The story unwinds from end to beginning. The darkness of the night, crimson glow on the walls of a brothel, pale as a sheet, face. The hero is torn in the maze of staircases and passages of one of the underground gay clubs. The goal is to find and kill the man whom he had never even seen it in his eyes. But he has good reason to hate: stranger to death raped his girlfriend, which happened to run into a deserted town going...

  • Gaspar Noé

Release Date: 2002-05-22
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: FR
  • Language: French | Spanish | Italian | English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $6,479,328
Sukey Caylor
25 March 2011 | 06:04

Long was hesitant to see this movie. A lot of about it heard, seen certain things, but viewing delayed... And now the day has come. Watched two day alone, no one can see the terrible scenes of violence, I knew nobody able to stop to comprehend it all.

As for the movie, he lover. I will say briefly, such a long time is not saw a to be honest, it is not seen at all. Lots of violence, lots of obscene scenes, but it departs on the second plan, when you understand that because time is really impossible to reverse and something to alter. Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, albert Dupontel fabulous did their job, Bravo!!! Character Monica Bellucci all the time to show the viewer with the back, it is impossible to capture her face fully, it is impossible to catch a glance, but and this is enough to understand the essence of this woman. All violent scenes blurred in my memory when watching as just two lovers enjoying each other. As it becomes a shame when you realize that someone's bestial nature, takes away not only life, but and soul. There are about something to think about after watching the movie. Whether we live his life, because every moment may be the last, and then nothing to return not correct the course events your advantage...

10 of 10

Enrika Kanal
17 March 2013 | 03:30

I, and my family, have a shorthand for such films: "European films".

When we say that — "European cinema" we will mark such products, and it is not necessary to say much for this reason.

This concept is not cover a whole movie of Europe. "European cinema" is the European decadent, dull, disgusting in his naturalism, relishes all sorts of distortions and perversions, shot a nervous flashing of the camera, sometimes a lot of film Noir.

That is to say that the film is full of shit is not so K. you'll be pecked to death by the various "art lovers" like "you don't understand the depths of all depths" or"the author wanted to say that...".

I wanted in this film to say the author is so is that the world is disgusting and life is nasty even when near you lay naked Monica Bellucci. And I think that you can Paris long rape and beating in public underground passage is not focused on the opportunity to be noticed by passers-by, video cameras and sure that you then do not caught by the police.

"European cinema," you should leave you feel sadness, emptiness, fear before the world for the door or fearful of aggression (strike first!) and that all around mixed perversion, without they just will!

With this task, the film managed to 10. And me.. .

1 of 10

Tobe Giorgia
21 September 2009 | 08:25

In the view of a simple popcorn-viewer art-house shoot psychopaths perverts. In such films the main character is either gay or a serial killer, everywhere roam transvestites, girls older than 9 years of prostitute, addict, and etc. and etc. this Course all the silly things invented by those who smart movie just not meant to understand. But that periodically appear meaningless picture, trying to play on a cheap shock, it fact. The film "Irreversible" proof. Indeed it is an hour and a half stereotype of the art house, with all the attributes like rapists, transvestites and etc. In principle before us the real Grindhouse, though in its most gross forms, but first all order.

The pattern starts with that goes to the low sounds hysterically flies in the parties have not yet slows the room where a naked man in years of fifty, pulling his pee pee, on a couple sitting next to another man (younger) begins to think about the high. It is a prologue, followed by a scene in gay club, all around with no clothes on, all pecaut each other, and two dressed people asking this company's a certain Specimen. Subsequently, they find it on the trouble, so as a Specimen nearly he rapes one of them as suddenly gets the face with a fire extinguisher, which then will be spread over the floor. It turns out this Specimen, late at night poor raped women and mutilated her face. Her husband and former lover team up to find and punish the villain, and find punish the beginning of the film. And then the story will go in the opposite direction, showing us details of these events.

Before watching I and heard the audience ran out of the hall on all sorts of horror in film, naturalism, but when he looked, was in a loss of which all came shock. First, the murder scene where the Specimen just smear the head on the floor. There are people who shout from a drop of blood on the screen, no doubt shocking, but I personally sat sour all looked, and tried to understand what people found at this moment. The Director justifies the stage for those, say, in films murders are fast, while in my life to take life seriously.

But not trying to do everything really, I get on the base level of horror. And after this buffoonery, remembered "a Short film about the murder" where the scene of the murder of driver (exactly as and the final time of execution) is simply not can remain indifferent. And not because the Director pours on us a liter of blood and human brain, and from what makes you believe in what is happening, but it's Gaspar noé did not look picture Kieslowski.

Next, a scene of rape, and all the naturalism in the film. Here is not reasonably. Any such realism needs to be justified. Why the producer is a shows? Yes trying to coconut here and all. Impressionable viewers picture will force you to stain the carpet, while understand the movie just goes to sleep. Because the meaning of what is happening does not give. What hell he wanted to tell the creators? Nothing. In response, the emptiness, like trash (and I can not another way to name this film) is oriented to cause a gag reflex in viewer, and this work is still trying to be called at all "smart film".

Yes, still want to respond to cinematography and sound. Camera jerk, reeling from hand in side, giving the impression that the operator hryapnul a drink when the Director was important things to do (in the scene in the gay club he plays a man dealing with Masturbation). You may want to do something original, but to put a cover on lens so to remove will also be original, but use will bring. To really stupid the Director is trying to create in all ways a gag reflex in the viewer. For this includes the beginning of the film is very low sound. Here such that the techniques are forced to submit to place dying from a fire extinguisher of the Specimen, the Gaspar noé.

But there is at least something good? Yes, Vincent Cassel. Here it plays just believe in his emotions hero, his anger and despair. It is clear why the Kassel agreed. After all, a sex scene with Monica Bellucci, it's possible to suffer Masturbates the Director. But that's why she agreed Bellucci? Wanted to prove they say not afraid to act in these movies? But 70 per cent of the role are groan Ahan then from Kassel, you from the rapist, to show the acting skills of the girl is not give. There is one worthwhile thing in this film that the events take place from the end of history in the beginning. Interesting technique, but again is not justified and sorry good idea ruined this movie.

In short the real trash. A lot of unnecessary naturalism, and the absence of any clever ideas. Frank trying to squeeze out the viewer shock that leads to laugh confusion. But the worst thing is that this picture took on cheer on the Cannes film festival she received a standing ovation, and even was nominated for the Golden bough. Apparently in the future some young filmmaker will present the film about how poor kid. for an hour Spiers men, and then killing blow a certain place at the forehead. The viewer shokiruete, and the critics find great meaning.

Eh, not know I such a progressive art. Older brothers, older.

How much has Irreversible made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $6,479,328.
Who is the director of the movie Irreversible?
This tv-show was directed by Gaspar Noé.
What is the genre of Irreversible?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Mystery.
Who starred in Irreversible?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, Albert Dupontel, Jo Prestia, Philippe Nahon.
What is Irreversible IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was Irreversible released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2002-05-22.