Justice League vs. Teen Titans

After the battle with the Legion of doom the Justice League is suddenly faced with an unknown powerful opponent who knows how to seize control over others. Robin, trying to prove himself, breaks the order and its actions placed the mission at risk. Because of this, Batman sends him to school the Young of the Titans — a team of young superheroes who are learning to control their powers and work together. Now, despite the difficult nature, Robin is forced to learn to work in a team and to make friends. Meanwhile, the world is under huge threat — a powerful force that is associated with one of the Young Titans, wants to invade Earth and make all kinds of hell.

Release Date: 2016-03-29
IMDb icon 7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Bernice Barmen
04 November 2016 | 09:52

Current year of course can be called a year of confrontations iconic comic book characters in those or other movies. Batman and Superman at each other's throats in"Batman vs. Superman", Captain America and Iron Man made their past grievances in"the First avenger: the Confrontation", and in addition to throughout the Apocalypse decided to share one seat with the X-Men in "X-Men: Apocalypse". Closes the resulting Quartet comic confrontations and this animated film Sam Liu.

Like the film "Batman V Superman" cinematic universe DC Comics, the animated film directed by Sam Liu puts in the opposite sides two its the most powerful superhero team in the face of the Justice League and the Young Titans. But similar to the movie by Zack Snyder as such confrontation of both teams in the picture is observed at all. Except for a short scuffle in the last 15 minutes paintings no more.

Moreover, being another sequel to "Justice League" started once Jay Oliva, the film Sam Liu unexpectedly throws themselves heroes League on the backburner. Than perhaps more surprising is just. So both watching the history creates the impression that this does another film about League not even the crossover of two superhero teams, and a kind of attempt by the debut of Young Titans with the purpose of creating a new franchise in the animated universe of DC. All this in the end creates the impression that the film Sam Liu is not that we were promised by the creators and he seemed this animated film with the beginning, the audience.

If we ignore such "nuance", then turned out not quite a bad animated film, which the tradition pleases a high-quality visualization. The animation is a little further away from established drawing "under anime", but have not lost their juiciness and entertainment. Yeah and narrative paintings are executed quite smoothly, easily and absolutely not heavy.

A certain amount of frustration cause frankly crude scenario. As mentioned above, the members of the Justice League were shifted to and due to this, not got a decent chance to grow in as interesting personalities on the screen. It is not bad demonstrated ORIJEN members of the Young Titans. Of course, with thinking solo film and if not assume clear dominance of Raven and Robin part of the narrative. In the end, causing only one obvious question at the viewing of the tape. Where are Shazam and Aquaman, who are also members of the League ?

Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, Flash and Cyborg got its traditional incarnation on the screen. To watch all of them are also interesting. Even went away on the background, characters will be too "furniture". The attempt to introduce in the case of the Young Titans has turned out quite worthy, but special interest alas is not one of its members. Like Robin, who already have long tired of his excessive arrogance and narcissism, or the Raven, which gave the viewer not as wish. Yes and so impressive and charismatic a villain as the Trigon alas was demonstrated quite comical and eventually opened to as a character at all. In including Solomon Grundy, Cheetah, Lex Luthor and other villains who appeared in short of kameo rather for the richness of the narrative, and not because of creative need.

5 out of 10

Justice League vs Young Titans — is not the animated film developing animated DC universe, which we promised by the creators. In principle, a pretty bad, spectacular and quite an interesting animated film, but unfortunately frankly is crude. So how many elements from the paintings were not disclosed at all, but the expected crossover of the two superhero teams the film quickly transformirovalsya in the rehearsal of the solo album of the Young Titans.

Codie Dressler
15 June 2016 | 09:39

Opening of the new centre of the justice League was not very well — at the ceremony came from several villains. And although the final point in the opposition has successfully delivered a son of Batman Damien — he new Robin — the at least, the father was unhappy with him a capricious prank. In the end, it is taken to live in the headquarters of another team of superheroes, Young titans, where he did not initially I was glad to be. But gradually opinion is changing, not least thanks to the mysterious girl and Titans member Raven. She, like and Damien, a very closed in himself, not particularly the friendly and has an unpleasant past in the past under the yoke relative-villain. And it is this relative, father Raven, now roams the Earth wants to grab it. Initially instilling in enemy of the justice League, now he is not averse to subjugate the members of the League and primarily — Superman.

In recent time a trend develops that if the film DC comics is the word "against", it is a misnomer, not really reflecting the essence of the film. It is not fit "Batman vs Robin", or "Batman V Superman: dawn of justice", not suitable here. Formally "the justice League vs Young titans" only one small fight between the titans and the League that is obscenely fast (besides, the members of the League in this time a zombie is the main villain). When the members of these groups face in the second time, on the side of the Titans fight have two members of the justice League, and one of them got yourself obrazumilis of idiographic. Here that's just not considered.

No matter how strange, but did — this is when the teen titans walk through the fair, quietly applying the ability to contests just having fun. In them perfectly clear disclosing of characters: Robin here socialities, and between him and Raven seems to be even runs the proverbial "spark". Such scenes in principle, great to see in superhero films, especially animation.

The rest of the film is not that bad, but rather ordinary. Has the proper level of quality, which, as a rule last time, reach all cartoons the DC comics, coming immediately on the video. The art style sensible, though, and slightly depersonalizing the characters, could be more rich on details. The action scenes are good, but again, familiar. The plot in fact nothing remarkable in itself is not has.

Perhaps the main advantage of "the justice League vs Young titans" in the face of the fan superheroine — it is the revelation of the essence of the Titans. If you have looked all over five seasons of the action-Packed animated series "teen titans", then you could give the impression that he just about a group of teenagers that fight with the evil, because they can afford parents them not decree. Here says it — group for people who primarily need a home, friends and a place where they'd to learn, develop and control their powers. So that would be useful to see exactly what movies — fortunately, it lasts at least 80 minutes.

And again, sensible story for the DC universe, which primarily will be interesting to see those who wants a better understand it.

7 of 10

Jacquenetta Johnathon
28 September 2016 | 03:26

In this cartoon a bunch of stocks and absurdities. On the similarity of cross-dressing in anime style of the 90s and the lack of stated opposition (there is only one little potatosack, yeah in the multiserial "Young Justice League" is like a battle was much more epic). Still there are too many Damian Wayne aka the Robin, so very annoying character who is at least me.

But I forgive for Raven! The thing that not counting the children's animated series "teen Titans," she never lit. And even a "daughter of Satan" is not is a favorite among my heroes, her prehistory has long deserved a full meter.

So, except story cons and a certain roughness, the cartoon is fair reveals previously unknown characters, good graphics, unobtrusive humor and interesting story in that whole for high quality cartoon of DC? From me — competition!

8 from 10

Who is the director of the movie Justice League vs. Teen Titans?
This tv-show was directed by Sam Liu.
What is the genre of Justice League vs. Teen Titans?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Comedy, Animation.
Who starred in Justice League vs. Teen Titans?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Rosario Dawson, Christopher Gorham, Shemar Moore, Jerry O'Connell, Jason O'Mara.
What is Justice League vs. Teen Titans IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.
When was Justice League vs. Teen Titans released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-03-29.