The story of hemming and Liv, who live in the era of the future when the Earth has launched a vicious and inhuman mechanism that rotates the theory of Charles Darwin backwards... Every person gradually begins to experience animal instincts, uncontrolled aggression, protection of offspring, spontaneous sexual attraction. All this creates chaos on the planet and straight leads humanity to extinction. Hemming meets Liv shortly before these terrible events. And, it would seem, their relationship, nothing can stop it. But soon Liv disappears and the Hemming will take an important step: to be face to face with a life-threatening world to find her.

  • Pavel Khvaleev

Release Date: 2018-02-26
IMDb icon 3.6/10
  • Country: DE, RU
  • Language: English
Noel Mickie
06 January 2019 | 09:02

Film Paul Haleiwa "Involution/"Involution" is difficult to attribute to mass-market — still it independent (read, more or less free from the framework of) the project, the funding process and which was as transparent as possible: the guys launched in to the vastness of the Internet (crowdfunding=love), gathered "from the world of thread" fully invested "cooperative" money in case in the common good. Turned auteur cinema on the funds of the people, unanimously voted! Demokratichnenko! But it is noteworthy that, the artistic expression of low-end formal status did not hurt. Moreover, the cold, austere Futuro-visualization on the screen (in common with"Blade Runner 2049") is so competitive that can an easy "give to light", so called the masters of Russian filmmaking! Post-production on top! In addition, in the film is expressive not only the graphics (the game with light, panorama), but and musical content. It plunges into an almost hypnotic state. And there to rethink the neighborhood.

The movie is shot in the tradition of the new Arthouse — what does not seek to be liked by everyone, but is seeking to be understood (the impact of the mainstream). In its blend of scale and intimacy, a special case in the atmosphere is full of decadence, a mystical horror of the individual to the chaos of life. We should feel the mood of a global cataclysm on the surface of which, as the chips in the maelstrom, 2 person. Because "Involution" — this, first and foremost, a love story on the background of the decay of a race; this is a constant solarisos "man needs man"; is a sci-fi novel about Romeo and Juliet; the romanticism, idealism and fatalism "in one bottle" (not for poison!).

Assume that in the film we specifically show anarchy on the background of mass insanity, a La "children of men"/"Children of Men" Alfonso Cuarón, for a much smaller extent due to social science party of mysterious savagery. In the film is more narrative than the position (or morals). Paul Khvaleev not so much asking the questions "Who is guilty?" and"What to do?" in the light of the current reality and the coming n***CA — how much does a detailed description of the closest for us in the future. The film is devoted to a sensual and metaphysical side of an apocalyptic event. In the nature of the narrative connection "Involution" with TV series "Black mirror"/"Black Mirror" in the script by Charlie Brooker, with the work of David Mackenzie's "Last love on Earth"/"Perfect Sense" and Lars von Trier's "Melancholia"/"Melancholia".

The slowly unfolding disaster of the scale of the Solar system here does not pulls the viewer's attention on the first and only frames a deep psychological drama. Drama about losing yourself...

Technology in suddenly changed humanity to recognition: they gave so much energy, knowledge and freedoms and so many reasons to get lost. Plunged into virtual world society, reaching its peak, went into a dead end. Depreciation as experience and innovative ideas, has become the norm. The meaning is lost. Circle of deception and the caste system. Life simulation. It is time for the progressive decay, degeneration, disintegration. Evolution has gone backwards. Officially, all because of overpopulation, the return of the instinct of self-preservation and as a consequence the disappearance of the frontal lobes of the brain. And actually — existential crisis and disclaimer development in favor of stagnation... Even conscious people suddenly began to succumb to the animal madness in this stupid, deaf and blind world. It is useless to ask for help, it is useless to help the lost. They say that the rescue of drowning — hands themselves! But should be saved when all doomed? Destroy yourself, free the planet — broadcasts the slogan of the film, which is in tune with the words Tzarovska Justine: "People — is evil! No one on Earth grieve not will be!"

We lost. All equally helpless. Will not go with this drifting in space "ship," so, having experienced the horror, depression and the eschatological enthusiasm, still contemplate, create and to preserve the remnants of enthusiasm, confidence and intelligence! Not in vain the Polish philosopher Stanislaw LEM and Directors Stanley Kubrick and Andrei Tarkovsky agreed on everyone attempts to understand different life will be doomed to the failure, until one will be able to fully know himself. "Involution" — this is the parable of acceptance is inevitable and the awareness of the unconscious!

They will understand my voice random
My passionate breath, domchatsya with earth

For some surrealistically spectacle hides completely the real behaviour of people on the verge. Facial expressions and gestures of the actor Adam Gianna in the role of Cain deserve special attention! Another question: deliberate whether or unintentional references of the "the Dark knight"/ "The Dark Knight" by Christopher Nolan and the Bible? I insist on that inspired by the characters of someone else's imagination, any Director should be original and do a more accurate and detailed emotional "portrayal" of their own main images.

By the way, the revelation of his heroes in the film is, according to the genre, in the style of "nougat": a non-linear story, long, lots of utopias, metaphors, symbols and voice over (in the number of poems by Bryusov). To the climax us sends some chaotic action in a really, I would like to see more authenticity, dynamics and logic. With other hand, optical zoom in the movies-not-for-all directed, as a rule, not on external struggles, and on the internal breakdown, the transformation of a personality, so a kind of sketchiness can be justified by the metaphors of manners Hollywood school.

And poignant catharsis — around the crown. This ending can be called apocalyptic happy ending.

For you didn't think the end of the world should meet with a feeling of sincere relief?

8 from 10

Kanya Mell
28 December 2018 | 08:26

Evil robots, meteors, aliens, nuclear war and viruses. Mankind has invented a great number of versions of doomsday, which rule, blame someone else. This film is not so, then each individual contributes to the future Apocalypse. The authors remind us about one simple, but very important — we can just be stupid.

The film definitely exceeded my expectations. Perhaps it is that I have ever seen, but see it definitely worth it. On the background of the endless stream of superhero movies, and occasionally added with romantic comedies, which are almost impossible to distinguish from other, the picture looks fresh, unusual and definitely catchy as in terms of plot and visually. Involution — the third film directed by Paul Haleiwa and with each new film, as in the new smartphone, just a little more, all the better and only one thing remains constant, mesmerizing sound track that is interesting to listen not only together with film.

The authors like and Valery Bryusov, the poem which precedes the narrative, face opposites: life-affirming — love, calls to struggle existence, creation — and pessimistic. The problem on which the film focuses on not really new, but recent years, all seems more relevant. In as technology is becoming more the technologies themselves are becoming difficult, some countries in schools no longer teach children to write, instead, they are taught to print on keyboard, then it is obvious and will deviate from that, you can just say what you want, and then all make a neural network designed to anticipate our desires, and what's next? That's about further and trying to tell us Involution, gloomy atmosphere which the first frame says that you're not worth it. Someone will laugh and think "what the gibberish", so well as one of characters of the film, leading Pifkey, however, the problem and the horrors that it hides in itself will not disappear.

Screenwriter Alexander Valeeva said that the film was supposed to be much larger, but a small budget is not allowed to implement all of the plan. I guess the scale really is a bit not enough, but the key here is "a little", after watching questions on the story, I would like to learn more about the characters, but the Involution is a film that I enjoyed the cinema with no less happy to watch at home.

Galina Teddie
16 February 2019 | 01:22

The film talks about Involution the degradation of the people in the future, but which begins now. On the background of the development of high technology, and also the love story of two characters Hamming and Liv, shows the brutality, inhumanity and stupidity of people. Even better reveals the picture of the atmosphere that is transmitted by light, great music and gloomy, but it is terrifyingly beautiful landscapes of the dream characters. I want to note the sounds that Express some action and feelings of the characters. With using them, you begin to feel so well as hero a fraction of a second is.

Excellent acting captivates and delights! I want to emphasize the play of Ryan of Messon and Alena Konstantinova, who played the main roles, but also Adam Gianna in the role of the villain. Hemming, the main character — is an ordinary person, not a superhero, but that helps other people. Shows and his confusion and fears, but and courage and determination in that would any , despite risk on his way to find and save his beloved.

Adam Jianan played a real villain. I wanted to follow up every movement, facial expressions reflecting anger. And he fought the trail of a departing train, with away from his victim!

Of the minuses can be noted that due to the small budget and timing is not all was revealed love story of the main characters. But same the reasons are not stopped to remove a very high-quality and the original film.

Despite the gloom of the whole picture, there is in her sense of humor, but it is not good, only underlines the meanness and decadence of mankind. The movie makes you think about what we are perhaps waiting in a future to try to change that the grim prospect. Love this picture, which contemplating a few days after viewing and discover something new. This one of them!

Who is the director of the movie Involution?
This tv-show was directed by Pavel Khvaleev.
What is the genre of Involution?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Best movies 2018, Best Drama Movies 2018.
Who starred in Involution?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Ryan Masson, Dennis Hurley, Merlin Leonhardt, Karsten Mielke, Alyona Konstantinova.
What is Involution IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 3.6.
When was Involution released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-02-26.