Julia is a quiet and unassuming woman who works as a nurse in a plastic surgery clinic. One day she meets a rich guy who invites her out to his home. Expecting a romantic evening, soon, Julia is brutally raped by her boyfriend and his buddies and like a piece of trash thrown to the river. But, despite everything, the girl survives. Devastated, broken and humiliated, she meets a beautiful stranger Sadie, which leads her to the one who will heal Julia and will make a different way to see yourself and the world.

  • Matthew A. Brown

Release Date: 2015-10-23
IMDb icon 4.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $2,710
Arda Shear
15 December 2015 | 05:54

Julie — no released the crowd a girl working as a nurse in a plastic surgery clinic. One of her former patients invites Julia to his home, kind of like showing signs of sympathy, but, feeding the poor alcohol mixed with drugs, the guy and his friends organize a gang rape, then simply throwing the victim on the shore to die. Julia survives, but instead of having to go to the police, it shattered all often becomes the visitor of bars, where drowns his sorrows with vodka. In the bar it randomly hear about a society that helps such as it — that is, to rape victims. Of course, Julia turns on address, enters a very complex way of self-development — suppress fears and gaining inner strength.

The tape resembles a cross between such specimens as "I spit on your grave", "Nurse 3D" and"Alice", and in this order they in "Julia" and replace each other. In fact, the plot is nothing special of themselves do not is — she would hint the audience about that was ahead after the rape zatyukali life (as expected) ladies, which is not find friends who you can complain about it, but because the ad on her way Sadie — as a gift from heaven. For this opportunity Julia grabs immediately and firmly, but sessions "the leader" companies — a kind of psychologist, promising to make her fighter in life but threatens to severely punish you if she goes against his rules — some cool it heat so initially have to make do with seduction "occupied" the men with to prove their lady, that men — down to any skirts males, does not recognize such a thing as "love". Infidelity and betrayal — the undeniable quality of any of the male human species, because all men should be killed — something pierce the head of our heroine, who dreams only about how to get even with their rapists. But not against the rules trample, and because Julia performs "little things", simultaneously moving with mind.

Maybe the creators thought that if Julia was quite ordinary in terms of the psyche a girl, viewers are boring; and, obviously, it couldn't explain how the heroine is so quickly flew to coils that went for the kill right and left, brandishing a knife, as a real butcher. And because Julia presented initially slightly abnormal — in the child's own mother called her "whore", why the girl is not once tried to kill a, leaving on the hands of scars, in which present her just wanted a little push to begin to create madness, and from a bell tower is created and the appropriate attitude: "Julia" — not just tape on how a rape victim decided to get even with their offenders; this is a film about crazy girl, which was a reason to kill — had it not been rape, she would come up with another reason.

However, it is not is to deny that Julia to. the ending was intended as possible dirty to deal with rapists that she didn't bother along the way, kill all the men, which she will meet, spit on rules "psychologist." It is worth noting, however, that despite the frequent repetition of the psychologist on punishment case of violation of a dream "the commandments", he image cult leader not written in principle, and it appears not so often, so that is left as would frame. On first layout at the idea is to leave Julia, but understand motives are sometimes complicated, so that in part is parallel with the already mentioned "Nurse 3D", which was killed because so like, inventing for itself a banal excuse about the infidelity of unfaithful guys. There is observed the same thing — absolutely all men are shown the goat is able to cast a soul mate, do not particularly successful flirting Julia. To everything else it does seem odd that absolutely everything "victim", which was chosen heroine fell for it — what it turns out, she was in the taste of all men? Okay, maybe it was.

The transformation of Julia from bitch in beauty happens suddenly — at the behest of Sadie, which took her glasses to paint her cosmetics wearing black leather clothes. Voila — together with image in first night changes the character Julia who, after surviving rape, does not shy away from male touch. Maybe it has warmed the idea that later she will kill anyone who touches it but so after the first killings it...

Closer to final girl more closed in itself — she barely speak, begins to cheat, skillfully changing the rules of the game "psychologist", and becoming more confident in yourself. And therefore it is logical to assume that the murder is more like and blood and vengeance, however, in the majority of the many things Julia so remain in her head — the reasons for some of its behaviour, the viewer becomes not understand it remains only to wait, than all will end. And ends as it is unclear as expected — after playing enough, Julia puts an end to his "absolute power", taking from Sadie and the others enough theory to throw away the hapless teachers to the trash. Where in this case, here to seek the meaning — not exactly understandably so that after the end credits to the head is just very attractive musical composition, not particularly pleasant hearing soundtrack of Frank Hall bezimienni face Ashley C. Williams. What truth have proved this tape — I don't know. It kind of "look and forget", and in this scenario, not sure it generally worth watching.

4 of 10


Loralie Diandra
08 June 2015 | 01:17

Unremarkable bespectacled nurse Julia not so long ago recovered from a major kid Pier Malone. He, in turn, in debt left asked her on a date to his home. And then drugged and with a group of friends raped. After the hopelessness some time on the bottom of the glass, Julia understands this is not an option, and the bar finds out about a secret sect that helps girls like it. It is as helps — offers to settle accounts with offenders.

There is an idea lost sisters Nipple. The new "American Mary" was released on a crazy warpath. The beginning of "Julia" nothing particularly promising not has promised, according to the contents were drawn podnimaetsa feminist path of "I spit on your grave" (the year and had enough "Nurses"), but why not to give a chance. And at first it even seems to be the right decision. Quick start of the film pleasing to the eye stringy Noir style and pressing the dub music, emphasizing the inner state of the heroine, which is not from all the rushing heat of the moment to build traps, and long tries to drown injured in alcohol the scarring. And although the technical component and then places pleasing to the eye and ear, about other sweets will have to forget and catch nauseating diet of fresh cereals.

As soon as Julia engages in an unnamed recover organization to governing sexless psychiatrist (because in his youth he was showing off in front of the mirror to women's outfits, the folder he cut his penis off), it is rapidly inhibits the in his complexes, crushes his glasses, forgetting about them forever (although the contact she's allergic), and quickly drives off coils, as Michelle Pfeiffer in"Batman." Somehow that's not even a hint to build a bridge across the phases. The phase of rebirth is virtually absent. You can, of course, to write off this moment in unstable as nurses, for which the lessons are simple Affairs, with zhivoderstvo (first victim closeup of scratched body), become, so to speak, the last straw. But the heroine was more or less attractive in that moment, when I had some doubts and feelings. But after half an hour in its place there is a vengeful lesbian without of emotions, which the same indifference chops as the offenders, so and defenders. Here so psychiatrists without licenses are creating monsters.

Sounds good, but in fact, everything is quite sluggish. The sectarian method of fishing on live bait is happening banal nowhere. Type do eyes, and any throws his friend and running fuck in the transition (yeah, it when Americans to useru intimidated by the various articles in sexual harassment). Bloody orgies, you can wait, but and not wait and mountains bodies. For with the exception of the incident with a cut cock, all the small massacre occur frame, giving the rest of the time on the smearing of the theory, sessions, trainings, explanations and other things.

End up getting even less than it should be. Despite an atmospheric soundtrack of Frank Hall and compelling game Ashley C. Williams ("the Human centipede") or complete a psychological drama, nor Grindhouse or a busy Thriller so and delivered.

4 of 10

How much has Julia made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $2,710.
Who is the director of the movie Julia?
This tv-show was directed by Matthew A. Brown.
What is the genre of Julia?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Horror.
Who starred in Julia?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Ashley C. Williams, Tahyna MacManus, Jack Noseworthy, Joel de la Fuente, Cary Woodworth.
What is Julia IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.5.
When was Julia released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-10-23.