Lethal Weapon 4

The protagonist Riggs waits, he hopes, the son of Lorna Cole, and Roger — grandson. They were given the rank of captains, both are already feeling the age, but an adventure to live. Once the detectives go fishing, during which notice the ship with the Chinese refugees.

  • Richard Donner

Release Date: 1998-07-10
IMDb icon 6.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Cantonese | Mandarin
  • Budget: $140,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $285,444,603
Carmina Woodford
17 January 2011 | 09:00

"No, Rog, I'm sure, that we're not too old. for this sheet!", — Martin said to his partner in the rest-time after the hard training in the gym. "Como, let's repeat it together: We're not too old. for this sheet!.."

"Lethal weapon 4" Released in... now distant 1998, this ribbon first the weekend's almost paid for itself, justifying its rather high budget of hundred thousand theaters in the worldwide and America — in particular. Why — about 2/3 of the audience, watched once, in the late ' 80s, "Lethal weapon", to still kept the love and honored the memory of the good old LAPD partner — Roger Merafe and Martin Riggs. And that is why many people with pleasure went to view the long-awaited continuation of a favorite action movie of the past, the bright continue a series of films, in abundance containing the spirit and atmosphere of the past period.

Well, despite his "late exit", this belt is made in the style of militants and action-Packed paintings of the 1980s — with a twist, with the eternal original and irreplaceable sense of humor and a share of sentimentality, and also a kind of romanticism. Whether to talk about the characters that are so happy "to revive old", to indulge in all serious, again hunting for dangerous criminals, crossing out all the plans preventing card hardened criminals and even whole syndicates not forget to join the fierce firefight and always take part in crazy races and fights.

Yes, our heroes have not young, Yes, they feel the relentless running time and the imminent aging, and even sooner, I think his departure on retirement. But they are still very far from accounts, because our police are still gambling, active, still full of enthusiasm and desire to throw at the convenient features of criminals on the different angles, ask rustle the bad guys, and also ruin floor Los Angeles, catching the bad guys or, on the contrary, taking with them the dangerous game catch-up. Martin and Roger are so attached to your tokens and his favorite work, is so United with each other, that it seems that the rest never come and the eternal couple two police officers in the face of the explosive Riggs and calm Mercata forever will guard LA and stand on the protection of the law and order.

But unfortunately, nothing forever, yeah and family duty compels: Martin finally creates a happy family and with sweetheart Lorna is expecting a child, well, Roger, the most of the time, try to itself the role of "grandpa" because of his daughter Rianne is also pregnant and expecting a baby from the detective Butters out there (!), that clearly not happy future grandpa. In General — life — Leo again comes up with a different kind of adventure, not forgetting to help his friends, police in discharging call of duty, trish, as always, cares about his restless wife, and Roger worried about guys — like new cases not done and certainly not God forbid, somewhere started using again. All as in the good old times, here is only time, regret not even spare heroes and even such nice guys as our favorite Rog and Martin.

But, to happiness, sadness and longing to flash fading away and flies back home, when our cops go on the trail of the all-powerful Chinese mafia "Triad", which turns dubious and so obviously illegal transaction on the North American continent, in particular, West coast in Los Angeles. Here and then the real adventure begins, and our guys once again remember the wonderful and great days that is called "not to avoid incident". And again Riggs and Murtaugh get into trouble again, they can an astounding success out of problems ticklish situations, as always, triumphantly, together with law, and justice. At this time, however, is not without serious injuries, deep wounds and serious injuries that wasn't way characters and the viewer to enjoy "happy ends om" and the Grand finale, as if summing totals and the resulting line all the adventures and incredible events inseparable pair of police officers from Los Angeles, those the only a unique Martin Riggs and Roger Mercata...

Although, as you know in it does not the end of our adventures inseparable and forever young heroes, after all, I more than 'm sure that, like the audience, the performers of the main roles, and directed by Richard Donner, also suffer bouts of nostalgia, bright sadness and longing for good old times for those characters, destined to live forever in our hearts and in our minds. And it is therefore possible imminent release in light "Lethal weapon 5", which will allow the viewer to see Mel Gibson in the role of the cheerful and always active Riggs, and also Danny Glover in the roles considered, but not without a sense of humor Mercata that again have the fifth time, said it would be easily recognizable and causing a smile the phrase "We're not too old. for this sheet!.."

Clary Gabriela
15 August 2013 | 07:39

Martin Riggs is waiting for his son from Lorna Cole and Roger from his daughter - grandson. Both are already feeling the age, yearn for peace. Not have finally gave the rank of captain. Their life is like entered the right direction. But no adventure of the old partners in the definition is not can. At this time they accidentally crossed paths with the Chinese mafia that print fake money. And the triad decides to remove the annoying American cops with roads.

-"My daughter is not may be pregnant - she has not yet another.
 — Well, apparently it believes that one other than associated." (C)

In 1998 in rolling out the fourth, and last (probably have finally) part of the popular Saga "Lethal Weapon". Previous appeared in 6 years before. For this time Mel Gibson and Danny Glover playing the iconic heroes of the partners Martin Riggs and Roger Murto noticeably aged. So the plot of this film revolves around the fact that both character was "too old for this shit". And for the final (and was originally conceived) is suitable handy.

"License! Right! A urine test!" (C)

Technically the film is flawless. The biggest budget in the series (he grew up from picture to picture) did the trick. Here and chase, and shooting explosions and fights. And all sorts of difficult action stunts masterfully staged by stuntmen. To watch a movie not on your Nelly not boring. The operator switched again. Now it's Andrzej Bartkowiak (now known as directed by TV-action Steven Seagal), and he made the film easier in visual terms than the predecessor. But this film and does well out on the picture of the series of the previous paintings. But when you consider that former composer-Michael Kemen, then for the atmosphere, you can not worry. She kept. Although a slightly "modernized". Just the usual Blues playing time from time - where it is gone. See the end of the 90s it out of fashion...

-"Only 3 dead Chinese? In China even a billion." (C)

The Director is also the same. Richard Donner decided to end its franchise. All work on the conscience. &Nbsp;actors those who worked for the frame. But from not have become than expected fans. No, "Lethal Weapon 4" is not bad. And I said not is boring. And labored on the sequel shot clean -"cut the dough" he is not like. Saan black bessmennyi writer of the series, and this just not trampled on location and comes up with a new twist in the lives of their heroes. Now Riggs is without five minutes dad, Lorna on heavily pregnant and Murto here about to become a grandfather. Yeah and power heroes wrong. On the sparring, for example Riggs deception shirk continue the fight, and seems the new guy-who earlier beat would one left! And clever course that people begin to suspect to the fair Morto in bribery(Roger suddenly not to the reason he got rich he bought expensive clothes and yacht)-is also curious, and is the occasion for many humorous situations. And hero Joe foot (not rightly nominated for a Golden Raspberry), again, amused with his game Leo Ghetts. Who has now moved in private detectives (see gain from friends-cops experience). Yes  & beginners cycle-comedian Chris Rock (son-in-law Murta detective Butters) and jet Li (the enemy heroes-kung fu master VA sing) play as necessary. From the latter has turned out an exemplary Yakuza. This character even was nominated for the genre a Saturn award as the best movie villain of the year. But really lost the prize to Stephen Dorf, of the released the summer of the first "blade". But the less - what not specified. The picture loses much of the previous installments. And not save or strong action scenes, neither a charismatic duet or in the end, jet Li -in any century, who played a villain (until the third "Mummy" was 10 years)...

Not saying that the creators worked on the last film carelessly. Most likely they just tired. this franchise. And the making of pictures about Martin Riggs and Roger Murto in some time has become for all of them in a simple job. Cash, interesting-but work. The Director is no longer gushed ideas, writer scribbled and in this story point, and the actors hardly improvised. Even Mel Gibson then some tired. Maybe he played aging hero? He probably too tired of this image (because Martin Riggs to it still rocky for Stallone, or the Terminator for Swartzenneger), although it is received shooting the fourth film, the greater the fee. Yeah and financial - the film though and was more expensive than the previous one, but it collected less than the third part, and was not able to pay off even in the global rolled products ("beating" the rest of the sales on video)...

Summarizing say that to watch the movie still stands. And the film is most likely you don't be disappointed. Just he proved to be the weakest in the franchise and all. But its value final famous police Saga. And the nostalgia forgives the fourth part of all the disadvantages (of which the truth so many). Here it does not revise what is one movie. Or all EN masse-either to leave on then. And so all modern action-crafts-"Lethal Weapon 4" and did not give a small head start. In ways to the charm of the characters and brand of humor...

As I have talked-the film is not reach trims the specified first three paintings, but still memory of childhood, what am today's fighters are not to give this-put it is identical to the previous part of the evaluation:

9 10

Catrina Rivard
07 January 2008 | 10:30

A good film, as all the previous part that and to say, repeat do not be.

One thing that I want to say — sorry Jet Li. Possibly with me I agree, but I think it one of the most underrated actors in cinema. Directors and producers perceive it primarily as masters of martial arts, and actively exploit this image.

But not matter what jet is really the best movie professional of martial arts in today (I think its even better than Jackie Chan), he also very good actor. Even in this film, although it is not really give turn, he did a great job with the negative role. No worse than Willis in"the Jackal".

How much has Lethal Weapon 4 made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $285,444,603.
How much did it cost to make Lethal Weapon 4?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $140,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Lethal Weapon 4?
This tv-show was directed by Richard Donner.
What is the genre of Lethal Weapon 4?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Thriller.
Who starred in Lethal Weapon 4?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Joe Pesci, Rene Russo, Chris Rock.
What is Lethal Weapon 4 IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.6.
When was Lethal Weapon 4 released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1998-07-10.