Juliet, Naked

The story is about a girl named Annie, who has suddenly flashes a romance with your ex music star Tucker Crowe. The problem is that it is mired in the long and troubled relationship with Duncan — a guy who in turn admires Crowe.

  • Jesse Peretz

Release Date: 2018-08-17
IMDb icon 6.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Gus Doralynne
18 December 2018 | 10:29

What's in a name? Curiously, in "Juliet, Naked" no nothing wrong with that, nor the nakedness of, yeah and General, the story is very chaste. Unevenly developing romantic drama is an adaptation of the novel of nick Hornby — the author of a Fanatic. No wonder that "Naked Juliet" continues spiritually made in the"Fanatic" ideas, and it is in the form is characteristic of the American indie cinema: a little cheesy, a little bit cozy, with a share of excitement. A love story told in "Juliet", can be charming, but the script is definitely not have some kind of insolence in the desire to convey to the audience's thoughts about the eternal, which seems to be the film nor what does not apply.

So hawke takes the role of Tucker Crowe — rock star on a retirement, which left the scene and tied career. The former idol of millions left behind several albums and a loyal fan base, all grown up and loves to suck out every detail of the work of Tucker Crowe in the Internet. The main fan is Duncan — Professor of middle age crisis, why men have to sublimate it into an obsession rock musician. It bride Annie it disappointed. Fight leads to pair of that Annie harshly criticized the work of the rock idol in the Internet... and have received positive feedback on the defeat of the Tucker. Between Tucker and Annie starts a modest affair: it in the US, it in the UK, but after correspondence via e-mail develops amazing confidence level.

All very cute, right? For large "Naked Juliet" hiding in a few revelations in the script. In some moments the plot raises the stakes and goes to a new background. Sharply changes tone: Tucker instead most of the film to hold in the shade hero-lover, turns out to be a middle-aged man, living in garage new York. Have rocker, it still has a bunch of kids from different mothers. Quite interesting and how the film portrays Tucker, so and the actions of Annie and Duncan on the background of a looming crisis in their relationship. In some degree this is a shocking, but, rather, it is references to real life and ignoring the "Hollywood drug".

In the end all characters meet — in fact, if this trio is not added together, we would not conflict. The problem of "Naked Juliet" in that the development of the plot a crime requires a lot of time on the mixing of the three Central characters together. Of course, in the side scenes reveal details about the inner character of Duncan, Annie and Tucker, but it could show in joint moments. Ethan hawke and rose Byrne are great in pairs of scenes... and a bit dull apart. The chemistry between them is simply lost in the moments when they go about their daily business. Thus, the first 45 minutes least very uneven. Chris O'dowd works in the film small doses: it seems that sometimes it was purposefully made to look stupid to make more and more unbearable and less sympathy-inducing.

"Naked Juliet", it also, much depends on the soundtrack the evocation of emotional effect. So as Tucker in ten years already pensions, no new material and most of the musical accompaniment consists of rock tunes by other artists. Ethan hawke single-handedly performed a cover of The Waterloo Sunset group The Kinks, but in General movie musician his senses are in the film is not enough music.

Romantic drama small and narrow even for its scenic scale, and the at least it cannot be denied that the crew, the writers and the actors were dedicated to their business. It is possible that with the heroes of the ribbon to identify themselves, yeah and the point is clear: "Naked Juliet" — not a story about how dreams come true, and that sometimes it's letting go of the past. At this, of course, all events occurring in some vacuum, focused on three main characters, so that spiritual beauty as I think the movie is to show off not able.

6 from 10

Adena Biddle
25 December 2019 | 02:50

"Naked Juliet" — American-British romance with elements of Comedy, created by the same work by nick Hornby (two-time nominee for"Oscar" for the best adapted screenplay for the film "an Education" and"Brooklyn") efforts of the studios of "Apatow Productions" and"Los Angeles Media Fund" is positioned more as an independent picture. The main roles in the"Naked Juliet" was played by rose Byrne (the Annie Platt), Ethan hawke (Tucker Crowe) and Chris O'dowd (Duncan Thomson). Due to the fact that "Naked Juliet" are presented more as individual creation, hence, and marketing policy in its promotion was very simple and came out in limited release. But you can immediately tell that the Creator of story platform uses a deserved authority and sympathy, and the involved actors is not "noname", so that produced the "Naked Juliet" based on participation in various awards and the conquest of the possible awards. But if things go the movie critics say, is that could aim for the most prestigious prizes...

And I must add that the criticism, in General, favorably accepted the tape. In its basis lay not a trivial story, and the depth of the story was palpable. However, they "Juliet, Naked" is not was devoid of shortcomings. And wasn't in the title, which would to attract sex addicts. "The naked Juliet, or rather "Juliet, Naked" — this is an album one rock musician for named Tucker Crowe, who on the wave of fame suddenly disappeared with the radar. His fans, where the most ardent was Duncan Thomson, has created a blog where laid out as facts and myths about the future life of Tucker Crowe. Suddenly, in the blog receives a message like times of loss. But his email replies not Duncan and it, so to say common-law wife Annie Platt. Have them strike up a correspondence and soon Annie, yeah and Tucker himself, to rethink his life, way of life, values and way of life. Companionship becomes more, but a romantic relationship is not called, rather, it is about soul mates that finally found those of interlocutors with whom you can share anything.

To admit that I was expecting something on the level of banal family Comedy with a cluster of jokes on the subject of sex, especially when you consider that among the creative studios is "Apatow Productions", and Judd Apatow is known for his comedies-self-plagiarism, which was thoroughly boring. But received from "Juliet, Naked" is much more: it is really tender romance, with characters, which some viewers could see myself. Even Nick Hornby loves to write about people leading an idle life, but then certain events force them to reconsider the attitude to her. It was case band "My boy", where also touching changes in the main character touched the audience for a live. But feeling that the creators of "Naked Juliet" so all do not understand what they remove — whether the Comedy, it is a melodrama. Standing jumps from one genre to another was making a film muddled, unbalanced, some raw and not to the end of meaningful. Still affected by that the Director Jesse Peretz does not give proper experience in full meter, although it is the film "Ex-lover" was not too bad.

But what was won by the creators of "Naked Juliet" — in this casting their game. Outside no doubt that being a complete professional rose Byrne and Ethan hawke familiarized with a novel nick Hornby and carefully prepared images. Here it's something they just realized that need of them, tried to convey a writer and compelling characters have them turned on all hundred. And they doubt, "Juliet, Naked" — this is a melodrama about people their thinking about their losses, about incorrectly selected way. The context of characters transferred flawlessly, yeah and their views can distinguish between a close Platonic relationship similar to "lonely souls." Ethan hawke has long been taught that he is interested in complex projects, where it can show different facets of the talent of the actor and in this case, Tucker Crowe have it was very commendable and meanwhile very vital. Pleased rose Byrne, who decided not to dive into formation of comedonica (she is, honestly, not very good at) and showed his dramatic talent. Glorious roles that deserve recognition. And Chris O'dowd as always ease, not showing nothing beyond the ordinary, he proved once again that today is one of the best actors in the subsidiary roles.

In General, the "Naked Juliet" an example of film where the potential more than we it showed. Therefore, we have to admit that Jesse Peretz not handled task imbued with the idea of the meaning of the work of nick Hornby. It may, of course, that the Comedy component insisted bosses of the studios, but the writers, adaptatory not reached the level of subtle humor that was present in same "My boy". And praise the same I want rose Byrne and Ethan Hawke — so they tried vengeance, and it was noticeable. Because of them and works Hornby still put strained a little, but still

7 of 10

Lisbeth Lachus
01 October 2018 | 12:58

I don't the master long reviews, with a description of the characters, but I would like to share nice impression of the film.

First, the acting: Ethan hawke in his role of a slightly confused middle-aged men (but he never ceases to be a good actor). Beautiful in your boring boyfriend of the main character — you think replays if not come across such fans of one group in real life. Rose Byrne satisfied sincere in his role as I think.

Second, the humor. It is my favorite type ironic, intelligent, sometimes sarcastic, but not mean. Dialogues (look at English subtitles) don't plunge in the dramatic depth, always remaining as though a little on the surface, but they talk, give a feel of the characters.

Thirdly, and it has to be sure, the atmospheric pressure. Leaving the theater filled and joyful. At least I went.

Who is the director of the movie Juliet, Naked?
This tv-show was directed by Jesse Peretz.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance, Best Comedy Movies 2018, Best Music Movies 2018, Best Romance Movies 2018.
Who starred in Juliet, Naked?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Chris O'Dowd, Rose Byrne, Kitty O'Beirne, Alex Clatworthy, Lily Brazier.
What is Juliet, Naked IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.6.
When was Juliet, Naked released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-08-17.