Former jailer Hank who once worked on death row, gets a job as a security guard at the school Parking in a quiet town. His monotonous, solitary life suddenly changes after the emergence of rookie high school girls, which tied Hank ambiguous relationship.

  • Eric England

Release Date: 2018-03-16
IMDb icon 5.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:40m
Magdalene Rodney
12 June 2018 | 11:00

Film, the name of which used women's name can only be two genres: melodrama about unrequited love or Thriller obsession and revenge. In "Josie" obviously, the second, and the film is full of the worst ambitions of the genre — a desire so strong to seem a Noir is the project in the harm. Despite the dark atmosphere making the picture smarter than other works in this genre, "Josie" — the drawn-out tape with cliched add-on a young woman who for some reason draws attention to the man much older. Unlikely this can involve viewing is stronger than the opportunity to see Sophie Turn in bikini.

"Josie" begins with a chaotic scene, warming curiosity: police cars arrive at the calling the cops begin to clean the house. Events otmelivaetsja on a few weeks ago and can you imagine the main character — Hank. Silent and a lone security guard watches local students and leads the lifestyle of a recluse. The fate of Hank changing dramatically with the appearance town, Josie, schoolgirl, prefer all kinds of clothes candid fishnet stockings.

For the most part "Josie" — very slow film. The story unfolds slowly, though with the beginning becomes clear, to what all goes. Focuses on the hermit Hank, which is a compelling figure of suffering and it is very stupid and clichéd way. Hero McDermott though composed of stereotypes; you can even make a joke that a "Wikipedia" words like "tired of the life" or "hate" then get out the image of Hank from "Josie". Itself the title character — no better terms of originality. Close-up of her sunglasses is reminiscent of "lolita," Kubrick and generally this modernized version with a taste of punk rock.

Struggling the script tries to seem what he is but when it comes to the climax, it becomes quite sad. The finale, with one hand, ridiculous, and on the other hand secondary as a similar was presented in the screen time and not two. In other words, the feeling that the work was commissioned a draft and not the final version of the script. There are aspects that can be considered amusing and darkly witty (think of "Josie" would a good black Comedy), but the creators chose to focus on a strange version of Thriller. Which, in turn, develop also not out: too little time given to the study of pathologies of the characters.

A very unusual shot. Jerky camera movements are constantly interspersed with relaxed static visual. In General, the scenery is very cheap, and in the scenes, such as when Josie tans from the pool is more like a music video than a real movie. Not say that this is bad, the increase the mystery around the personality of the main character, but Director the operator is clearly uneven breathing to Turner.

Speaking of Sophie Turner. Serena, copying the image of a Lolita, really good. Although it repeats again and again that same clichéd lines of dialogue, makes it is with feeling. Generally much here is built on the acting of Sophie Turner and the above underlined sexiness: sultry, manipulative and teasing Josie is far from the image of Sansa "Game of thrones". Element, which in one hand was only operational, it is beautifully built-in narrative.

Unfortunately, scenic side of this is criminal-a psychological drama not just not considered, but and seems to be running out of steam already in the first act. Despite the presence of such experienced actors as McDermott and cute Turner, the characters "Josie" not able to go beyond the limits of their archetypes: the quiet man with a mysterious past and typical lolita. So when the script provides, finally, highlights his characters, the actors spend their unnecessarily. The climax, moreover, that is predictable, but and full of logical holes. Noir — this is a genre where not like this is forgiven, but flirting with the"dark" theme in "Josie" looks too slow and careless.

4 of 10

Bernadina Bilek
01 October 2018 | 11:55

Josie — this dramatic Thriller, the events in which unfold very slowly. But not to say that it was all in vain. What a little infuriated at view and it is dreary plot development, a lot of it would seem empty talk in the end flow into the final starter culture. It is all that had to listen in the first 70 minutes of the film required this movie.

What the events proceeded in horror as slowly bored was inspired by the idea that I once again chose the wrong movie for viewing. Josie, a high school student, spends time with the two men almost simultaneously. With one hand, it her classmate, who came up with the idea to seize the girl with the moment of its appearance in school. With the other side — Hank, a guard on the high school Parking lot, her neighbor at the Motel, a man with a mysterious past. She obviously to pit them between them, only men were obsessed with her, Josie, and do not know it for themselves, constantly adjusting the machinations of friend for friend.

It was quite sad, if I got the picture was bad. But overall, a pretty good camera work, coupled with a musical theme, creating an atmosphere of tension and thought of doing their job. Again, though it was boring, but desire to know what will all this game was beyond Josie. And I waited patiently for the denouement.

In General, according to move the picture is not quite clear who in the end will be a bad boy — cheeky girl or 50-year-old man who was caught on its the bait. Still image of Hank, overweight and strange uncle, has caused some feelings of apprehension about the prospects for Josie. And overall, the ending was good, though the first 70 minutes boring spectacle not blocked.

This dreary, monotonous Thriller advise to view all I will not. Want to miss a big part of the film — please. It is passing a movie you can safely skip and not regret it.

5 from 10

Elianora Zadoc
18 March 2018 | 09:56

In a dull provincial town where the students burn youth in the shooting galleries and the alcoholic parties, and adults do not care do not only them, but and all the others in the area, come extravagant, provocatively beautiful girl Josie. Not having box relocation to disassemble, koketochka have all flirts with its intractable neighbor across the street Hank, and school tovarischi with not obsahom milk on the lips and not lose their head at the mere form of the protagonist that purposely makes people with mind openly manipulate stupid man and boy. Only here why?

A large part of the film, the Director plays not offer a Thriller and some true maiden's romance with most neither is an ordinary love triangle, which should permanently break up. Conflict situation, familiar to many, for obvious reasons, inevitable — only a matter of time when this reclusive and hiding from the public their own skeletons in the closet Hank would include a man (because Dylan McDermott full movie depicts some kind of shy Lucy) and deal with this obscene girl, twisting the tail to the right and left her young friend. All this part of the movie has to gaze at the hours to ask, well, when at least something will happen because the Director lulls the viewer specifically slow narration and the present inaction of the characters, sometimes giving disturbing slap in the form of another appearance of Sophie Turner in the swimwear.

And then there is incredible! Have pretty forgotten about that they sat down to watch a Thriller, the film lightning changes direction and tries to make up for ninety-minute melodramatic digression, giving a hard somersault in the side stories of revenge and retribution for the offense in the past. And all well, yeah only somehow very quickly crumpled, as if the creators of busting ass to get all finished. Therefore, even with an interesting plot twist, "Josie" is not able to somehow develop in order to leave behind a positive impression and confidently recommend it to the viewing. Yeah and Sophie Turner somehow strained plays like she forced to (the end it not have mastered, as the actress), Dylan McDermott was clearly a victim of the ridiculous treatment of writers with him a hero, well, and the Director just does not have enough experience in the production of such kind of pictures, so it turned out that harnessed-harnessed half an hour, and the carriage so not come on.

5 from 10

How long is Josie?
2h 20m
Who is the director of the movie Josie?
This tv-show was directed by Eric England.
What is the genre of Josie?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama.
Who starred in Josie?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Sophie Turner, Dylan McDermott, Daeg Faerch, Kurt Fuller, Jack Kilmer.
What is Josie IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.4.
When was Josie released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-03-16.