Jerry Maguire

Fired for criticizing the authorities, sports agent Jerry Maguire decides to create his own firm. Only two people believe in it — in love with Dorothy Maguire and Rod Tidwell — a talented athlete, but cheeky and extremely vicious type. But things do not stop Jerry — he believes in himself and knows what he wants. And things could be better if not for his former colleagues. For them, all methods are good — especially if you want to prove truth-seekers, who rules the roost. And Jerry Maguire knows — if he loses, then stand up to it will never be possible.

  • Cameron Crowe

Release Date: 1996-12-13
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | American Sign Language
  • Budget: $50,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $273,552,592
Abigail Kliment
22 September 2008 | 09:38

With the punches that you will get a new chance. ©

I recently for all-taki roughly defined, what types of movies I most shower tell taste and in color. This movies person, everyday, ordinary person with same "microproblems" and cares. In reducing — drama.

Despite the melodramatic stuffing, and sometimes even some comical situations, "Jerry Maguire" in the first is a drama of an ordinary person, in this case the sports agent. This drama each of us who found failures, sometimes with quite large, and able to them to swim, because it still is always there.

This film inspires and raises the "inner spirit", which is a tiny course of a successful person and positive thinking. In reducing — American dream. Actually, I am very impressed by Director Cameron Crowe when it all the Hollywood "glamour" that fans of European art-house is commonly referred to under the concept plane. Despite this, skill and talents him take away. Brand's recognizable from far.

if the heart is empty, then do not will help. ©

I like it also stories that first sight can seem simple or even superficial. In and the eternal, so to say, Shakespeare's the problem of choice between career, humanity and personal life. The successes and failures. All like usually, simply and casually, with strong actor's performance, camera work, and music solution that the crow is also always quite simple so that create a masterpiece. It remains only to ascribe to — all brilliant — easy.

As it is not able to describe the acting, but a couple of words still left. Tom cruise, respect that the name. At all its commercial orientation, especially in the last time a bad word about I say not can. Actor he is the highest echelon, the highest level. And neither talk to the choice of roles he fits with mind, communicating the films cruise in the filmography rarely meet. Personally, my opinion, "Jerry Maguire" is it is a benefit, bright and emotional. Fans who haven't seen, need to see. But here is the Oscar-winning Cuba Gooding somehow I don't very impressed with Yes and do not impressive, there is a constant feeling of replay, although there he his usual positive manner.

© — quotes film

Estimate excellent, must watch.

Romona Fuchs
26 May 2014 | 09:14

Honestly, never felt a special love for the genre of sports dramas. Most of them in addition to fierce of nashtampovali, even and are very much each other similar and devoid of any any there were signs of individuality. In the ribbon of Director Cameron Crowe, which part-time has also been and the writer, and decided to watch solely because of performing the main role of the actor. &Nbsp;Yes no consider me a blind fan of Tom cruise, but this film is truly outstanding, and category and awards "Oscar" quite a well-deserved, perhaps, Cruz I would still statuette was given. Huge, for of the genre, the box office is quite able to support my opinion about the ribbon really stands out among his fellows at the shop.

So, what same remarkable about this picture and what stands out on the background of the rest of the genre? In the first place, dialogue. Hell, this picture is just full of the clearest verbal sparrings of the two main characters. That there is only one scene of the "Show me money!". Yeah if you recall, are generally incredibly a lot of original and memorable scenes. For example, the dismissal of the hero of the company with great wagering Cruz will settle permanently in your memory.

Yes, at first you can complain to the typical of the genre stanbennet, but honestly, painting these stamps fully compensates for the bright acting, memorable scenes and touching music. Even the ending, which, in fact, guessed somewhere in the middle and then, by properly selected the text and insightful the acting is reverent sense of emotion. After all, not kill the cliches of the film, and inability to use your goals.

Since talking about the dialogues, scenes and poignancy, not mention about the game of actors, without which what kind of poignancy and not could. Moreover, as I think that this film almost everyone involved actors have played some of his best roles. And if Cruz was even more vivid work, for Kuby of Gooding Jr. the role of the sassy athlete Tillval Kelly Preston in the role of the ex-girlfriend of Jerry — the best that I have them seen. However, as and renée Zellweger (in addition, "Bridget Jones's Diary" of course, there just her benefit). Renee brought her game of touching Gooding Jr. recklessness, dynamics and humor, Cruz's desire to success and hope for a bright future, and Director Crowe all of this combined, treated with a beautiful visual wrapper and gave the audience on a silver platter.

Jerry Maguire — one of the best sports dramas on my mind, on the typical genre cliches, the however, there was a place the original episodes, touching dialogues, outstanding acting and colorful characters. The picture that even after almost 17 years, still not outdated is capable of penetrating to tell the ordinary in fact the story of the friendship, love, the UPS and the downs.

Of 9 10

Winnifred Jeanne
23 July 2013 | 08:07

When Cameron Crowe not trying to do something "its not", apart from their origins a good and cute family movie it turns out devils that. "Jerry Maguire" is represents the perfect combination of all the best that knows how the venerable Director. Like and themes of American football offers good, yeah and the dramatic situation of almost complete despair that engulfed the hero, gives you a special reason to rejoice. But Crowe, even from this difficult situation was able to extract all the positive rainbow, that was at this material. In the end I got an excellent family tape, successfully mixing genres a light Comedy and serious drama. At least I after watching it seemed that way.

Crazy optimism, boundless love for their work want to fall in love seriously and forever — here are the main themes of this film. The latter revealed almost not better than the other two. For development of relations between purposeful and burning with confidence Jerry and good-natured Dorothy look as nice as the situation at Maguire on the work front. By the way, perfectly reveals the topic of internal relations between football agents, ruthlessly crushing his competitors through all kinds of tricks. The than football sharks, dressed in expensive suits and making the day more than two hundred calls, the main character looks almost not an angel. Although it is not perfect. In contrast his admirers, which is so cute and sincere at the same time that every appearance the frame should have been accompanied by a VoiceOver, "Oh."

Awesome things are not only drama a love line, but still with a humorous side. For it answered quite cheeky, but a very great player, who despite all your troubles and extremely defiant behavior do not sold, believing in the protagonist becoming that almost no saving ship to the ocean full of hostile rivals. Almost all the jokes were from black cheerleaders. That only is the episode with the moment of suggestion of his agent, lost faith in myself, by repeating the phrase "show me the money" with further high-pitched voice. To the end of this scene, I personally, lay on the floor laugh clearly, this moment I remember the best. Due to the copious amounts of jokes, the tape is not becomes eternal clowning and thanks to competent directing, Crowe manages to balance on the verge of such delicate genres and not too far nor one of parties.

A little bit about the story. Jerry Maguire works as a football agent and different from most of his colleagues that with all the wards he keeps close contact. Thus, they are not only a source of income, but and good friends. Before signing one of the largest and most important contracts in his life, Jerry decides to write a mini-book, which gives up their indignation at the methods of colleagues and reproaches of the present world excessive cynicism. On the next morning, the hero is thrown from the work is deprived of all its customers. Almost all dropped it, but it remains in love with Maguire single mother Dorothy, who worked in the Agency Secretary, and also a black football player Born who does not can get a big contract because of his grumpy nature. Two of these men are the only hope Jerry on the continued success and rights error his this time no.

The script was good. Apart from the fact that it is a coherent story, gradually carrying away all deeper and deeper, so it contains all needed in, on I mentioned. This allows the picture to look fresh and relevant even in our time. Cool storyline complement not less than great actors. Tom cruise played one of his best roles. He was rightly nominated for  the"Oscar" and received the "Golden globe", because its Maguier want at a time and wish you good luck in the new endeavor, and scold excessive impudence, for her to praise. Very long and interesting character, which is That us recently I began to delight again, and all often more often. Good and Rene Zellweger, which pair cruise looked so simple that you think it really felt for him love and tender feelings at the time of the shooting. This image is cute and the good women are Renee much more than fat females in search of happiness.

But who really surprised and shocked, so this is an unbeatable cube of Gooding Jr., which has issued such a bright perfomens that he was able to not only a standing ticket to the world of cinema, but and the award "Oscar". To the role and still is the best in career Kuby, which is now in mostly seen in any second-rate comedies and action movies, trying to leave only for the expense of the well-known name. From the rest of the ensemble cast is memorable Regina king, who played the eternally indignant wife of the hero of Huddinge Jr., which despite all infinitely loves her husband and also believes in the success of the protagonist.

In General, "Jerry Maguire" is a real hymn to human optimism and confidence the middle, which almost all suddenly threw which put bold cross. Movie crow was strong and interesting that really knock it not that. High-quality movies that you can watch absolutely any company.

9 of the 10

How much has Jerry Maguire made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $273,552,592.
How much did it cost to make Jerry Maguire?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $50,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Jerry Maguire?
This tv-show was directed by Cameron Crowe.
What is the genre of Jerry Maguire?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Romance.
Who starred in Jerry Maguire?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr., Renée Zellweger, Kelly Preston, Jerry O'Connell.
What is Jerry Maguire IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was Jerry Maguire released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1996-12-13.