Beyond sleep and waking, full of amazing wonders of the magical land there lived the Goblin king jareth. Once he heard the girl Sarah in the hearts of said obnoxious younger brother Toby: "damn goblins took! "— and then caught her at her word, dragged along the baby in his castle! "What have I done", — Sarah gasped and ran for Jarrett after him, until the door in the tale is not closed. But to get to the castle the thief and to save his brother, she will have to go the enchanted Maze. It's full of all sorts of monsters, tricky traps and puzzles. And the exit is guarded by an army of goblins! Meeting on the way the hosts of unseen creatures and solving strange mysteries, Sarah bravely delves into the mysterious world of the Labyrinth, step by step closer to the stronghold of king Jared...

  • Jim Henson

Release Date: 1986-06-27
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: GB, US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $25,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $13,935,204
Sybilla Kyle
10 November 2019 | 12:19

One of the three brothers — group members —  Bee Gees (don't remember who is) once said that as a child, invented an imaginary friend -  — the Lion who became his invisible companion and interlocutor for many years. Why do children come up with a buddies, when there are brothers and sisters, neighborhood kids, adults, finally? Not from this needs a spiritual double born later is the most wonderful tales, under which are the names of already Mature writers, when condition life is not off their memory the image of a once beloved secret of confident?

In the film-tale "Labyrinth" filled with goblins. Goblin with Celtic mythology — is an evil spirit, something like the Scandinavian Troll or our houses, but it more brutal version. And doubt those who wants to see them that is terrible bloodthirsty monsters, goblins and play all its infernal incarnations. But you can submit them a little different: even though they will turn into the ridiculous fun of the little, mischievous furry shadow that sneak past your feet in the darkened hallway, touching them soft fluffy side.

The main heroine of the film — the girl Sir — would, following the famous Alice, repeat not less textbook last sentence: "curiouser and curiouser!", when little brother, the stolen — not many, no less — by the Goblin King lead her way a magical Maze, where the most incredible meetings and a fantastic scene, and which my subjective opinion, like not on the threshold of the Underworld, not on an adapted version of hell Kush.

The role of the Goblin King spoke the famous rock musician David Bowie. As result — a couple of charming songs in the usual for his manner graceful decadence and absolutely inhuman transcendent some kind of appearance, due to the specificity of the charisma of the artist has the yourself + a good makeup and costumes. Bowie is really similar to the essence of parallel world — a kind of Grifone-man.

As often happens in tales, Sir you need to go through the maze with all temptations, dangers and pitfalls to reach the Castle goblins to a certain period of time, otherwise her brother will forever remain in the clutches of the goblins and will become one of them.

On the way Sir meets "scary, but the cutest" monsters who become friends and share it all the vicissitudes of travel.

Amazing made dolls that seem more alive because they — not a creation of the computer, and hands human. Admirable Titanic work, who intended fulfilled.

It seems to me that this picture by implication, signed in her even more realization — the thing is just genius. And I just kidding!

A rare child of the intrepid can be located in a dark room, an empty apartment, to hear night noises and squeaks. The creators of the film made in its fascinating history wise message to young viewers: a what if there, in the dark, really someone there, but not need to be afraid, and only need to submit this is a sinister Something funny and awkward creature, something like an unruly kitten and then a creak of floorboards in an empty room not will capture the spirit and in the darkness it will be possible just to wag your finger and say, "Wow, I you, pranksters!"

Quite a frightening image of puppet characters — is also a good (and bold) step pattern makers. Little the viewer learns that the ugly looks and ugly facial features may be hiding a true heart and a loyal soul.

Mysterious, mystical right scale and scenery, if taken from the most fantastic children's sleep, adding to the charm of this wonderful tape that I highly recommended to see all — children and their parents!

Cordie Hazlett
02 April 2018 | 12:02

This film, I looked at, when I was 14, almost like Sarah. From Bowie-Jarret me in the age of blew off the roof. I'm afraid then she and returned in its place.

A beautiful fairy tale. Exciting adventures, cute jokes, amazing friends. But should turn the crystal to other side — a sad tale. The story of a double bottom. Than more you scrutinize it, the more you can see. Than more I see, the clearer sense of the phrase, not all witnesses in a child.

Everyone is writing about love the line about how young girl answered the feeling of the Goblin King. As stupid girl has considered his happiness. All Yes not so. Not so. The girl refused not because was too young and because matured. As Sara could reject Jared if he was invented it yourself? He — her maiden dream. Jareth is not can live without Sarah — it is a product of her imagination, he can only exist in her dreams. And not love he offers to her and captured — stay in a fantasy world within which he can live. And not love it asks her, and about life, about life in it — within you. But the world like the world of the addict; in no space duty and liabilities clever Sarah is understand it. and listening to the world. — to avoid to give in, because this world is dear to her, as he it but it only she is able to destroy.

In this film there is random scenes, random phrases, each frame has its own key. First, we girl, stuck in his childhood, in his dreams. Even the stepmother gives her to understand that better she took date real guys. Sarah allows herself to be my brother, for her imagination is more important commitments, it is not really attach importance to the words uttered. But the situation is inverted so that be a brother is not that every word can have real consequences and we must be very careful in the wording of their questions and desires, if you want to get exactly where you need it.

Tales on the shelves, Escher on the wall, the statuette of the King on the table, Princess glass cage — it something which it is woven the Maze, so in all so recognizable — stairs, puzzles, adventure, Kerollovskaya paradoxes... It tries to the role Cinderella, the Dorothy, then Alice, the Snow white; she knows pass this maze, it is so conceived by her most; it she wants a meeting with the Goblin King alone; she has repeatedly rehearsed this stage; is it manages Jarrett, and not him it. He knows knows is doomed. In the last scene it appears in the owl costume, though, and makes an attempt to stop time. But growing up cannot be stopped.

Final party with goblins reminiscent of a bachelorette party before the wedding — farewell to childhood prior to joining the adult life where there are liability, duties. Where can't be late. Where we can not be so just to get rid of the crying baby.

A beautiful fairy tale. Funny tale. The unbearably sad tale.

Madonna Venice
02 April 2010 | 07:12

Doll magic...

the Maze (I love that movie)

As I remember, this blue paper tape with one amazing film. I was still a child for the first time watched this movie, I have watched it so many times. I was probably in love with this amazing tale. Then came the time we lost this movie, then again it was looking for when I found I again I watched many times. And then came the computer, little Sergei have grown up, he began to play in adult. A recently, he watched this movie again and remembered my childhood.

After all, it is a brilliant picture, when I have watched it, I come in the magical world dolls. Jim Henson made a film that's impossible to forget, he got a real masterpiece. Such films are now generally not removed, you could. Instead of all computer graphics, took and made the film with his own hands, it would be much better.

In this film, so many different dolls, there is a small but there are simply enormous, but they very funny and kind. As I was glad it was here. this end. Even in the movie are real people, the main character Sarah, it plays a young Jennifer Connelly, is already then she has shown good acting. But of course, the whole movie ate great and terrible musician and actor David Bowie. He played the main villain, he did it's just brilliant, he has created magic. And the music you only listen to the music, which sounds when the main character is on the ball. You listen to David Bowie, this divine song, the magic just flows with screen your heart. I love David Bowie.

This film must be. It need to take yourself collection. Guys, show this film to your favorite girls. Love them and stay a little children. And everything will be fine. A masterpiece for all times.

Thank you.

Of 10 10

How much has Labyrinth made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $13,935,204.
How much did it cost to make Labyrinth?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $25,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Labyrinth?
This tv-show was directed by Jim Henson.
What is the genre of Labyrinth?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Fantasy, Family.
Who starred in Labyrinth?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly, Toby Froud, Shelley Thompson, Christopher Malcolm.
What is Labyrinth IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was Labyrinth released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1986-06-27.