La Danse du Lion

For the offense conceited young master expelled from school kung-fu. It falls into the network of villains who do use it the ability to swing arms and legs for criminal purposes. In the footsteps of the young reckless is the master and the police and his best friend. Will the man to pull him out of the ring criminal environment and direct the talent to the best student in a peaceful way? !

  • Jackie Chan

Release Date: 1980-02-09
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: HK
  • Language: Cantonese
Adella Goeger
22 April 2010 | 07:39

once the old man of the Shanghai
Drank a mug of green tea.
Was the nice
And taste nice
And then he is famous in China.

My first impression the film was not what would be negative, I love this kind of movie, but the version that got me, was equipped with such a horrible translation that I spared your ears and physically able to see the end. Although noted itself that film like nothing.

Now, thanks to one very good man, I managed to review more than adequate quality. And that's what I can tell.

This is a great movie. The representative of the Hong Kong classic kung fu tapes, diluted brand dieticheskoe interpretation. Here you can easily find references to those films that made Chan famous (that's me about the "Snake in eagle's shadow" and"Drunken master"). With the other hand the film can be called a sort of Comedy of errors. Only in those comedies, as a rule, confuse the twins, and it simply confused the two brothers, since no one they have never seen because each they wore the same white faith.

What he is presented as the Comedy of errors, and not just as the stunt films, film and captivating. There are quite a large variety of funny situations in which falls the main character. Looks good especially its confrontation with the inspector — cross between a game tag those who outwit.

Tricks. Think about they have a lot to say does not make sense. All very cool, impressive and amazing, as always.

However, as I think these films are designed for lovers of this genre. The other audience is the "Young master" can come and not liking. It is therefore advised to him I will. I can only say — the film is good, and it don't regret it.

Of 9 10

Vonnie Cleve
13 January 2014 | 01:38

 — This man with the white fan...
 — something doesn't look like a portrait!
 — but these portraits all the time not one does not similar... But it's definitely him, and we will receive a reward.
 — But just like!

Golden Dragon is fighting with the Black Dragon... no, this is not fantasy and competition a traditional festival, at which is dressed in costumes of dragons people (stunning, I must say, the costumes!) fighting against each friend. But the outcome of the battle, and intrigue behind him in that year seems to have brought an extremely emotional, unpredictable consequences... and of course, lots of other fights!

Teachers, thugs from which the heroes always have to get the magic pendeli, and still do not know from one more... Countless plot twists and turns, not all which is plausible, but virtually all very funny. And from the abject life of the orphans as not to be excited? And bit of spice in the story is also only rising!

Of course, in many films with kung fu the police is not quite, because that same criminals defeat the right, if so many young and talented talents around, though often disorderly, get involved in scrapes, or temporarily located at another side of the law. However, this film aptly demonstrates, for what the police can still afford to be in the frame. In the police, as it is expected, a lot of cunning, agile and Executive people.

 — If you he was arrested, lead to plot,
 — But he won't go us!

As for Jackie have just became inseparable, much spectacular kung-fu with the most capricious variations. Yes, the furniture and do everything means there are used intensively, so I want to say: "Alexander the great, of course, the hero, but why break chairs?" The stool-all in the tail and mane pulled. You can show your kung-fu and in a makeshift skirt of fiery tones, so that the impression was that the skillful guy with one crinkling its edges are easily a dozen enemies to blow away! And the sultry rhythms make this acts as like flamenco, I recall some of the later "Diner on wheels".

You can admire the completely Nude Jackie Chan in the bathroom. You can Rob korowai... that there are convoys. That there are, of course, to Rob them it is impossible, but who will be so scrupulous? Really not exactly a skilful, humane, albeit often cunning, and resourceful man that it's time to bail out the grip of the criminal world of his lost friend!

Mary Sella
14 November 2013 | 05:17

This film is a bit distracting from the traditions in earlier today is already recognized as iconic projects Jackie Chan like Snake in the eagle's shadow and Drunken master. Greater emphasis is placed on drama even social components. It is not good and not bad, just the film gives a different feeling and at the same time can witness the first steps of the beloved actor on the field Director.

The first half of the film and large talks about two brothers, orphans, who owe to the wise martial arts master, who for many years ago gave them a roof over head and the goal life — self-improvement. Not here so much humor and irony, as we used to see in the films of Chan, especially among the early projects. According to the sense that the filmmakers wanted to get away from the traditional the concept of a more Mature movie. Brother of the main character gives his teacher and forced only to leave the walls of the school, but to join a certain criminal community. And that's when the hero Jackie Chan is sent to find his older brother, the fun begins — history of the sluggish social drama is transformed into a real road trip. The geography of the wanderings of a young man confined to just one province, but exciting to watch the trouble with he gets. A large positive value of play meeting with bright, often comical, but interesting characters. And whether the leader of a local gang of bandits or chief of police — all events are developing in a rapid manner, with virtually no stop.

There are no usual early films of Chan history learning have experienced masters of kung fu. The transformation of the protagonist comes directly from in overcoming difficulties, after fierce fights and obstacles the way. Not found in the movie locations and secret, protected for centuries styles of martial arts. However, in the time of battle, the heroes get so many punches, spiced with the distinctive sounds that it is unclear how to remain human after this feet. To the way, good and unexpected irony at this subject offers the viewer closer to the end. The the plot, especially in the second half of the narrative, was a simplified — it helps to focus on the scenes of battles and non-irritating. To the same a relatively modest length of the film does not give bored, when starting to sicken seen. Surprisingly, I mentioned above, the past six hours is in stark contrast with more serious, almost humorless beginning of history. Therefore, truly holistic it can be perceived and assessed only after the entire path of the hero and his companions.

7 out of 10

Who is the director of the movie La Danse du Lion?
This tv-show was directed by Jackie Chan.
What is the genre of La Danse du Lion?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Comedy.
Who starred in La Danse du Lion?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jackie Chan, Biao Yuen, Pai Wei, Lily Li, Kien Shih.
What is La Danse du Lion IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was La Danse du Lion released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1980-02-09.