Lethal Weapon 3

The third film is about a fearless COP Riggs. This time Martin and his partner Roger are faced with gangsters, stealing weapons from a warehouse of the police. Criminal group, which stretches a long trail of blood, headed by a former Sergeant Jack Travis. To find evidence against a dirty COP partner helps Lorna Cole is a strong female police officer that stops in the face of danger and confidently into a battle with opponents.

  • Richard Donner

Release Date: 1992-05-15
IMDb icon 6.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $35,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $321,731,527
Sharleen Japeth
02 December 2006 | 01:03

What whatever was taken by Richard Donner, with whatever genres are not experimented with whatever actors worked with it always turns out in a highly professional and meaningful movie. Donner — Director of entertainment genres and puts in his films are serious problems, but but the pleasure of this talented producer knows how great!

This film — part 3 kultowego Thriller "Lethal weapon", which became a benchmark and example of the genre. The film is surprisingly engaging, despite that showiness of much inferior to modern blockbusters. No, he really spectacular but the car chases, explosions and shooting have become a mandatory attribute for the films of this kind, they have not particularly attract.

Another thing is that Donner very clearly knows what and when to slip to the viewer. Have extraordinarily well-developed commercial sense, if is clearly a mainstream focus of its films, the quality of their no suffering. He puts film equal proprcia! Never seen any single unnecessary episode — cycle of events gives the viewer time to recover — action gives way to action in a frantic pace that madly passionate, despite in advance known outcome. According to the whole film is scattered diamonds charming gags, funny exchanges between characters, but the film is not becomes Comedy. A lot of fights, explosions, firing, but the film is not become brutal action. There are motifs of friendship, family and love, but the film is not it becomes a melodrama. Blended all all in perfect proportions. No one sagging of the episode!

Actors as always, height. Calm, considered Danny Glover and the wild, mad Mel Gibson continues to show the class, practicing on cheers as classic action-Packed episodes, and comic skits. Looks great Rene Russo in the role of a fearless girl the Sergeant, pretty fun Shorty Joe foot.

Another gold coin in piggy Bank best films of the genre — film best traditions of the "Lethal weapon" — creative, exciting and fun. In natashia tough fighter from one of the best Directors in Hollywood!

Eulalie Azar
15 August 2013 | 03:26

This times the intrepid police partners Martin Riggs and Roger Murto will have to face with gangsters, stealing weapons from the warehouse of the police. Criminal group, for which stretches a long trail of blood, cruel Jack Travis-he is a COP. To find evidence against a dirty COP partner helps resolute and charming Lorna Cole is a detective of internal Affairs. Together they will not stop in the face of danger and confidently engages in battle with enemies...

-"Judging by the their profile is a Garden and Gomorrah.
 — He is a Sodom, and I - Gomorrah. But we work together." (C)

After 3 years after the commercially successful sequel, on the screen comes the third part of the police Saga. In which again is not without innovations. Primarily technical. Changed by the operator. The third part was filmed the famous Jan De Bont (first class operator, who soon and he perekvalifitsiruetsya in Director). And that changed the visual style of the franchise. It is impossible to tell whether or bad. Just the film has been shot already in the new decade, and unlike the ' 80s, in the 90s -somewhat different set of action. Though all as always is top-notch, but from changing pictures and new, introduced by operator visual solutions - the film was a bit heavier than what is... But the blame its not that. Yang De Bont is the person who shot and put the iconic "Speed" (1994) and action "Lethal Weapon 3" is very strong. There were scenes with slowdown, a lot of car chases. Stayed in the integrity  a"dirty" fight with the shootings. Because trikvela was the moment the biggest budget — the picture contains much more difficult to set and scattered generous hand of the Director at the whole story - scenes action. Speaking of the Director -in contrast to many franchises, which each series was a new Director- "Deadly Weapon" is unique. All part of the Saga set one Director. And is a true master of suspenseful, entertaining movie-Richard Donner. And it is the constancy provided the series a system. All the franchise is designed in the same vein.

"-It is impossible to solve all the problems with using fists!
-I couldn't shoot -there were too many people." (C)

From the old actors, all remained place. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as always "light", and honestly-it seems like they friends only the screen but in life! I just wish the Hollywood academics no special Oscar for best on-screen Duo, — then Gibson and Glover are simply not would competition! In addition to them, to the role of Leo Gets returned funny Joe foot. And here he as in the previous film is, in fact, the main "generator" of humor. Well and actors played before family members Murto, head of the characters and bitchy doctor seeking to send Riggs to retire-all in full kit, and moved this picture. It is worth noting that the eldest daughter of Roger rose to the third film in the beautiful girl who seriously decided to pursue an acting career. Made me laugh especially the episode on the set that Martin took of the guy in front of a camera depicting the bandit for the real aggressor, and "take steps" according to eliminate it. And how it is after all "hushed up" with the Director of the film, the filming of which he is involuntarily prevented. Absolutely all the old new actors of the series -well done!

Of newcomers poured into the third part will highlight two. First this gorgeous Rene Russo in the image of a tough battle ax Lorna Cole, who becomes the girl, which is unlucky at love Martin Riggs finally finds happiness. But not peace, because they need to stop the dangerous and cruel enemy. At this time it from their own. "The werewolf in epaulets" Jack Travis(the second "newbie" -Stuart Wilson) arrange for the abduction of weapons directly from the warehouse of the police, and immediately let this a deadly product in turn. Even children with this bastard now possess firearms. And because of this, when executing the task itself Murto not waiting for the killing shot of the enemy, which to the dismay of the old COP turns out to be a boy friend of his teen son. From which means that the permanent script Shayan black tried to make the plot of the third film about the cops-mates, more dramatic than the previous parts. And to what it had failed...

-"Let's live with it for a long time to catch on to regret." (C)

In General, "Lethal Weapon 3" — a worthy continuation of the popular cycle. With a lot of action (the chase scene on inkassatorskij trucks the highway looks to still very cool!), sharp plot and as before-dangerous opponents. Well and of course a new portion of humor funny jokes — became a kind of calling card of the franchise. But still, the third picture is slightly different from the first two, and its a bit harder to watch. Maybe not say so, but do not pick up more than the right words. If it was independent action-it would unconditionally deserve to be from me the highest rating. But "Lethal Weapon 3" is the sequel. Therefore, making it is high, but still slightly below the first two films. And therefore, my verdict:

9 10

P. S

It is worth saying that the third part was the most profitable in the series. And with the, a little lost predecessors. But at the same time went much better than the final fourth of the picture. Here such that a flourish. Generally, to be continued...

Ramona Cadal
11 January 2011 | 03:42

"so tell me, Rog, is pensions you don't miss such moments?!", — provocatively asked her partner Martin, intending to cut the red wire leading to the detonator of an explosive device.

The best cops in all of California, Yes, and, probably, on the West coast, Martin Riggs Roger Murtaugh — tireless heroes, was always ready to do deeds, to rescue helpless people and combat crime, we are forced to pull their guns from holsters, to remember the combat skills of and refreshing in the memory of the deadly chase. At this time companions, loyal to their friendship and the officer's duty, have to join the difficult confrontation with African-American gangsters under the led by a crazy ex-COP on name, Jack Travis who lost everything anyone — honor, dignity, fear of the law, besides the ability to kill and professionally to do their job.

With this, once a comrade at arms, and now — dangerous recidivist, our heroes need to understand how quickly. Indeed, precisely because the subject of the supply of weapons to street gangs has reached its maximum, and in downtown Los Angeles becomes restless and highly dangerous — the gangsters stick to their line, creating lawlessness and tyranny, plundering and killing civilians. Moreover, money laundering and the turning of dishonest transactions in the extra large sizes are also obvious facts. However, our intrepid heroes are not will be difficult to put an end to all these crimes, offenses, machinations and shenanigans of lawlessness and bloodshed, perpetrated by a former COP, having to provoke and raise an army of street youth gangs, always ready to murder and vandalism.

And so, Murtaugh, nearly retired, but still sitting confidently in the saddle, and his friend partner, Riggs, always inclined to adventure a very unusual method of solving crimes, again join forces, in order to pass through the stinging fire and ice water, survive massive explosions and incredible shooting, and to achieve, in the end, punish the bad guys 100% disclosure cases, and also returning justice and placing all of dot i even seemingly intractable situations. Of course, not to bring ran fractures, dislocations and injuries that however, neither a second stifle the enthusiasm and sense of purpose, determination and confidence, which in abundance have our colorful characters. Well, about the humour and fun, fiery situations and boring developments can not worry — those will be quite enough.

In the end, — fountain of emotions and impressions, joy and fun, laughter, and tears; joy and sorrow — why not just give only give this magnificent film has an original and very interesting plot, in addition, allows to meet again with their favorite characters and survive one megaportal unseen and unheard of before adventure. Just imagine: neither a moment of peace or hour of the incident, neither a day without a feat, and not a single week without the murders, crimes, and also the capture of dangerous criminals, including  - called bosses. All this under the force of our law enforcers who are fit to be superheroes, as a fearless and brave as they do...

In fact, the third part of the "Lethal weapon" as and is full of interesting, exciting, unpredictable and unforgettable moments and episodes, giving his audience a great opportunity to live incredible adventures with your favorite characters, along the way, ask schmooze with the bad guys repeatedly exit desperate "very thin" alterations and solve a couple of personal questions. In the universal success and, in particular, audience love and recognition the film can't even doubt — how know, talented Richard Donner it is not will rust, so for quality and interest, enthusiasm and zaintresovannost to worry You clearly not worth it. What pleasant view, which sometimes can be simply not can!..

"It's the coast guard! Hey, You two make the yacht?", — suddenly, like thunder broke the silence of the megaphone of the police boat.

"We, we — the cops here are investigating the case!", — squinting his eyes from the bright light aimed directly into the face of searchlights, in one voice shouted from water Riggs and Murtaugh, holding on to the edge of the boat.

"Let's get out of there guys!", — answered inseparable friends, occasional guests, going have to turn back.

How much has Lethal Weapon 3 made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $321,731,527.
How much did it cost to make Lethal Weapon 3?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $35,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Lethal Weapon 3?
This tv-show was directed by Richard Donner.
What is the genre of Lethal Weapon 3?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Thriller.
Who starred in Lethal Weapon 3?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Joe Pesci, Rene Russo, Stuart Wilson.
What is Lethal Weapon 3 IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.7.
When was Lethal Weapon 3 released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1992-05-15.