La donna lupo

This is the story of a few days in the life of a young woman, very emotional, and endowed with an extraordinary mind... Sex for her — a ceremony full of fantasies and sensual impulses. She changes men so fast that sometimes do not have time to learn even the name of his partner. But the feelings of the heroine is so sincere that even one night spent with her, the men remembered for a long time...

  • Aurelio Grimaldi

Release Date: 1999-08-26
IMDb icon 4.5/10
  • Country: IT
  • Language: Italian
Dorolice Edge
06 March 2010 | 11:17

Briefly: the main character in the film walks in Italian town, comes into promiscuity with strangers, occasionally commented on their antics, and at the end tells the audience that he tried to change their moral views!? Yes where is the morality — I want to inquire of?

The heroine just misses: he lives in a nice house, not concerned about money, children, parents, even his appearance, in short anything that could take it, and therefore, naturally goes to appease his belly. Insatiable woman, female devourer, who constantly wants to have sex, changing at this terms of the place — this is a completely artificial release of radioactive waste subtly running our. Here there anything animal. The woman suddenly realized your undisclosed sexual potential — this is the "porn-high-tech"! Her mysterious cosmic mystery at today — this sinister sexual technobothnia worlds Hansrudi Giger. Woman sexy professing the religion of the heroine of the film of course is far from feminism, more even — hostile witch quasistable, it is de Sadovskaya, "libertine", the body which, in the collapse of the Patriarchate, had gradually won their erogenous areas, freeing them from the grinding stones, weaving machines, rocking chairs, aprons and long puff skirts. It is the body wants to the street, wants to hang around with the light of night lights, a crush in painted cars shake dance clubs, the bodily wants of adventures in one word.

The heroine in one monologues saying "man" here with disregard the mend — "a male" and she's absolutely right. Yes, male, heterosexual, straight, normal — the real, primitive, animal male, and woman — not a female, she never it may be, although mistakenly believe that through sexual excess return in the female (but it doesn't want it so called to the public). The female does not given to excesses of sex — it is clear to anyone who mark a little with Zoology, or just watched National Geographic.

So let's follow the heroine further. It builds like a feminine-sexual philosophy, where woman — is an enormous, incomprehensible to men creature with the infinitely-deep secrets, fantasies and desires that are recorded as not served deciphering pervoierarha on the depth of her "wild meat" (on the "spot Grafenberg"). The man allegedly did not able to read one of an infinite number of these exalted characters endlessly iridescent, stroboscopica, vanishing and reviving fenixorden women's space. A man is not able to understand just because he had not yet freed from the machines, trucks, design rocket engines, business and other productive sublimaze. It erogenous continents still not open, they are busy work, they give their energy to other depths, such as the discovery of oil, or the problems of splitting of the proton. Here perhaps why a man does not can understand a woman who for part of the emancipation of the sexual left, not will say go ahead, but that way back; it for sure.

Marriage, family, children — all — in the opinion of the heroine — justification for women, pure sexuality, without which you can do without any hypocrisy, to surrender to sex for sex. She does not goes through, she wants diversity, she is given to the rich neat in his luxurious pool, the cute youngster who just broke up yesterday with Masturbation, two stupid Neapolitans, engulfing his genitals at her washbasin and then he said all gave her life new colors, new feelings that they say she realized as woman. At this, it slides in the vicious circle of sluggish clichés, cartoons, and looks at the subject of man's nature which are recorded in any female primer: men — corrupted, because their favorite moms let them all they want to, they never will understand the WOMAN because too selfish (who would say!), they always whining (here in part I agree, given two moment — first, the man needs to take as an abstraction, and second, to clarify the expression "whining". Men whine because their shoulders rests the whole world, where potentially every woman can Wake up after lunch yourself a snow-white bed and to conclude that it is the great misunderstood sexual being), well, and then there is vulgar and incriminating classic went — men patient, lazy, sloppy — her little simple definitions and it easy frenzy, completely annihilating their philosophy, begins to draw explanatory pictures — they leave their dirty socks right next to the bed, because know they will clean to lie on his place. In all the essence of men. These — as she put — "smelly males" clear as two and two. A woman — is a mystery. Men even at this does not mean that can you imagine what megaton sexual potential in a woman.

But it so self-indulgence, and seriously? What is this movie? There is no other than regular, tautological-unsuccessful, I would say — legal attempt to protect the woman from the attacks of the old Patriarchal morality. The heroine longs for sexual immorality, but keep in mind strict fear of God public and not to be stoned, spat upon and barked, she trying to deploy an apology of some requiring satisfaction of sacral and sexual potency femininity, at this emphasizes the correctness of his calculations with aplomb, the key to which is it is easy to uncover-I love the body on the screen. The last, and that time only card of a woman. But it came out as something stupid, embarrassing, not to popular the woman who opens his Bathrobe in front of her rejecting a man (for which the latter, by the way, can seriously to pay). The heroine, in the end said that through bodily communion (male genitalia) it is transformed spiritually. In General, this is a tacky the revision of the dusty problem, under the name — why, when IT out with many women — that's fine, but when SHE decides to do something like that once it becomes — mildly — "a woman of easy virtue".

The funny thing is that the authors of the film claimed to be originality, opening taboo topics and suppressed public opinion on gender issues, and turned out the old song about not the main. After all, the heroine of the film — this is a typical Italian patrician, which behaves from ancient Rome (La donna lupo — wolf "Capitoline"). Only here some kind of Messalina and even thought to justify his adventures, she was engaged in legitimate cases, which tacitly allowed for women marble villas. On the ancient background of our heroine with their inspirational speeches looks very pale, pathetic and ridiculous.

In connection with I want to say only one character — go for it, but don't make excuses!

Who is the director of the movie La donna lupo?
This tv-show was directed by Aurelio Grimaldi.
What is the genre of La donna lupo?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama.
Who starred in La donna lupo?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Loredana Cannata, Arturo Paglia, Pascal Persiano, Francesco Di Leva, Gianluca Cuomo.
What is La donna lupo IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.5.
When was La donna lupo released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1999-08-26.