Just Getting Started

Duke, once brilliant lawyer, large criminal groups, while under the protection program witnesses, lights in a luxury Villa Capri, arranging reckless celebrations of life for its guests, transforming everyday life into a bright Jazz. Once upon a Christmas at the Villa comes brutal ex-FBI agent Leo and turns everything upside down. But as it turned out, it's only the beginning: after Leo Villa catch up with the guys from the mafia, which has an old grudge against the Duke and Leo. The party will be hot!

  • Ron Shelton

Release Date: 2017-12-08
IMDb icon 4.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:31m
  • Budget: $22,000,000
Maighdiln Cy
18 January 2018 | 12:00

It all starts with as a kind of nervous rich lady doing in his home, suddenly saw the TV man who put her husband in jail — Duke (Morgan Freeman). In this she is calling its unknown spectator close to the man and says: "the Only gift for Christmas which I want — is the head of the rat in a bag". And from that moment the audience understands the two things. First, the film is just saturated with good Christmas atmosphere! Second, we becomes clear what will be the conflict in this film and, in General, the storyline is easy to predict.

Pretty simple an easy method of presentation. Initially, Duke (Morgan Freeman) breaks away on the Villa Capri. All just love it and women come and go to him in the bed, tolerating what they only Duke. But everything changes when the Villa comes Leo (Tommy Lee Jones) which in all Duke wipes his nose. Through the film's leitmotif is the development of their relations. From rivalry enmity to something more. This theme is obvious and just as in a fairy tale (well, in light American Comedy.) and it is not clear what good find Leo at Duke, given the nature of their fellowship.

The image of the Leo cliché simple: a rich ex-FBI agent who poker best plays, and in Golf no one inferior landscapes and all the ladies fascinating versed in poetry, and tames the dogs... it is not fabulous whether this hero? The images here all fairly simple. He Duke — a deceiver, a cunning, daring man. Three friends — support groups Duke is also not a new technique in cinema. As and the Union of three friends with three women who are not lucky enough to ladies of the main characters. It must be because somewhere they do this light Comedy, there are so accepted

Who would want to kill Duke, and for what? This subject was revealed only of the snippets of dialogue rich in nervous women at the phone still not open. And what will happen after the film with characters? Also not understand.

In General, this question shall bear no strain for the mind, no new or at least interesting techniques. Ordinary mediocre film, which you can laugh only if you came with friends-comedians who will joke about that occurs in the screen. Despite that the genre of the film "the Comedy", from the Comedy is there little preserved: no funny jokes or the absurdity of the situation, from the funny characters only Duke and support group sometimes caused a small smile. In this film things are going "as in oil", which is why it reminds me of a fairy tale. But nothing to do! It is this game — easy American Comedy on one viewing.

4 of 10

Aleda Bores
16 January 2018 | 02:17

Any movie with Morgan Freeman is doomed to success. This story is not the exception. For all the holidays we and not received one Christmas story, and then all at once. Resort hot passion, old American jazz and subtle humor. He is now in deficit.

The plot is twisted perfectly. Three old gun against the killers. Music. Passion. Clearly drawn characters on the backdrop of the depraved ladies amaze the whole dialogue and clear grins.

This movie will hook everyone. The actors immediately from three generations. A story that is understandable without transfer. Don't cost without legends of world music. All scenario filling is perfectly seasoned for installation. Drive in every frame. There is a small break with the melodramatic element, however, and insert here to place.

Of course, to admit that great the older deep retired a little sad. However, they are annealed as necessary. The experience will not disappear. In General, the film is similar to the light vaudeville. A lot of dancing. Run. However the writers did all that the feeling quickly left.

10 of 10

Larisa Pinzler
18 February 2018 | 04:13

With all due respect to the magnificent legendary actors Tommy Lee Jones Morgan Freeman, through which world cinema has received a lot of iconic characters and great movies, "only the beginning" — that's a hefty pile of cow dung in the middle of the road, where the stepped Oscar-winning actors. To be honest, it is a pity that Jones Freeman decided under the old age to tarnish your track record so  - called Comedy, where the humor is splashing about on a par with sense.

Director Ron Shelton put on this movie 72 years and it's possible that the main plot idea of "Everything is just beginning," he decided to do the theme that is his sadness. The theme — sex. Due to the fact that the characters of Freeman and Jones literally every minute get involved in conversations on the topic of "someone to fill in the bed", the film turns into a truth of life for older people, because they, having gone on a well deserved vacation, you need to somehow diversify his life. How to do — of course continue to copulate, and if managed and some money to save up, you can play Golf all day long.

The main active area of the film is the Villa Capri, where spends the day in a day hero Morgan Freeman. Somehow there comes the hero Jones and... rushed. As it happens among two males — they need to measure their strength or appliances (who really what is ready) to win the hearts of the same old ladies as they themselves, living on the Villa. In other words — Villa Capri — it is a rich boarding house for the elderly, which are allowed there everything, the ringleader there stands as times Morgan Freeman, even in old age remaining the king of the parties.

Your sense, the movie loses even in the beginning, when you see video clip of Morgan Freeman, lit on the Villa. According to as you view understand why he lives there and it moreover, it seems odd that his persona is featured in the advertisement, telling about Capri. Because the position where he is, it supposed to sit as the mouse to be quieter water below the grass. Further narration is all besides the showdown between the two men advanced in years, and if Jones in the frame looks very good, it Freeman impression, was for this role too age. At least some of the scenes he gave the impression of a feeble old man, but not the alpha male.

"Only the beginning" with work is associated with a Comedy in terms of what the viewer is used to understand the meaning of the word. All that is veiled here as having the humor is able to bring a smile, but not laughter. Most of the situations which are collected here and shown are episodes where try to play funny, the actors themselves, because neither the dialogues nor the events are just not funny.

Yes, again resent because of the fact that the posters for the film is absolutely nothing to the place he want "From the creators". If the films "Rock-n-roll" and"kiss Kiss Bang Bang" cool, I "only the beginning" is terrible and as a Comedy and as a Thriller, but its not hesitate to your poster stamped "From the creators of...", trying to catch in their nets the unsuspecting audience.

However, to watch You. Your opinion is not impose.

Nice view.

4 of 10

How long is Just Getting Started?
2h 11m
How much did it cost to make Just Getting Started?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $22,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Just Getting Started?
This tv-show was directed by Ron Shelton.
What is the genre of Just Getting Started?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Comedy.
Who starred in Just Getting Started?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Morgan Freeman, Glenne Headly, Tommy Lee Jones, Jane Seymour, Rene Russo.
What is Just Getting Started IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.4.
When was Just Getting Started released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-12-08.