It’s a Wonderful Life

George Bailey, the owner of the credit company in the fictional American town of Bedford falls, honest, sympathetic, loving husband and father, depressed fell down on his adversities and is thinking about suicide. It is obvious that the person refusing the greatest gift of God — life — needs the help of a guardian angel. And the Heavens send him to the rescue of Clarence, the only free at that time, angel Second Class, a pleasant, kind, but inexperienced, haven't even earned the wings. If he does his job well and will be able to dissuade George from mortal sin, he will get wings. He is almost gone... Clarence is the only right decision — to show George a world in which he exists.

  • Frank Capra

Release Date: 1947-01-07
IMDb icon 8.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | French
  • Budget: $3,180,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $6,130,720
Lynnell Bolanger
20 May 2012 | 11:27

Picture by Frank Capra "it's a wonderful life" in 2006 has won first place in the list of most inspirational American films. And this is indeed true — brilliant for its simplicity, somewhere predictable, this movie is really inspiring. Inspires life.

The main hero of this Christmas tale — George Bailey. We see the fact, all his life. Or rather, not life and the things he made for your life. After all, the human actions which best describe it. And we see that George —  a nice man with ambitious plans, dreams of far travel, the entire spends his life in a small provincial town of Bedford falls. He not knowing it becomes the soul of this place. Bailey is always between choice — their happiness and the happiness of the middle. And whenever George chooses the latter; it seems that he was doing good for someone else but not yourself. And at some point it everything is so boring the main character that it is suitable to the parapet of the bridge.

And then there is an angel, an angel Second Class Clarence Odbody. And it shows the main character that would with the town, not be on the light(Oh, probably each of us wanted to see the world like that!). Clarence pursues its own goal — to wings. It as many as 213 years can make he will "in front of the boys uncomfortable." And in the finale of this tale of angel and People help each other. We see a real Happy End with tears in eyes.

Himself the film is done superbly. Funny and funny scenes are constantly interspersed with serious and touching moments. And it gives a special realism to this film, because this is our own life — not Comedy or drama, and a constant series of these genres.

A wonderful and the actors of the movie. They are so natural in their roles that for two hours I never thought of as well played by James Stewart in front of me I saw George Bailey, the real George Bailey.

Thus, "it's a wonderful life" — film-tale, film-Comedy, film-drama, made in a model for the classic Hollywood manner. But with all these material and technical advantages it is primarily a real good life-affirming. A movie that many of us in a difficult moment of life will be able to replace angel second class, forced to smile and say "it's a wonderful life"!

10 of 10

Yovonnda Quickman
20 December 2011 | 03:27

"it's a wonderful life" came to screens in the distant 1946. Author picture — the Director, producer and one of the writers were the legend of the "Golden Hollywood" Frank Capra, four-time winner of the Oscar. He has managed to create something that long could predecessors — weaving together drama, Comedy, fantasy, Christmas story, biography, war film and a love story together. Now all in order.


This, in fact, begins painting. On the sky three stars — God, Joseph and... the wingless angel, the wings of which must be earned by the business. Here and offer the heavenly powers that he job earth — need to save one of the doubters in this person's life. They show the angel the story of this man for the name of George Bailey. We now turn to myself George and, in particular, his life.


He lived a naive and cheerful boy George. It a childhood dream of distant lands, where will work as an engineer. It everywhere will need and love. Suddenly dies of his father. Therefore, the construction company his father goes into the hands of George. Now and not to study, not to the exotic countries. Still, it seemed that the charitable life of this remarkable man. Have he has a beautiful wife, four kids, an old house dreams, their own business, which he then it takes away from the clutches city tycoon Mr. Potter.

Military drama.

Then there and the war (but the Director does not shows us it). George's friends left for the front. Uncle in the military Committee. Our hero is not took the front due to bad hearing (this is due to a severe case of the flu, which he moved, due to the fact that saves his brother from hole). He was not discouraged. It need help in his hometown, which he and not left.


However, it is it that George — sensitive nature. After each undergarments evil old Potter, he about all in all. George in the end, tired of fighting with the old Mogul, to help ordinary citizens have neither a penny in his pocket, to see the success of his younger brother (whom he was once rescued from hole), keep on a good back for his family. He was tired! Sorry and human.

So God has revealed the fate of George's guardian angel.

a Christmas story.

And here in the most Holy festival — on Christmas day, Bailey decides to settle scores with life. On fortunately, it comes to the aid of the guardian angel in the guise of a man. Grandpa shows a confused man that life ... which it was not. Not it would be George Bailey! And then what? The town would be completely usurped by the sinister Potter. It Mary would not him Mary and an old maid, live in library of dust.


That's when Bailey begins to see. He afraid. What if they and stay? That there will be no happiness without him. God, how many things in this life can change just one person! Angel returns to his in place. George with happy laughter bursts over the threshold. There for it friends and relatives. And they bring you the latest savings in order to help the poor guy Bailey. When he saw it all beautiful, then I cried. From her tangible happiness. Happiness in your friends and family. And because of all the money and will not take! Huh?

Tale — you say? But it a big hint...

Let us love life despite all there difficulties. Yes is very bad! However, there is "someone out there" who always will support. And maybe we got wings? We only they are not see the bustle of our days. It would be nice each we like to sit in chair to perform the whole life and tune a noble cause!

A great Christmas movie. Brilliant main role of the inimitable James Stewart, legends of American cinema.


From Wikipedia:

In 2004, the BBC choosing the best movies that are not received the "Oscar". The "it's a wonderful life" came on second place.

According to the American film Institute (talking about the American films) "it's a wonderful life" is:

1998 — 11-th place in the list of the greatest films

2002 — 8-e a place in list of the greatest films about love

2003 — George Bailey on 9th place in the list of Goodies; Henry Potter on 6-th place in the list of villains

2006 — 1st location in the list of the most inspirational movies (with mind movies that inspire to live, to fight and believe people).

2008 — 3rd place in the list of greatest fantasy films.

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Elvira Worrell
24 August 2011 | 02:24

a Very strong film, it is not just nontrivial, it will not repeat. In this movie, all and all live, they live enjoy life, as everyone knows. It is extremely easy, same time, as tale night, full of morality and ethics. It simple but and as smart as no other. But most importantly, he makes you wonder about many things, for example, that is our life. Please excuse me for that this will be followed by my thoughts, pobudka this unforgettable film, and not my against the film or his bad and good side. This film is out of criticism, it is simply impossible to judge the usual.

How do we is often not enough of the guardian angel who let me remind you that our life is not so bad really. To really is a great gift that presents us with nature, need a day for a day to remember with gratitude about this. We forget their good deeds, thinking that would but sometimes even it is impossible to imagine that would be if you never existed. Then it would have collapsed the whole world, everything is harmony you're part of it, and no matter bad you have you or you're an inspiration, you just have to be where is now. Your every action affects else it doesn't matter, it — the smile of a passerby or the Bank management. And that have in turn will change the next life, we all as one, as the system of ones and zeros, to that simple. first sight overly complex inside. It seems that the whole world spinning around us, I — the Lord of time, will be able to do want a around some robots came around the corner, God put them left and they are gone, they consist of the flesh and blood, only you can feel and experience. But you really just a cog in the complicated mechanism is indispensable, of course, but like millions, and even billions of the same as you. No, not identical, just similar. And your life is more focused on the functioning of this organism, on the work of each gear. As nice to know don't live for the sake of their needs, and for the sake of others, when you do that you think is right. We all people, from every person.

This's a wonderful life it is impossible to assess, it up, it more than film.

How much has It’s a Wonderful Life made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $6,130,720.
How much did it cost to make It’s a Wonderful Life?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $3,180,000.
Who is the director of the movie It’s a Wonderful Life?
This tv-show was directed by Frank Capra.
What is the genre of It’s a Wonderful Life?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Fantasy, Drama, Family, Best Drama Movies, Best Family Movies, Best Fantasy Movies.
Who starred in It’s a Wonderful Life?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore, Thomas Mitchell, Henry Travers.
What is It’s a Wonderful Life IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.6.
When was It’s a Wonderful Life released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1947-01-07.