Leave No Trace

Will & Tom is a father and daughter living in forest Park, voluntarily isolating themselves from society. Will says that it is better to drink rainwater and eat the gifts of nature, only occasionally taking short forays into the city than to live among people. But the law is allowed to be homeless and live on public land — no. After the Rangers and social workers find illegal Robinson, will and Tom are forced to leave their homes.

  • Debra Granik

Release Date: 2018-09-19
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Latrena Ondrej
21 November 2018 | 12:52

The dramatic film is about the man — a veteran of the war in Iraq and his 13-year-old daughter, who live in nature of the national Park of Portland, I think that few people indifferent. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder will (Ben foster) supporter living away from the civilization and its benefits. Few people can now withdraw from Internet TV and from phone social networking the more, but will it of such. And wasn't that he is a believer and does not welcome the advances of modernity — its anti-social behaviour stems from the experienced war, why being among the people is becoming for men unbearable. When someone (except my daughter) is next too long, it begins to remain in a state of depression, like a man suffering from claustrophobia and suddenly trapped in a very confined space.

Young and because depending on father Tom (Tomasin Mackenzie) lives with him in its rules and, in General, does not suffering from that it not that have girls age, including friends. But visited society, getting those benefits available, its inner world is showing signs of teenage rebellion and sometimes That object father. Life away from the civilization is fraught with many dangers, because getting people in trouble, he no one will come to help, if I wandered in a dense thicket and stayed there. one one with the problem, we can say that this person — lost soul. Even a broken leg or hands this case becomes a deadly injury, it is not having a hand means of communication, is unlikely to expect saved.

On the one hand the hero foster can be regarded as a complete egotist, thinking only about how to extinguish your own pain and absolutely not worry about a daughter who is growing and then it appears the new needs and desires. But on the other will, according to all, realizes his problem — exclusively problems if they will learn outsiders, he can just never to see my daughter. Accordingly, private samoshyna has features of the desire to preserve his family through the deprivation of all that, thanks to what many considered themselves happy.

If Ben foster without problems fit into the role of the surly and unsociable Biryuk, then the young Thomasin Mackenzie's great appeared in the image of the girl, which is like Mowgli, the first time she sees and learns to ride your bike, which interest nastywomen admiration watches those in we not pay attention which absolutely sincerely and plausibly portrays fear in situations where there is nothing to fear. But the viewer realizes that her frightened linked to that she worried about father because they have created a world where they have two and everything else can be attacked, even if people with the light intentions.

"Leave no trace" is filled with stunning natural landscapes where even fallen from the stream, the trees gain unprecedented chic. That is why in the course of view there is a strong desire to get savage on the outdoors, pitch a tent somewhere on the edge of the forest, near a pond, make a small March with a test of their own skills and for a few days to step back from the rest of the world. But not a long period, because the stone age past — civilization dictates the conditions.

However, to watch You. Your opinion is not impose.

Nice view.

7 of 10

Leone Cathlene
09 October 2018 | 08:20

If you believe various sources, rendered in the title refers to the saying of a very smart grandfather of humanity is Aristotle. It is foolish to think that person so really be desperate if he suddenly tired of living or to exist among their own kind. In any case, thinking individual is able to make an informed decision for yourself. If you want — leave. The only snag is what, how would not want, the company is not be in a hurry to accept this behavior.

Of course, a new film by Debra Granik not just about this. Partially only. More about the father and daughter, how they family friend to any other has been one day after all still comes to the point where a parent already not be able to control the thoughts and desires of his child. Often adults forget that kids don't have their property, which they are free to manage to be any day of the week. The younger generation only has to choose...

Several ways, according to which will be their life. The choice is up to them. Will want, will leave traces or not; to communicate with people or to keep them in the sidelines; to start a family or to choose for "childfree". Naturally, you can understand the man in the film. Uncle is suffering widely known post-traumatic syndrome. From the horrors of war are not so just to escape. In itself barely like trying to understand the same, then even with people need a person to lead. And about the daughter can not forget.

It, too, you know. I want to explore the world, interact with people, to make their own decisions. Not little wonder the focus is on the best, which choose to itself a couple of times forever on bees, in the case of a trust, they won't sting the man hurl. To the fact, there's even a moot point about who is so for anyone looking out. Of course, my father taught useful survival skills in the woods. But still, the daughter-with the guide of the father.

Conductor in the world of people. Conflict of interest and desires there. To what, in the end, it will come to native people? The ending to the pain of sad, but very fair. So and had to end our story. Not to write that "leave No trace" Debra Granik definitely and irrevocably good. Here's how the case when such a film will surely find its loyal audience. And some, conversely, scare off a slow rhythm and sweet melancholy. So the time and leave. Stop.

Roxana Panthia
29 September 2018 | 11:01

"Leave no trace" — new picture from Director Debra Grannik, known to many in the nominated Oscar film "Winter's bone" with Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role. At this time a new film though immersed again in remote parts of the American heartland, but still a strong emotional spectacle the Director to say no succeeded.

The story is clearly familiar to many, so as these topics have already have repeatedly removed various patterns, such as "Captain fantastic" or"the Glass castle". Single father after military service, suffered psychological trauma, in which refused from the worldly life and with the daughter went to live in the forest. After years of living in the national Park of heroes detained by the police, and after numerous inspections the family give a new home, work, school and financial assistance in a small town. But despite the state support, the father looks back in the woods like a wild wolf tearing on freedom, which even in a normal house, feels imprisoned in a cage. The main character is going to be back in the wild, but understand that his daughter wants to stay among the people. And now the father faces a choice: either follow his heart, the most to transcend the desires of the child or to stay and to help her to adapt in the modern civilized world, but this finally break myself.

Just want to warn you that the story is very slow. It seems that the whole story — it's wildly stretched little story, where a few words, but a lot of internal drama. And the genre is not adventure, not a family drama, so as the authors of the picture with the head immerse the viewer in the heartache of personal tragedy for each character. On first glance it may seem that in the film, the father and daughter good main characters, and all the world shows the evil and is opposed to family happiness, but by the middle of the story, we understand the father is the main antagonist for the young heroine, which is a constant questioning and the search itself. But father no hears does not notice, thinking that selected the path is true as that and daughter.

As for the performances, then it is not stands out. Quite a common picture of intrinsic the copyright of the film is large at the timing of the scenes. Howling music will be on throughout history, so that music lovers here to catch exactly nothing. But in the film is a lot of greenery and beauty of the forest landscape.

I don't know what was impressed critics of the game Ben foster, personally, I nothing his mental suffering is not saw. It the whole movie went with the kitty is mine and always something muttered under his nose. But with the actress Thomasin MacKenzie Director guessed a hundred percent for the young actress showed himself just fine, opening all its dramatic veins. Director Debra Grannik, as in case "Winter's bone", the world discovered a new star, talented actress, which definitely will be successful, because she really deserves it.

Summarizing, I can say that picture deserves attention, but to view does not required. Recommend not going, but if you enjoy the trailer, see brave. Pleasant viewing.

Who is the director of the movie Leave No Trace?
This tv-show was directed by Debra Granik.
What is the genre of Leave No Trace?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Best, Best movies 2018, Best Drama Movies 2018.
Who starred in Leave No Trace?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Thomasin McKenzie, Ben Foster, Jeffery Rifflard, Michael Draper, Derek John Drescher.
What is Leave No Trace IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was Leave No Trace released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-09-19.