The film is about the time after the fall of apartheid, when South Africa hosted the Rugby world Cup 1995. Then came the first presidential term of Nelson Mandela who tried to use every opportunity to stop the perennial misunderstanding between white and black population.

  • Clint Eastwood

Release Date: 2009-12-11
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Afrikaans | Maori | Zulu | Xhosa | Southern Sotho
  • Budget: $60,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $122,426,792
Jackquelin Kamal
02 August 2014 | 12:41

To become the first President of the country, trying to recover after a brutal apartheid, it means to carry on their shoulders a huge responsibility and be ready to use any possibility of reconciliation on both sides. And Nelson Mandela is not going to spend their strength in vain, determined to unite the country, not the usual way — doing so to the national team for Rugby, playing of the hands over bad, became world Champions.

For the next year after the drama that Clint Eastwood is not only directed, but where played a major role, he decided to get back in the camera, giving other talented actors the opportunity to embody on the screen the story of how the Republic of South Africa has its first President who is extremely serious about the participation of his country in the world Cup Rugby 1995.

" Forgiveness liberates the soul. It pushes fear. Therefore, is such a strong weapon."

Nelson Mandela, or as it love they called Madiba. Man, which started to make movies even when life. Man, which you can shoot a lot of movies. It know the outstanding revolutionary, a philanthropist, a wise ruler with a big heart. But it turns out he was also a real Rugby fan, and infected with 1995, the entire his country turned out to be an excellent cure for the effects of apartheid. Morgan Freeman himself is a great man, an inspiring actor, which in its own way makes the world a better. It also they with Mandela were good friends, and Freeman, like no one else wanted to recreate the film that the most amazing charisma, known as "Madiba magic". And even knowing what talent has this actor, saw him in the image of Mandela, do you feel that screen — very unusual and great man. But when it disappears from frame, look forward to its next occurrence, because of Nelson Mandela so much to teach us; his words of wisdom, napolnennye forgiveness and kindness touch the heart.

"- a Lot has changed. And we must change."

The biography begins closely intertwined with sports drama when we introduce team "Springboks" and its captain Francois Pinera. It seems that the team has living out their last days, but then Madiba says his firm word, and Rugby players start a serious fight. Most of them lives on the rules of apartheid, so Pinero is very easy, but in his heart he knows the struggle is worth it. It is difficult not to notice how much hard work spent Matt Damon to convincingly embody a real person who played an important role in this whole incredible adventure (because otherwise it is difficult to call pretendenta "Springboks" in the title, when all around, and the team itself, was biased against her success). And among the other characters are the brightest of all here are the strained relations between the two heads of security groups, dark and light-skinned who are forced to work together to protect the life of Mandela. With look and hope watching their cooperation, because I think if these two can start to trust each other, and other's happens.

Story of Mandela and his belief in team Rugby — this is only a small, though an important part of the struggle better world where there is no discrimination, which was led by the man on the rest of his life. And the events in the world Cup seem at first inefficient and unlikely, but Madiba used to face sceptical it is not paid them doing something so much faith. Clint Eastwood made a very inspiring drama, not limited exclusively to the life and work of Mandela, and showing a much larger picture — the people of South Africa, which are so were taught to hate each other for skin color, which then angrily, slowly and hesitantly learned to forgive each other, and the country, to heal their wounds, reviving and leading by example the rest of the world.

And be sure to read already themselves verse of William Ernest Henley "Invictus" that helped Mandela is not to give up for years and in honor of which was named the film. A very strong line.

"- Take your guns, your knives and your sticks and mix in the sea!"

But keep fighting the freedom, equality for a better world where will be less hatred and violence, any other means available, such as with sports that can unite the whole country, not go bifid.

Cory Honebein
17 July 2010 | 01:15

How to treat Clint Eastwood how to the Director? Only with great respect. On this field he has achieved a lot and I think that he will not stop. But unfortunately ...  the new work "Invictus" I do not inspired.

I distinctly caught the move directing the storyline, caught something what were the film-makers, but or somewhere they is confused with the layered scripts, and the images of the heroes or somewhere someone someone not understand.

Nelson Mandela — the person who has received the status of leader, whom all countries around the world would like to see the helm, but he received his right South Africa.

Clint Eastwood chose to the role of the Nelson Mandela Morgan Freeman and not lost. Freeman did the role also tried the makeup artists that made Freeman sometimes not something like a famous politician, and even little distinguishable from him.

Additionally, the role of the captain of South Africa Rugby was taken Matt Damon, which also looked good in the image of the athlete.

Overall, the actors have tried, why smotribelnoy paintings increased. But here is the plot of the melodramatic plot is not found. It was put on the viewer quickly why bothered. Yes himself the audience was probably expecting something different than to see a charismatic leader peacefully sitting on the stadium in the VIP box.

Strange, but I don't like it. The idea is there, but remote. But sure to whom the film is sure to appeal and he will get exactly what waited. And I'm from Eastwood, Freeman and Damon was waiting for more, perhaps from the fell in taste. But I don't discouraged, safe, no, go and see this film, it is good.

5 from 10

Gilbertina Essy
22 December 2013 | 06:38

From under the cover of darkness night,
Black as the pit from the terrible agony
I thank all the gods
For my indomitable spirit.
And I got into the grip of troubles,
Did not flinch and did not moan
Under the blows of fate
I was wounded, but not dropped.
The trail lies in the evil and tears,
The further way is not clear, though,
But still difficulties misfortunes
I like before, I'm afraid.
No matter what the gate,
Me the danger is not afraid.
I — the master of my fate,
I — the captain of his soul.
 — © W. Henley, "Invictus."

Clint Eastwood — a real master and a great professional in the world of cinema, and this fact is not you can plead even his rare failures like "John. Edgar", the only advantage of which was the game Leonardo DiCaprio. One has only to recall such films Eastwood as "Gran Torino" and"Changeling," as it becomes clear that the recent failure of the Director was rather accidental. About the same tells us its sports-political drama "Invictus" (Invictus, 2009), based on real events of the life President of South Africa Nelson Mandela, a truly great man who was able to re-unite their country, and who recently resigned from life.

We need to start with that the film was very strong and exciting drama, in which he mixed several genres: it and biographical and political and sports movie, and all these genres a unified whole United by the desire to win, achieve their goals and the power of the human will, spirit. It — the main theme of the film, it is a stimulant, which makes it (I am not afraid of these words) the work to move forward with their heroes. And shows that her crew, and the Director is afflicted with the same strong enthusiasm, which gave his people the great Nelson Mandela.

And, discussing this movie, not want to share it apart and praise him technical components (which of course was on the height), it's first and foremost strong work in spiritual and moral terms. Of course, not to say that "Unconquered" is an original story, because we show the typical story of the ascent of humans to the heights of the bottom, a story that hardly could happen in reality based on fact that is so valuable for every viewer. And this idea show immediately with two sides: from the President, initially, hated by half of his people, and from the Rugby team, continually losing matches and the caller taunts with the sports commentators. But United thanks to the brilliant plan Mandela, a born politician, both the parties were able to ascend to the vertices not only to achieve their goal, but and lift with his knees all his people, the whole country, elevating their own level on the world stage.

In this respect, the film sometimes resembles a parable, but it real basis infects the audience the most positive energy that is radiated by Mundell. Himself the President here are kind, harmless man, who is a wise man who maintains her yet blind people in the right direction, though he does not know whether they walk. And on the role of such a wise man could only invite Morgan Freeman — the actor in all respects magnificent, which brilliantly copes with their task, turning an image of Nelson Mandela in his best role (and obviously the resemblance of these people that in favor the project). Freeman have not first time plays a similar role (in fact, each of his role — it is a wise man), but this means the warmest, the brightest, most sincere and loved by the audience. That for it partner, Matt Damon, then he also leaves a very strong character. What Damon good in the drama, he already proved earlier in "a False temptation", "Syriana", "the Departed" and"Iron grip", while in the first place, he remains the star of the militants, because Jason Bourne — his signature look. But here Damon is doing very well — not to get lost in Morgan Freeman in the film, where have a major role — it must be able to. And Damon just not is lost, but and creates an interesting, lively image of the athlete, and in conjunction with two actors get a great star Duo.

Also can't tell about Tony Kgoroge in the chief of the presidential security Service, the image proved to be quite interesting, and the side storyline of the relationship of the guard has played in important role.

Well worth the praise Eastwood for strong directing and great organizational skills, in many ways, this movie succeeded because of him. And I think Sam Eastwood should be proud of this film, because it is one of the best paintings in his career. Yeah and Damon with Freeman this picture needs to find its niche in the top best works.

"the Unconquered" — strong spiritual drama of human possibilities, successfully intertwines politics, sports achievement, moral growth of people, and as a superbly backed by strong acting and atmosphere.

8 from 10

How much has Invictus made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $122,426,792.
How much did it cost to make Invictus?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $60,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Invictus?
This tv-show was directed by Clint Eastwood.
What is the genre of Invictus?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, History, Biography, Best movies 2009, Best Sport Movies.
Who starred in Invictus?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon, Tony Kgoroge, Patrick Mofokeng, Matt Stern.
What is Invictus IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was Invictus released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2009-12-11.