The School of Life

Followed by his city boy Field, viewers will learn what school doesn't teach. Namely, how to live in the real world. At least if it's a forest world. Here is the owner — a dark count, is the power — natured, but strict Forester Borel, and there is a poacher of Totos — the man who decided to be outside the law, and generally a suspicious and nasty. Choose which side Paul: good Borel gamekeeper or poacher Buying? Maybe the young Tomboy and does not become haughty best friend count?

  • Nicolas Vanier

Release Date: 2017-10-11
IMDb icon 6.8/10
  • Country: FR
  • Language: French
  • Runtime: 1h:56m
Hedwiga Barboza
28 October 2018 | 08:01

Nicolas Vanier Director, writer, traveler and adventurer. For example, he visited in North-Eastern Siberia, to make a film about the Evenk nomadic, with the reindeer herds. Recently to Russia got it movies series "Belle and Sebastian". "How to skip school with the use of" its relatively new (2016) work on the nature and problems of growing up. In the original, she called "School of life" (L'ecole buissonniere). But our translators have considered it the name is too pretentious and invented playful and they believed that a more enticing "How to skip" judges school. As they usually not heaven, the boy Paul never skipped school, and it is not about the school, which you can skip (with benefits or without).

Boy Paul (Jean Scandal) grew up in an orphanage. His mom died and the dad died in the 1st world war (the action takes place in 1927). But the French government decided that these children need to be given in family. And its almost forcibly sent to family Celestine Borel (Valerie Karsenty and Eric Elmosnino respectively), which are somehow associated with his deceased parents. Celestine and Borel live in the Sologne and the work in the estate of count De Freinet (Francois berlean). At first he none glad. He makes friendship with a local poacher by Tatsam (françois cluzet). And he will learn the secret of his origin.

The orphanage was for the Field as a prison. Once in the Solon he is like in the fairy land where the forest walks its a fabulous king — old deer with crown huge horns with 18 spikes. Sologne is reserved places in the Northern reaches of the Loire. This preserved wild nature, forests, lakes and swamps, for which drainage was dug channels still in the days of Napoleon. Now on its territory gave the reserves and in the 20-ies of the last century, Solon was famous for its hunting grounds. An old mansion count as time is the center of the forest. Old Graf fan of traditional hunting with horses, hounds and colorful costumes. Borel works he is the huntsman, is producing the game for the table organizes the hunt, catches of poachers. But a real woodsman is Totos. For city boys it as a fabulous magician, woodsman, flesh from the flesh of the forest. Totes becomes a conductor and teacher stretching to nature deprived of parental affection of the child. He teaches the Field, probably the most important life lessons.

The film is incredibly, incredibly beautiful. Such shooting wildlife would be the envy of the BBC and National Geographic. In this fabulous forest his fantastic characters it is impossible not to fall in love. But would be wrong to think that the film teaches only the love of nature. Nature is not opposed to the human world, although it would seem hunting love for animals are incompatible. Forget the disney primitivism: to love animals, not mean to mince words with them. Life harder and harder. It will understand the Field, accustomed to live in prison law shelter. The world of human relations for it was too obscure. All adults you him to each other. Worse, they and forced to lie. So because here he is teaching him an important lesson. And he is far from by disney primitive "lying is bad". Sometimes the truth hurts worse than. As your need to answer the question of the child that lies his plate? "Bought something in the supermarket", or"this is your morning buddy Jano"? There are a lot of childish moments. And Yes, adults often lie not because I want to hide the truth, known to all.

The film is not worth watching staunch vegetarian and the extreme nature defenders who believe that all people, those cute furry animals have... (more in depends on the degree of extremism). Animals are not only eat them killed in the frame. Here a great hunting scene here bragging about hunting trophies, no matter of the head is a deer carcasses of rabbits and ducks. It is not surprising that our Ministry of Culture to last tried to defend the adult rating of 16+, bearing in mind what kind of Buchu is able to raise our so called "human rights". When desired, the film can be accused of anything for promoting violence, and in the promotion of children's alcoholism, and in the promotion of child pornography (in one scene, Fields learn to kiss like an adult, in another I get a shot of moonshine, infused with the Viper venom). And still this is a family movie worth watching for parents and children together, at least in order to understand what life teaches us not children and adults and even the elderly. And this is often not the lessons, which we expected. And inability to learn — it's trouble. But perhaps fixable.

Probably not need to show the film the youngest, pampered city life the kids, not knowing where the meat in the meatballs. Yeah and teenagers who are accustomed to the shooters-catch-up-Perepyolkin be bored. It is a children's film that adults will be interesting, perhaps in a greater degree than children. And still is a fairy tale, despite all its realism. This is especially significantly in the final scene of universal fraternization of all with all: rich and poor, aristocrats and vagrants, even a family of wild boars, it seems, is adjacent to this brotherhood as a symbol of unity of the animal world and the human world. Old-fashioned, almost defiantly old-fashioned, not childish adult children's film devoid of the categorical exhortation to the spirit of such is good and what is bad.

8 from 10

Noelle Stine
26 October 2018 | 12:32

Perhaps the title of the painting translated into Russian language is not precise enough, we could be called the "School of life". The film is about how the boy, caught up by fate in the orphanage and takes to himself to live woman, Celestine, who once knew his mother. Husband is women is strict, but just a huntsman Barrel, and other - poacher of Totes, which catches her husband. So we live. The boy, whom took the woman, met with Totesham and understand that he as bad as it said Barrel. Totos teaching a guy how to determine the weight of the beast as hunt pheasants, as fishing fly. Communication Buying and the boy is very touching, and external hard way Toto is a great good heart.

The film abounds with beautiful scenes of wildlife — the count who owns the estate, on which territory the house is located Ranger his wife, lives in unity with nature - is located next to a beautiful Park with wild boars and deer!

The old count whole life wants to catch deer and goes to the hunt, but at the last moment... and in the last moment happens, You see if you go to the movie!

Also to the end of the film remains intriguing in terms of who on really the boy and do some sort of connection between him and the old count? Answers - again, see the movie.

It is very good, with well chosen music, a significant attention is paid to the taming of animals. A real family film.

Only small children not take I recommend, the film is about 2  hours, children can be tired, Yes, not all they can understand.

All the rest can safely go in the movies, especially a good movie to watch in the halls of type "Relax", where nothing gets from the contemplation of beautiful nature, and development of interesting exciting plot.

The film can be called a discovery, after trilogy "Belle and Sebastian". French cinema in the completely different from that we used to see today on the screens. A sea of blood and fantastic special effects in this film, You can not see, but that's all nature lovers the film will be the soul - foxes, wild boars, deer, dogs and many other the film will be!

Very also want to mention the actors who played the boy's Field (great acting + memorable appearance, big blue eyes, intelligent) and Buying — all made on the highest level!

PS Someone the story of a boy who finds himself in this world, may seem a bit hackneyed in the age of super-computer technologies, but because the soul, too, has not been canceled!

Lyndsie Gintz
01 November 2018 | 12:05

I do not remember when leaving cinema this blissful state of mind! (I am 32, mom 70). This pattern — the center of love, beauty, warmth. Such films are good to watch all the kids, yeah and teenagers, to keep kindness in the surrounding cynical world, cinemas in which filled the callous comics. In General, the charm of the film "How to skip school with the use of the" in that he's "Et" Spielberg was shot on an adult, without skatyvanie in primitive.

The title of the painting is quite strange, given that kid nothing skipped, and the summer vacation. The events unfold slowly on a background of hauntingly beautiful landscapes, taken with sincere love to the world of nature and animals. Literally get pleasure from each frame: whether it is a handsome stag, a scene of fishing spider or a drop of dew gathered at the tip of twigs, which is fatter on the eyes is about to fall... I Feel with how the filmmakers treat of all living things. The camera work is admirable! Special thanks for the abundance of close-UPS: how animals and those of the main characters, played by great actors. All are so organically fit into the images of their characters! The boy — nugget! And the level of acting talent, and externally: what are some only his eyes huge lashes! François cluzet, for which I noticed that movie (the poacher of Totos), Celestine, her husband-huntsman, the Earl and his unlucky son, a young Gypsy woman and etc. — all so good! — and combined with great dialogue receive an indescribable pleasure from viewing!

However, I'm sure there are those who will accuse the film cruelty (hunting), will provide in the promotion of children's alcoholism (the little boy I get a shot of moonshine) and even debauchery (the kiss). All these categories of citizens flowing in extreme inadequate, cause I only pity, for the film is good, bright, CLEAN, old-fashioned — in the best sense, imbued with magic, because, of course, this king happy ending.

More these masterpieces.

of 10 10

How long is The School of Life?
2h 36m
Who is the director of the movie The School of Life?
This tv-show was directed by Nicolas Vanier.
What is the genre of The School of Life?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama.
Who starred in The School of Life?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: François Cluzet, Jean Scandel, Eric Elmosnino, François Berléand, Valérie Karsenti.
What is The School of Life IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.8.
When was The School of Life released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-10-11.