled with tragedies with the start to the end of life's journey. To make a film about his story documentary filmmaker Steven Riley. The painting is called "Listen to me, Marlon" and became the fifth work in the career of the Director.

Despite that Steven Riley was listed as the Director of the film, the true story-teller himself is Marlon Brando. The film is accompanied by audio recordings made by the actor, in which he thinking about past, present and future. "It should be noted that it — a complex man, a lone, besieged by memories. He is in the state of confusion and sadness, isolation and insecurity. He is so wounded that do not can function in he gets a mechanical doll" — describes itself Brando in the early paintings. It is the starting point, the words that will be relevant for any period of its life, from childhood up to old age. The child, in love with his mother, who in turn is really passionate to alcohol. A young man who hates his father, unable to experience love in principle. The man, who arrived in new York "holes in his socks and holes in the head", confused and lonely. The actor, who has achieved success which is the dream of many, but found the top is even more ugliness than in the lower. A fighter for the rights of man standing on the battlefield with black and the Indians, knowing the even more world of injustice. An old man, not managed to run away from his past and faced with what was always afraid of when the world he hated, I devoured the innocent souls of its children. "Listen to me Marlon" is not a story about the spotlight, celebrities and important roles. It rather sad song about a man who sought the peace of the whole life.

Imagine that find a huge box of vintage photographs, which depicted all the stages of life of the individual. And now imagine that his voice rapidly invades in your head and tell you about these photos, moments and episodes. The film "Listen to me, Marlon" does just that, combining image and voice, which together are able to delight and your eyes and your mind and even your curiosity. Being a very private person in life, Marlon Brando tells you already many years later, after his death, with candor, about you could not even dream of. New work by Stephen Riley can be put in a row with the recent documentary "Amy" directed by Asif Kapadia, a story about the rise and fall of Amy Winehouse. Both these pictures — incredibly personal, sincere and live movies with a unique atmosphere, and them people have been dead a long time, be a bit livelier, and their voice is like in and a figurative sense, all still hear and not going to shut up.

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This tv-show was directed by Stevan Riley.
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