Kingdom of Heaven

The young gunsmith Belian forced to flee from their homeland. He joins a band of crusaders, headed by his father. In one of the battles, the father gets a serious wound and before his death, assigns to his son the rank of knight, and he swears allegiance to king of Jerusalem.

  • Ridley Scott

Release Date: 2005-05-06
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: FR, DE, IT, MA, ES, GB, US
  • Language: English | Arabic | Latin | Italian
  • Budget: $130,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $218,122,627
Maudie Jea
27 June 2009 | 04:06

I like Ridley Scott to historical themes, they are quiet without too much pathos. Of course, I now is not only "Gladiator" meant. The story it certainly does not will learn, but it but you can seriously get carried away, they should only look. In this regard, Ridley Scott can be called the Shakespeare of modern cinema. Have English classics from history was just names and titles, the he created masterpieces.

But not all this film coined. All historical figures in this picture are genuine, moreover, the events associated with them — not an invention of the Director. Balian of Ibelin really defended Jerusalem and indeed passed it under decent conditions. King Baldwin, at least for really the events of the movie was blind a helpless, really kept an uneasy peace with the Muslim world and was respected and revered even in it.
(The character I loved it. I even became interested in its real history. Iron mask — the idea of the Director, which made this image even more tragic and mysterious) Sybil — was this girl, the sister of the king really married to guía de Lusignan. And even together, these three persons for one table not set (except Baldwin and sisters), is a interfered mix in a single plot to a fascinating story of love, valor and faith.

The only truth that is imposed "black on white": Saladin and his world view. Scott made him the wise tolerant ruler. He this course was but not enough to raise the CROSS with the earth to put it... I realize to show the sectarian strife in the film is superfluous, but why so openly lie? Saladin ordered three day to carry the Cross taken to Jerusalem and beat it with clubs. It more than just a historical inaccuracy...

Otherwise, I think — OK (bloom he and Africa bloom the role he is there any let) liked the hero, Liam Neeson, Godfrey; entertainment — the soundtrack — cool! Have tried with music. The scene when they meet Baldwin and Saladin near Kerak — goose back when there of the fog Golden Cross and the army of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. And all thanks to mournful DUDUK magic

The theme of the Crusades, serious, she had to put the film and anyone but Ridley Scott, I would do not trust. So I liked it anyway
PS I watched both versions — get theatre. Over 15 minute cut of the staged fuss, and I see the difference brand — both are good. What these moments added opened? Nothing significant that it throw a tantrum.


Emelina Edsel
06 February 2013 | 07:29

Despite all my epic entertainment — "the Kingdom of heaven" is the movie you need to watch how much more carefully and thoughtfully than it may seem on first glance. The first time I saw it in the theater, on the premiere, back in 2005 when I had all 14. Then he like impressed it seemed though not bad, but still a bit boring. And now, after 8 years, got around to review the picture, and just straight in the Director's version. Here immediately would like note that it's a rare case when the Director's cut makes the film a much better and deeper and added prices play a very important role in the overall storyline, and some moments are even forced to rethink.

Why such care in an epic historical blockbuster? On my view, all the salt film is not in wonderful recreated the atmosphere in perfectly: hard and realistic battle scenes shot not in class staging of the battles on swords, not even with decent acting. The main advantage of the film — the script, the idea, which tried to us to convey to the creators. Not know the accused whether film various anti-religious propaganda, and unprecedented in this for this abound (well, in our crazy society), but there is presented not taken in our society look at a religion very close to me spirit — opinion, the point of view of common sense. And the main idea that I loved — "Church — creation of human. Faith it in your heart and in your head." And this idea goes all through the storyline. What is faith. living in harmony himself — a Kingdom of conscience. Jesus, Allah, but what hell's the difference? Not so and great value it has the context of faith. However, of decisive importance in the context of the Church. And should so to be? What is Jerusalem: a city or the same Holy of holies, heaven on earth? And all these important and not afraid of the word, "eternal" topics raised on the background of very spectacular and exciting event.

The answers to these questions each character has their own the answers are very convincing. On my opinion, each his life should answer for myself these questions. And the beauty that they no wrong answer, because no true. And know how can be someone this picture will help to find answers to them and someone just will allow to improve brightness and staginess of the events on the screen. As there any — for a careful thoughtful viewing the film is required.

of 10 10

Libby Fabiolas
01 February 2013 | 09:36

I belong to the guard of the audience that do not understand HOW?! as it was possible to spoil a great movie in favor of the timing.

Or the producers think the current moviegoers impenetrably stupid, unable to perceive works of art? And the film Scott — the real art. Rather, he was so to the intervention of fat uncles with wallets.

I "theater" in due time liked. However, I went to the in film and on Orlando bloom. It in the rolling version and the Director's equally beautiful. But after reviewing the second version of the epic, I realized the first film — surface action.

I have not enough words to Express admiration for what he saw yesterday, the WORK is not just a movie — this piece of work with a lot of faces. What take — each polished Shine. I incredibly sorry baleanu, almost cry together Sybil, almost hate the guy and Rene, bow before the greatness of Baldwin and Saladin. From each character has its own storyline, developed, honed. About each can mount a separate mini-movie.

Orlando bloom. He is amazing. It is not even his beauty. While it is true there is written by some reviewers — just such beautiful Balian and could first sight to fall in love with the Queen of Jerusalem. And its meditative tranquility, spirituality... Maybe someone will seem that this should not be the main hero of the epic. But the film is called "the Kingdom of heaven", under which is not only Jerusalem, but and the spiritual world of the person. The hero must be in the first, internally bright, moral, humble and meek. It is not "die hard", where the Savior of the world requires only the ability to skillfully ride with one of the rooftops on the other. Here superior quality — Christian values in title that emphasizes the Director. Only a hero could become the chief, only he had lead people — the defense of the fortress and to the notorious Kingdom of Christ.

Bloom with the task to 1000%. It real, his play (language does not turn to call this game) natural. He does not play and lives. Here such heroes I love: no pathos, broken line and antics. And after all, how you look, it antics now in Vogue, they praise consider "good acting." Good acting — not that the harder you squint your face, I do not being able to squeeze a tear. She — facial expression and eye. And the expression of the eyes bloom haunts me up to now. Deep and sad. Yes, he is passed this face the entire film, sometimes changing it in brooding love. But the person has recently lost his wife and child, he lost his life, became an outcast in his village, found and lost his father to its share in suddenly fell a difficult test. With what he go? Not exactly with a joyful, snotty-tearful or aggressive. Orlando found a wonderful image. A military commander close to the common people and so I managed to get it for themselves. It yourself "in a past life was almost a slave" (s), he understood the common people, and know him approach. And in it an enormous inner light.

Under impression  Lord of the Rings, which I also recently reviewed, I do not associated bloom with an elf. He five minutes became for me a Balian, and I almost all the youth was in love with the elf Legolas!

That's enough to praise Orlando. How is no surprisingly, the film rests not only it. The personality of the main character a little pushed — in the foreground, other fate: kings, ordinary believers, the knights Templar of Jerusalem. For the genre "Thriller" is a little strange. Usually the plot revolves around a simple idea with powerful Rambo in the middle of it.

Eva green. Beauty and clever. The perfect pair for Balian. Again — in the uncut version she is spelled out much more interesting. I finally figured out why it became half-mad. Before I didn't understand those metamorphoses. Yes, it is the Kingdom will go nuts, well so it W got yourself strong, vigorous, when that stupid lady. Should understand that war with Saladin inevitable, then inevitable fall of the city. Turns out, she was just blown away as a person? An-no! In the Director's version is the answer to this question, which has tormented me since 2005)

The beginning of the story, too, is plunged in gloom: well I have had the producers made available to the public the essence of the ties! And I thought: why suddenly the father came to the illegitimate son, why the meek blacksmith felt aggression, and he killed a priest. Juicy pieces of film were thrown, thank God, not in the trash, and on DVD. But overall rating this hurt, and those who have not seen the full version before still have accused the Director in the stupid plot, bloom — in numbness, eve, green — in uselessness. Yes, even one "gaffe" for which is critical of the spread of Balian — it "supermoto". It and martial arts instantly captured, and the fortress defending like a thousand years this was done. It turns out, I did. And his level of swordsmanship in the beginning, Godfrey highly appreciated. But in theaters us so rough all revealed,

Individual so much I want to say for the soundtrack!! Melodic, sad and bright at the same time. I was shocked when I read here that for someone the musical component was a disappointment. Here too true to taste and colour! I the whole movie was listening, open-mouthed, not was overjoyed to the wonderful music!

the plot. Not know what about historical accuracy, but I really like the plot. To the madness tired of the stamped and formed militants and drama the rapid action. Here philosophizing is interspersed with the battles that bring the share speakers, but not overpower the sense. Fights and battle — no symbols, they carry a semantic load. And not tightened. The battle scenes are many, but not abundance. The movie in the plan is harmonious.

And there stupid pathos, which are teeming with other epic pictures. Speech of Balian before the battle short, but meaningful. Manage to develop, but not only bored embarrassed to sairset at the chair. There is no "brand" Hollywood cries like: "Nooo!" in the death scenes of key characters. No nonsense, type: three of a knight chopped the army and left unscathed. Knights Balian in the middle of the film quite naturally failed, but he survived only thanks to his past noble deeds."As you sow, so shall you reap", — said he ally of Saladin. All so natural, sincere and well played!

of 10 10

It is a pity that you cannot give more. This evaluation refers exclusively to uncut version, a theater to put points is taken too long it looked. But I recommend "Kingdom of heaven" in the expanded version. And for me it has become one of the most beloved films.

How much has Kingdom of Heaven made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $218,122,627.
How much did it cost to make Kingdom of Heaven?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $130,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Kingdom of Heaven?
This tv-show was directed by Ridley Scott.
What is the genre of Kingdom of Heaven?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Drama.
Who starred in Kingdom of Heaven?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Martin Hancock, Michael Sheen, Nathalie Cox, Eriq Ebouaney, Jouko Ahola.
What is Kingdom of Heaven IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was Kingdom of Heaven released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2005-05-06.